Grab some Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Water at Kroger right now for only $0.25!! These cans are usually a whopping $1.50! So WOW what a deal!!!! Check out your rebate stack below for the information!

*amounts vary by account.

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Pat Goff

June 16, 202103:10 pm

I don't understand how people can drink that sparkling water. I love mineral water but haven't found any of the sparkling waters that taste any good. I am going to buy some and donate it to a food bank. I know everybody had their own taste and I am sure some people like it please don't get offended.


June 16, 202105:32 pm

Pat, these sparkling waters aren't like regular sparkling waters that have no sweeteners in them. Sparkling Ice brand is like a diet soft drink!! Sweet and DELISH!!! Give it a try! BTW, I hate all the other brands, too.