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Check your Kroger account and/or Kroger app for this amazing bonus fuel points Kroger Digital Coupon!! You can earn up to 500 BONUS fuel points when you shop at Kroger in July. All you have to do is download the coupon, spend $35 or more on each of your next 5 grocery purchases, and you will earn 100 bonus fuel points on each trip.

Bonus Kroger Fuel Points

Earn 100 bonus fuel points on each of your next 5 grocery purchases of $35 or more during July. Offer valid for 100 bonus Fuel Points on up to 5 grocery transactions for a maximum of 500 bonus Fuel Points. One Bonus Fuel Point Reward per Day. Minimum spend requirement is after all discounts are applied. Excludes alcohol, tobacco products, fuel, money orders, taxes, postage stamps, gift cards/certificates, lottery, promotional tickets, CRV, Prescriptions and guest or customer services/fees. Limit ONE coupon per customer for this offer. Void where taxed, prohibited or restricted by law. Must use rewards card or Shopper’s card to earn reward. Limit of one coupon per household. 

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Juanita Ackerman

July 10, 202105:11 pm

I shopped at Fry's in Sierra Vista on July 1, 2021 twice on this day. I would like to receive my bonus points of 500 for each purchase. Each of my purchases were over $35.00


July 9, 202112:12 pm

Somehow, sometime, I downloaded/clipped the coupon and sort of committed it to memory. I am being vague because I am not a consistent coupon-er, and I am not as observant as I should be. So, after downloading/clipping the coupon, it was not visit but was still operable. I noticed shopping trips that were awarded 100 points because that was the only reason I was making $35 purchases at Kroger because they have proven to be proud of their products in the way of higher prices. And today, in Texas, I was awarded my 500 points. I should say my mother was as I accrue fuel points for her use.


July 7, 202101:32 pm

Found it in frankfort ky on 7/3/2021 used it same day got 100 fuel points went to the store today spent 70 dollars did not get the 100 fuel points so i checked my downloaded coupons it is gone now and removed from all coupons


July 5, 202107:54 pm

Cannot find or access "coupon" for 100 fuel points if you spend $35.00 or more in July??? Where is the coupon? Thanks


July 5, 202112:13 am

didn't get it in Southern Ohio either

LaToria J

July 4, 202110:16 am

Sadly, this coupon doesn't appear to be available in Middle GA. I'm getting the same "OOPS" error. Which is too bad because I would've loved 500 fuel points . HAPPY SHOPPING AND SAVING!!


July 3, 202104:33 pm

yes found this morning went shopping got 100 points now it in my down loaded coupons or on the site


July 2, 202102:03 pm

Did not see this coupon. Got the bananas error message…

Kathryn Keene

July 1, 202110:12 pm

i just searched "fuel" in the coupons and found it.

Heather Craycraft

July 1, 202108:59 pm

I was able to download coupon, I'm in Ohio!!!

Jones Freddie L.

July 1, 202101:22 pm

Where is the coupon for the 500 bonus points. The last link doesn’t get it and it is not in the Kroger coupons.


July 1, 202111:34 am

Unfortunately we didn’t get it here in Michigan. That would of been nice but glad for those who did get it.

Marian Thomas

July 1, 202111:27 am

It wont let me download the coupon it says uh oh something went bananas Would like to have the coupon West Virginia

Chrissy Goff

July 1, 202109:22 am

No coupon in Central Arkansas either.

Suz in OH

July 1, 202107:59 am

Also got error message and no coupon available for me online. Hope to get this next time it is available.


July 1, 202105:19 am


Crystal White

June 30, 202110:18 pm

Kroger is a great place to shop for the freshest groceries.

Mary Cadek

June 30, 202109:38 pm

I checked my Kroger coupons, but I don’t have the 500 fuel points. Is it only certain people who get it? Thanks!

Rebecca Abney

July 1, 202108:36 pm

that is a bunch of balogna

Soni Reverman

June 30, 202109:14 pm


Sofia Sharif

June 30, 202109:12 pm

Kroger is one of the coolest prices to share where the associates, literally, become family. Most places have stopped giving to customers. We appreciate everything Kroger do for customers BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE TO. Regardless of state or location, Kroger remains stocked and drama-free for the most part. Once you leave the parking lot, LoL, it's another story getting home. We're just "proud to be proud" of Kroger!

Bruce Butcher

June 30, 202108:26 pm

Gives this error message

Bruce Butccher

June 30, 202108:19 pm

Getting "Uh oh, something went bananas" and the refresh does nothing! ;-(

Patsy Williamson

June 30, 202108:18 pm

Great getting extra points.

Mary Huffman

June 30, 202107:58 pm

Absolutely could use the points

Jean Miller

June 30, 202107:54 pm

I love these special points! Thank you


June 30, 202107:45 pm

Thank you so much!!!

Deborah Kolb

June 30, 202107:43 pm

Getting "Uh oh, something went bananas" and the refresh does nothing! ;-(

Penny Cothran

July 1, 202112:59 am

Me too :(. So I tried to find the offer in my account and couldn't find it.

Cindy Jones

June 30, 202107:50 pm

Me too :(

Patty Bandy

June 30, 202107:33 pm

That’s a really good deal on the 500 bonus points


June 30, 202103:43 pm

I'm getting "Uh oh, something went bananas" when I try to go to that coupon.

Cindy Lou

June 30, 202110:46 pm

Me too! When will the coupon appear?

Christie Scholl

June 30, 202107:40 pm

Me too. :(


June 30, 202109:50 pm

I can’t even find the coupon. Where is it?