I am sure you’ve seen a banner or two on Kroger’s website for Boost but if you haven’t let me tell you a little about it.  I just recently joined Kroger Boost because I love delivery (on a side note I broke my ankle and had surgery a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to get to the store so this was my main reason).  Kroger Delivery came to my rescue BUT it was getting pretty expensive paying the $9.95 delivery free EACH time I placed an order. It added up too fast.  When I saw an ad about Kroger Boost I instantly joined and I wanted to tell YOU about it!

I joined Kroger Boost on Saturday and placed my first order last night and have it delivered this morning.  Join me in using Kroger Boost to maximize your savings with delivery or with shopping in store.

If you’re like me and already use Kroger Delivery then this really pays for itself so keep on reading to learn more! I have lots of extra details that will help you with your choice below!

Kroger Boost is easy, because you’ll shop as you normally would at Kroger Co Family of Stores location or online. You must use your loyalty account in store or your digital account online to receive the benefits.

Kroger offers (2) different levels to choose from at different price points.  Please note that these options are NOT available in all markets/areas right now so you’ll be able to find out once you sign in. 

Free Delivery All your fresh favorites delivered to you for free on orders of $35 or more

Boost ($99) members receive free delivery in as little as 2 hours on all orders of $35 or more*
Boost ($59) members receive free delivery on orders of $35 or more* for Next Day Deliveries

*Some exclusions apply, please refer to the purchase exclusion question for details

If you choose Kroger Delivery, based on your enrollment in either Boost $99 or $59, time slots that apply to free delivery may be defined differently. While shopping online, you will be notified of which slots are eligible for free delivery.

A GREAT benefit of Kroger Boost is 2X Fuel Points for every dollar spent on groceries and general merchandise when you shop in-store or order online for pickup or delivery by their partner.

How does Boost work with the benefits I already have with Kroger Plus or Pay Less Plus?

You still get the same great benefits that are included in Kroger Plus and Pay Less Plus. Everything from exclusive prices on products, fuel point eligibility, and more. Boost enhances your experience by providing you even more benefits on top of what you already have with Kroger Plus and Pay Less Plus!

How Does Boost work with Pickup?

Boost members receive 2X Fuel Points on pickup purchases. The free delivery benefit is only applicable to delivery orders. All Kroger Plus members enjoy free pickup on orders of $35 or more.

Where can I use my Boost benefits?

You can use your benefits at thousands of Kroger Co. Family of Stores whether you’re shopping in store or online.

Currently, benefits are not available at: Harris Teeter, Ruler, Mariano’s and Food 4 Less locations.

At this time, the Boost benefits are available only at our grocery stores. Your Boost membership does not work on purchases made on Fuel or Pharmacy Prescriptions, Fred Meyer Jewelers®, Vitacost.com, Kroger® SHIP, Kroger® Rush, Murray’s Cheese® or Delivery Now.

Who can upgrade to Boost?

You must be 18 years or older and an existing member of a Kroger Co. loyalty program with a registered digital account.

You will need:

How do I know Boost is active?

2X Fuel Points and Free Delivery Boost benefits are active within 1 hour of your purchase. You will receive an email confirmation of benefit activation to the email address associated with your digital account.

Will Boost automatically renew?

No, your Boost will not automatically renew. You will receive an email if there is an opportunity to renew.

When does Boost expire?

Your Boost membership expires 365 days after purchase.

Who is permitted to use my Boost benefits?

Boost can only be used by person(s) in your immediate household who use your Kroger Co. Family of Stores loyalty card or Alternate ID. Household members are defined as person(s) currently living at the same address; dependents away at school are excluded from benefits.

How do I cancel Boost?

You may cancel Boost at any time by calling Kroger Customer Connect at 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377). There are no refunds for Boost fees paid. If you cancel, you can continue to use Boost benefits until your membership is cancelled.

Can I upgrade to Boost $99 from Boost $59?

Boost ($59) members who are interested in upgrading to Boost ($99) should contact Kroger 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377)

How do I redeem my Welcome Offers?

Once enrolled, you will receive email communication within 24-48 hours of your Boost activation with instructions on how to redeem your online or in-store offers.

What purchases are excluded from double Fuel Points or free Delivery benefit?

Included: Grocery Department, Produce, Meat & Seafood, Deli & Bakery, Food Destinations (i.e., Starbucks, sushi, etc.), Over-the-Counter Drug & General Merchandise

Excluded: Pharmacy Prescriptions, Adult Beverage & Tobacco Products, Gift Cards, Money Services, Lottery Tickets, Postage Stamps, Delivery Tips & Boost membership fee


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Cyndi Hannahs

November 10, 202107:52 pm

Who delivers for Kroger? Will it be Instacart, Doordash or independent contractors with Kroger?

Kathryn Elizabeth O'Toole

November 10, 202106:26 am

How does delivery work with all the rebate apps like iBotta and Fetch?


November 10, 202105:02 pm

Kathryn, you do not receive a paper receipt with Kroger Delivery so you are unable to use these apps. :(

Carolyn Riddle

November 9, 202107:10 pm

With Kroger BOOST do you tip?


November 10, 202110:56 am

Of course it is expected. So if you do a $100 shop each week, and you tip $15 each time, it sets you back $780. Most of us who 'coupon' are cheap by nature, so it doesn't make sense unless you justify it because you do not have to leave the house and you consider the time you save by not shopping. But I also do not like trusting someone tp pick out my produce. They won't ask someone to check in back for better produce or for items missing from shelves. I also go during morning when they mark down meats. And I look thru clearance. So I personally am just too much of a control freak to skip shopping myself.