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Kroger Central Region | No More Double Coupons After July 31st

2013 10:06 am

Kroger New Prices

Looks like it’s only a matter of time folks! Another Kroger region (Central) has confirmed that they are no longer doubling coupons. Bill with Coupons in the NewsΒ contacted me just a little bit ago and cofirmed such with an an official statement.

For those of you in the Central region (which encompasses stores in Indiana and Illinois, as well as a few stray stores in Missouri, Michigan and Ohio)Β – this policy change will be taking effect afterΒ July 31st. That means your paper coupons will only be accepted at FACE value.

There are promises of lower pricing to help offset this new policy change.

The regions that no longer double coupons are as follows:

  • Southwest
  • Delta
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Central
  • Cincinnati

Kroger Cenral Region

Before you vow to boycott Kroger altogether, I encourage you to go through my posts from the last few weeks and notice that the MAJORITY of deals do not require any doubling. You may find that even after taking off the extra $0.50 or $0.60 out of the equation, you may still consider the final cost a stockup price. Of course if you need to vent, feel free to do so in the comments below. I just prefer to come from a place of yes. πŸ™‚

Find your Kroger region.

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  1. What’s up, I log on to your new stuff on a regular basis.
    Your writing style is awesome, keep up the good work!

  2. I am in Delta, MS area. Specifically Laurel, MS. To those of you in MS, there may be another thing you can do. I talked to my Krogers ladies. This new sale thing is just 6 weeks of sales on specific items BTW. BUT Krogers still has pretty good deals. And as everyone says maybe even stockup prices. Around here we have several stores to choose from and most of which are not in any forums. BUT we do have the Piggly Wiggly here that doubles some say .50c and some say .55c. Also, either the Freds or Family Dollar doubles on Saturdays here. Where I am located im about 45 mins away from Target which has great deals as well. But still our best bet IF we have a great deal and Qs is Krogers. They are high here without Qs but with Qs we have lots of benefits.

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  4. My only complaint is that the kroger employees at my kroger I shop at dont know their products or in store events & therefore hassle me on every coupon I bring in. I recently won free glad ware on the grill game & it didn’t ring up free even though the digital coupon automatically loads to your shopper card. So I politely said something to the cashier & he response was “we don’t have any event like that you are at the wrong store.” After I almost freaked out she called the manager up front who made me leave my line & go with him into his office to bring up all the coupons on my digital card to prove to him the coupon was loaded on my card (while all the angry Saturday am customers had to wait in line bc the cashier wouldn’t suspend my transaction). Tonight I purchased the Betty crocker fruit roll up snacks in the mega event & my coupon wouldn’t scan & the cashier told me it was because Betty Crocker doesn’t make fruit roll ups. I’m pretty sure there’s only one company that makes them other than the kroger brand (if kroger even makes them I’m not sure). I spend 30 minutes each shopping trip educating the 15 year old cashiers about their promotions & products. It’s frustrating. If my kroger quit doubling coupons then I’d honestly quit shopping there only because the customer service is lousy.

  5. Stopped at my Illinois Kroger yesterday to check prices. The Green Giant Veggie chips where on sale for $1.99. Tonight I went back to buy some. they had the new lower price sticker on them. They are now $3.19. So much for lower prices, looks like I won’t be shopping at my Kroger anymore. The sale prices have always been high than what you list, but this is crazy. Several other items I looked at yesterday are now Higher with the new stickers, and the new sale hasn’t even started yet.

  6. Ah well, knew this was coming! πŸ™

    I can tell your right now, that for whatever reason, our Kroger is way more expensive than the prices quoted on this website. I have consistently noted a sale price here and gone in to the store to see the price higher.

    Prices here are always at LEAST $0.05 higher – sometimes as high as $0.50

    I’ll be highly surprised if they can keep my business after this new change. I’ll go there once a month maybe – MAYBE.

    Never liked shopping this particular store anyway – the layout is cramped – especially at the registers and it has been difficult to find advertised items. Once I find them, they are usually in stock though! Even during Mega Sales – so that is something. πŸ™‚

    I’ll shop Aldi and Walmart instead. Target will get my business when store coupons and manufacturer coupons line up for enough items to make a trip worthwhile. Until their policy changes too!!!

  7. Michelle says:

    My Kroger in southern IL didn’t know anything about doubling coupons ending at the end of the month. I casually mentioned using my 50 cent coupon rather than the 75 cent coupon on the package while they are still doubling coupons, and the cashier was shocked & she started asking all the other employees about it & no one she asked new anything about it. Hoping it doesn’t happen, but I’m sure it will.

  8. Angie Mickey says:

    My Omaha Kroger’s has never doubled, but I’ve always noticed that many of our prices are a little bit lower than what you’ve got posted. Try not to fret about it. You’ll still find good deals.

  9. Josette says:

    Yay thats not us yet:)

  10. @Rose

    I think this is one main reason they are stopping. People getting so many of the same items for free with doubling.

