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Kroger Mega Event Full Inclusions List

2013 7:09 pm

Kroger Mega Event Full Inclusions List

Here is the full inclusions list for the Great American Savings Event (Mega Event)! This is a 2 week sale! Buy (10) Participating Products (mix & match) and receive $5 off INSTANTLY at checkout. No limits were advertised, but stores are allowed to enforce their own limits, so you might want to check before you start loading up those carts!

Click HERE to open the full inclusions list released by Kroger (will need to be signed into your google account).

New to Mega Event shopping? Check out my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post.

Buy 10, Save $5 Mega Event

Prices reflect additional $0.50 per item savings assuming you have purchased 10 participating items. 


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  1. we had some blinky coupons for windex. 1 dollar off 1 windex product

  2. anyone know if the bbq sauce is still good in the Dayton, oh area? I didn’t see the tags for it, but my Kroger has been known to not put tags on things even if it was in the ad.

  3. Melissa says:

    Anyone know if the Eggo Drizzlers are included?

  4. I think with the Catalina offer in the Oscar Mayer shaved deli meat that makes for a great sale but I see you didn’t post it on here. Did you forget or is the Catalina not good on the same thing on this sale??

  5. At our Kroger store I bought the Kraft BBQ sauce along with 8 other items and did not get the $5.00 off. I went to the customer service desk and they gave me the $5.00. The tags were on the shelf as part of the deal. I bet that it was removed from the list but the employees did not know to remove the tags. When she looked at my receipt there was not a star beside the BBQ sauce. The star indicates that it is part of the mega deal.

  6. Lauren Moriarty says:

    As of yesterday afternoon, the Kroger stores in North Mississippi still had the Kraft BBQ sauce included in the Mega Event. Just thought shoppers in that area would like to know. 🙂

  7. Totino’s Pizza Rolls are $.49 at my store wyb 10, and the Hefty slider bags are $.99 wyb 10!

  8. Thanks for the list. I like the buy 4 or buy 5 mega deal better than the buy 10– seems like you are saving more.. A lot more work with the buy 10 deals saving. Maybe it is just me 😉

    • Jennefer Nary says:

      I completely agree! It’s definitely a lot more work! I should have stocked up more on last weeks mega sale but unfortunately couldn’t cause money is so tight now a days… I’m lucky to get $20 for groceries!

  9. Melissa says:

    Has anyone heard anything about Kroger changing their coupon policy? I have been told in the last 2 weeks that i could only use 2 printable coupons per manufacturer per day even if it was for different products.

  10. Catharine says:

    the Kraft BBW sauce…you could tell that they had cut off the mega even sale tag….guess they decided they were loosing too much $.

  11. Somewhere I printed a $1.10 off the cookies and cream cereal. Makes it .88 a box

  12. Katherine says:

    Hey random but related question… so, etc. always seem to have cherios coupons. Do those generally reset at the beginning of the month? Meaning, would it perhaps be worth it to wait until then to do my shopping if I want to snag some great cereal deals?

    • Yes, those generally do reset each month. I’m not sure I’d wait to do the deal, but usually the yellow Cheerios coupon is reset on the 1st.

  13. I have Kroger digital coupons for the Clorox 2 ($2.50) and Clorox (.75) 🙂

  14. There is a coupon on for .50 off one bleach. I was able to get them for .48 today.

  15. Michelle says:

    My krogers list doesn’t have some of the items on your list (Kraft baroque sauce). If they are on one list does that mean it will work. I don’t want that to count as one of my 10 items & then loose out on my $5 off

    • There are always more items included than those on the published list. Just look for the tags in the store. If they show the Mega sale pricing, you’re good to go.

    • mine didn’t have the kraft bbq sauce for 50 cents. they were $1 each. I had a cashier check to see if they were part of the mega event, she said yes. But they weren’t and it screwed up my count and I lost out on savings on some of my other items. I tried to double check and still got the wrong info from the employee.

      • Catharine says:

        That’s because they were part of the deal but sometime within the past 24 hours they removed it….

    • Yep, I didn’t even look at the sign on the shelf-dumb mistake-because these are 10 for $10 at my Kroger affiliate (King Soopers). So no they didn’t come up as part of the mega event and this totally messed my transaction up. Had I not had all three kids with me I might have caught it, but I had a big shopping trip and three kids to wrangle. I may go back and buy four more things and see if they will combine and give me $5. They have done things like that for me in the past, we will see.

  16. Susanna says:

    Weren’t there Windex coupons in this weeks paper? 🙂

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