The Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus is BACK!

Shop for groceries to earn a Holiday Savings Bonus*! The more you shop, the more you earn.

First, shop November 17 – 30 at any Kroger Co. Family of Stores. You have to spend $200 or more to get this 20% savings. Then, redeem your Holiday Savings Bonus from the 9th to the 12th in December to save on Apparel & Home purchase including housewares, toys, décor and more! Your Savings Bonus will be automatically added to your Shopper’s Card.

Maximum savings in store is $300!

*Spending excludes: Electronics, DVDs, gift cards, mobile phones, fuel, alcohol, tobacco products, Pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Fred Meyer Direct, services and items prohibited by law. Maximum savings is $300. Spending total is cumulative of all your purchases during this period.

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P Norris

December 2, 202107:29 am

Apparently just another scam like the rest. Increase prices and offer a buying incentive. Time to start shopping elsewhere.

Kristen miller

December 1, 202108:32 am

I earned the 20% coupon but can't find it under my digital coupons. Or does it only go on my account December 9th-12th???

Dessie Jefferson

November 28, 202110:08 am

How do I used my holiday saving bonus

niki debiase

November 22, 202105:51 pm

It is usually 40% and it is based on your annual savings not making you spend $200 in November, not to mention everything they sell has has a 30% price increase so instead of saving 40% like the past years not you are actually spending an additional 10%. I have probably spent $2000 at Frys this year and now only November counts? Also, when I do the cash back on coupons, I log in and it says I have like $15 to use towards my purchase so I accept it and it disappears. I have not been able to cash those in this year either or use Diamondback or Suns points for merchandise.

Shelly Foster

November 23, 202110:50 pm

The past 4-5 it’s only counted 1-2 weeks in November for your spending. But this is the first year they are maxing it out at 20% I’m very sad ☹️

Chad Bailey

November 21, 202110:54 am

So it's only 20% this year??? I have 5 kids and have used this every year since it started. Honestly it's really a main reason we shopped at Kroger's. 20% on your already overpriced merchandise is worth about all of nothing.

J Phillips

December 7, 202107:23 am

What happened to the 40% off your purchase this year ☹️

David Dafforn

November 18, 202105:02 pm

Is this program revised from last year? I recall last time the program got my attention and I really took full advantage of the holiday savings. That said 20% is not exciting so I assume this is different / scaled back from past holiday savings programs. David Dafforn 317-697-1235

Patty Oaks

November 18, 202107:32 pm

Had the same thought. Disappointing! I've taken full advantage of it the past 2-3 years.