    But the rational thing to do is simply put a limit on the same number of coupons a person can use or double. My stores have a 4 limit per person, 2 limit doubling policy. Why can’t they just do this? JUST LOWER THE AMOUNT OF COUPONS YOU WILL DOUBLE, KROGER! 2 or 3 or 4. That will still help out a familys grocery bill, and you wont be giving away 1,000 packages of noodles to a crazy couponer. (no offense crazy couponers)

    • Actually it was Market Bear or Shaw store in the East Coast that allowed this. My Kroger only doubles up to the first 2 identical coupons till July 31st πŸ™

    • What do you do with that many noodles anyways? She was just wanting the brag factor! Unless she took all 1,000 of them to the food bank which I highly doubt after watching many of the extreme couponing shows & seeing their massive stockpiles (in their million dollar mansions might I add). I coupon because that’s the only way I can afford to eat. Lol

  11. Bummer..I figure they will eventually get to my area. Not really surprise that the manufactures/stores stop doubling. I saw a post several months ago on another website in their brag lounge where a woman got 1,000 Maruchan Noodles all for free with the store’s doubling coupons. They had to get an industrial size trolly to transport all of it. I can understand why they are stopping it!

  12. Heather M says:

    I live in Cincinnati, which is the first region where they stopped doubling. I don’t buy the “lower everyday prices” line since the prices in my hometown (Central region) are seriously lower than in my Cincinnati area. And essentially none of the deals I’ve seen on here are at the prices photographed – I price check all of the items too just in case they aren’t tagged correctly. It’s a bummer since I used to love Kroger!

    • Actually, Houston was the first region to stop doubling back in May of 2011. I still manage to find good deals. So keep you’re chin up, it will be fine.

  13. I just hate to hear that another Region is losing the double coupons, THANKFULLY, I’m in the Southeast region and we still have that option available!
    I LOVE Krogers and I’m in there 2 to 3 times a week……so it would be a great loss for me! We only have 2 other grocery stores in the area to choose from if they stop this in my Region and neither doubles coupons, 1 of them takes no coupons at all. I hope Kroger will have a change of heart forthcoming.

  14. Kristina says:

    Hey guys. I have a really trustworthy friend who works at my local krogers. I live in AR. He told me that it is the stores’ choice to cancel the double coupons. He said that if the store got enough called in complaints , maybe 100 or so, that they would really consider bringing it back. So I would suggest giving it a shot. Wouldn’t hurt!

  15. Dawn kibodeaux says:

    I live in the southwest region and so far ours is still doubling! And I pray they continue too. The coupons we get in this region are hardly ever over .50, so we need that doubling to make those great deals!

  16. It would be nice if Kroger offered price matching; which would prove the lower price idea.

  17. While I hate to see our coupon doubling end (i’m in Arkansas) Kroger still beats Wal Mart and Harps hands down in pricing and quality. They won’t lose my business. It was great while it lasted! that’s the way I look at it. πŸ™‚

  18. Melissa Taylor says:

    Since the Mid Atlantic region quit doubling in May, I have all but quit shopping at Kroger. Without the doubles, the deals are just not as good. I haven’t seen where the prices at Kroger are lower than before they stopped doubling coupons. Thankfully, our local Giant Eagle still doubles up to $.99. Kroger use to be my favorite and primary store to shop at, now I primarily shop at Giant Eagle and Walmart.

  19. I thought Michigan was its own region. Is it included in this or not?

    • Lee Anna says:

      i called coporate and michigan is not on the chopping block yet.. call 800 krogers and let ur voice be heard.. tell them u will shop diffrent stores. and they will loose thier buisness….. let others know to call coporate… in michigan we are the 99% who use coupons. i shop davison and i see very few people not use coupons….

      • I shop Davison, too. There are coupon binders in the majority of the carts! Same with the Grand Blanc store due to the fact they double $1 coupons. If they stop doubling here, it will really effect my shopping. It’s funny, I have 3 Krogers within a half an hour from my house, and one doesn’t double at all, one double 50 cents, and one doubles a dollar!

  20. Hmmm….. I’ll probably use more of their digital coupons now than I have in the past when a printed coupon that could be doubled would be a better value than the digital.

  21. Kristina says:

    I will not boycott Kroger, but it will mean I shop there less. It is easier for me to price match at Wal-mart to the sale prices, and honestly I have price matched at Wal-mart and used a coupon that could have doubled at Kroger. I just did not waste my time at Kroger, because it is VERY common for their Mega sale items to be out of stock. I agree with the above comments that the Kroger shopping can be hard when you are required to buy 10 items. Some people just buy 10 of the same item, which make certain items run out. Kroger will certainly lose some business doing this.

