I was pretty excited when I saw this B1G1 FREE sale on Fabuloso Disinfecting Wipes at Kroger BUT I am more excited now because we have a Kroger Digital Coupon.  Pick up two containers and pay $1.25 each. BIG score!!

I know that Kroger Digital Coupons can work on some and not on others but wanted to let you know that we tested this morning and it works perfectly when purchasing two containers as show below!!

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Nicole Crowder

January 13, 202208:23 am

Download the coupon and it’s excluding the yellow container of wipes. I’m located in Kansas

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

January 13, 202208:28 am

That's so odd. Mine is showing that it works on both items in my associated items AND the image on the coupon is the yellow one so that's crazy. Hoping you're able to get the deal.


January 12, 202211:17 pm

You have way more experience so I hope this works. I am afraid the $3 coupon won't come off because technically one is free, so the store might think I'm only buying 1. I'll give it a try though, what a great deal. Thank you!

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

January 13, 202208:26 am

We tested yesterday on a true buy 1 get 1 free and it worked great!!


January 14, 202201:22 pm

I'm in GA. The price of the wipe is $2.74, if I buy two, will the $3 coupon work?


January 14, 202201:28 pm

Silly me. The coupon should work. Wish I could recall my question...lol