I told you about this great sale price on Cool Whip Topping at Kroger, but things just got a whole lot better because we have a brand new $0.75/1 Ibotta Rebate* that decided to join the party. We're going to score up to FIVE tubs for ONLY $0.50 each and that's all kinds of awesome.

cool whip kroger (1)

*Kroger Cash Back, Fetch Rewards and Ibotta Rebate offers, values and expiration dates vary by account.

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November 16, 202105:57 pm

I’m not finding the Ibotta rebate under Kroger for the Cool Whip. Where would it be found? Thanks.


November 15, 202108:49 am

I am new to this site. How does this work that i get the coupon or rebate? Thank you in advance.


November 14, 202110:54 am

The Ibotta is for 0.75 making it 0.50.


November 14, 202110:53 am

If Cool Whip is $1.25 and the rebate is 50 cents the final cost would be 75 cents.


November 14, 202111:10 am

Yep, typo. As stated in the opening paragraph, the Ibotta rebate is in fact 75¢. Thanks ladies! All better! :)