Kellogg's Cereal Bars Kroger Krazy

Kellogg's Froot Loops and/or Frosted Flakes Cereal Bars are just $1.49 with our new Buy 5 or more, Save $1 each Kroger Mega Event. We also have a limit 5 Ibotta/Kroger Cash Back* rebate stack for these that will score you up to five (mix & match) for totally FREE!

*Ibotta Rebates, values and expiration dates vary by account

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May 23, 202111:30 pm

I do not see this deal on mine

Scott Riegel

May 22, 202108:39 am

Same issue I loaded it yesterday morning and went shopping in the after noon and went to claim it and the offer was gone? Same with the $3.00 offer for the Green Garden Freeze Dried Herbs, it disappeared the same way. 5@ $3.00 and 5@.75 was a loss of $18.75.

Daisy Carlson

May 20, 202110:12 am

I do not have the kroger cash back on the Kellog's bars.....bummer


May 20, 202110:00 am

The cash back offer is not showing in my account - bummer!

Pat Goff

May 20, 202109:47 am

Darn. No cash back on Kelloggs for me.


May 20, 202107:43 am

I did the cereal bar deal yesterday. The cash back offer was on my account but don’t see it this morning so I’m hoping it took it off because it is being applied. How long before it usually shows up on your account?


May 20, 202109:03 am

In my experience it usually shows up 2 days after purchase, but it may take up to 7. If the offer disappears after purchase, that’s a very good sign.


May 20, 202101:06 am

Please tell me where to find this. I have looked all through the Kroger cash back section and I do not see these anywhere. Are they under some weird heading?


May 20, 202107:40 am

David, you may not have it. I also do not have it. I have gotten 5 of these in the past on two occasions (10 total), so this may play a factor. There are times when I do this that I don't get the offer again for a while, or perhaps ever. I typically do all my checking on a computer. First thing I do is to try to select BRAND. If it is not there, I scroll down all the cash back items so I can do a 'CTRL-F' find. You can also filter by categories. Regardless, I do not have it.

Janis Corrington

May 19, 202102:44 pm

Thank you

Madeline Bova

May 19, 202102:36 pm

Is Kroger cash back automatic? Or do we need to submit something!


May 20, 202107:46 am

Madeline, you have to select the offer BEFORE shopping. You can't clip it after and try to get credit. Meagan has explained where to locate KCB in the app. If you are using a browser, you find it by clicking on hamburger icon (menu) in upper left, selecting SAVINGS near the very bottom, and then CASH BACK. Once you have selected the cash back offer to activate it, you do not have to do anything else except purchase the qualifying item(s). Once you purchase the items, they will disappear from your list for a few days until they are processed and added to your balance.


May 19, 202102:41 pm

You have to clip the cash back offer for it, it’s under savings then scroll down past coupons and you should see the cash back offers :)