  22. I am in the mid-South but I am sure it will happen any day now πŸ™‚

  23. Hi Donna! Can you tell me where in Southern Il triples coupons? Thank u!

  24. Delta stops tomorrow the same time our sales resets. I was in the store yesterday and did see a few lower prices but nothing to scream about that is for sure. Just an FYI if you are in Delta and have seen some deals for the sale that starts tomorrow that are best with a coupon that doubles go to the store tonight. The new sale will be running (and will still have the old sale too) and you will still get doubles. I have a few coupons ready for today after work just to get that last little extra savings. I mean, it is free money when you think about it. Pretty sad day as this was the last real store that doubled. I do anticipate doing more price matching at Target and Walmart just because it is easier to shop everything at once. On the whole though, Kroger is my store and that won’t change.

  25. Do you know what region Kansas falls under?

  26. I live on the West Coast, where they stopped doubling some time ago. They really did lower prices on many items you buy all the time- like produce- and offer some really great loss leaders every week. You can still save a ton of money with coupons at their stores and there are many items that you can still get for free without needing to double so don’t worry too much! It’ll be fine!

  27. I used lots of coupons but complaining about the double coupons will do no good. What I would like to see Kroger do is stop these sales that requires you to buy 10 items to get a sale price. I like to plan my list before I go shopping and everytime they will be out of the sale items. You then are forced to find someting to replace the missing items or you don’t get the sale price. Just put a fair price on the sale items and stop requiring a person to buy a set number of items.

    • G'town Reader says:

      David, I agree with you. But luckily I live within a 5-minute walk, which means I can return home to search for additional coupons IF available for replacement item(s).
      Actually, certain practices, like requiring multiple purchases to get sale price, seem to discriminate against singles, couples, & low-income customers.

    • I agree! I actually didn’t even do the cereal deal last week because the catalina was only printing on purchases of 2 so I was going to end up with 32 random add-ons to use my 8 cereal coupons. I just held out until this week for Walgreen’s sale and paid 92 cents for my boxes. So I spent about $8 oop after taxes instead of the $30 it would have been at Kroger. I realize this isn’t going to get me in to the Extreme Couponing Hall of Fame but it’s getting to the point with the buy 10 items that I could spend less paying regular price for what I want instead of trying to come up with crazy scenarios.

    • That happened to me tonight! They were out of two of my items on my list & it threw off my whole budget… Ugh

  28. I live in the Indianapolis area where there is alot of competition between grocery stores as well as a Meijer and Walmart in the area. I will not boycott Kroger but will definitely look at the other stores in the area for the best deals. I kind of figured this was coming soon when I read about the Memphis region no longer doubling recently and have been checking the coupon policies for some of the other stores etc. It is going to be interesting to see how they respond.

  29. darlene says:

    I live in the Columbus, Ohio area and live near 3 krogers, 1 Giant Eagle and 1 Meijer….I am sure if one of these stores stops doubling then the others will follow. Sad day for many now and will be sad if they stop doubling in this area. But the manufacturers are getting tired of having to pay double on coupons, and yes many of the stores have the manufacturers pay the double. They do this just to stock the products on the shelves. I know this all too well as my husband works for a major food manufacturing company. Some of the stores pick up a small amount of the doubling but most just pass it on. But we can still get good deals if they offer mega deals, close outs etc.

  30. Donna – I appreciate your positivity. πŸ™‚

  31. With last weeks sale I was able to get very good deals without doubling. Some without any coupons at all so I understand exactly what you are saying. In my area, Southern Illinois, most of the coupons coming out anymore do not double anyway because they are for .75 or $1. We are fortunate enough to have another store chain that does double and sometimes triple as well as double up to a $1 on occasion so I am not that worried about it. The only sale that would not have been possible for me last week would have been the m and m’s at .03 a pkg. I knew we were about to get hit when they pulled the Kraft BBQ sauce. I will not boycott Kroger but some of my business will go to other places to get deals.

    • Hi Donna! Can you tell me where in southern Il triples coupons? Thanks!

      • Ashley, about once a year, Schnucks will triple coupons. That’s the only place I know of in Southern, IL that will triple and it only lasts a weekend and they don’t heavily advertise it.

      • Michelle says:

        Schnucks has had triple coupons 3 times in the last 4 months & it was a week long event. However before those it had been forever since they had triple coupons. There sales go from Tuesday-Wednesday I think, so its better to check their online ad? if you sign up for schnucks emails you get an emailing telling you when there deals are going on.

  32. adriana bedwell says:

    kroger in MS(DELTA) is going to stop as of tomorrow πŸ™

    • Sonda Mosley says:

      There are signs posted at the store in Arkansas. As of July 10th.

    • Kimberly says:

      I think I may cry!!! This is ridiculous! It’s already hard to get good deals in MS with the poor regional coupons and now the doubling is gone. Just great. πŸ™

    • Stephanie S. says:

      The “no doubling” signs were up in our local Kroger a couple of days ago. Very depressing. πŸ™

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