Well, as you probably know by now, the $3.00/1 Huggies Diaper is back on and I have absolutely no use for it (thank goodness)!

I decided to do a quicky giveaway, as I have 6 coupons sitting here looking at me! They expire on 5/28, so the giveaway will end promptly at 5pm (est).

Here’s how you enter: Leave a comment on this post. ANY comment will do. Just make it a good one! 🙂

I will announce a random winner this evening, so if you leave a comment PLEASE check back!! I will also send you an email that you have won. If you don’t respond by Saturday, at 5pm…I will choose another winner. SO PLEASE CHECK BACK!

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.
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May 14, 201004:43 pm

Hi! I think its AWESOME that you are giving away coupons you can't use! Mommies like me sure could use them and certainly would appreciate them!! Kudos to you for helping out the community! ♥ Michelle ♥


May 14, 201004:39 pm

I would love to win these! :) My little guy wears Huggies and I love them!

katie yeary

May 14, 201004:36 pm

I could use these huggies coupons for my little girl that is still in diapers...thanks!


May 14, 201004:21 pm

with 2 in diapers I could use these!


May 14, 201004:05 pm

Ahh... the grandkids need 'em don'tcha know.

Angela B

May 14, 201004:01 pm

I have 2 beautiful sassy girls in diapers and we only use Huggies :-)Every coupon will help me cover their little bootays!! Thanks!


May 14, 201003:57 pm

We've got three little ones still in diapers and have awful reactions to everything other than Huggies...Gotta love coupons!


May 14, 201003:57 pm

I love Huggies! This would help a lot :)

lisa jones

May 14, 201003:36 pm

These Are Like GOLD To Me I Have A Husband Who Was Laid Off, 3 Kids In Diapers & I'm Almost Out Of Stock!!!! LOVE Your Blog!!!! Have A Great Weekend....


May 14, 201003:31 pm

I have been changing Diapers for 4 1/2 years straight I can see the end in site (hopefully). I would LOVE and to save money after all that I have spent the last 4 1/2 years. Thank You for being so generous with your coupons and helping others save money.

karen klaczak

May 14, 201003:28 pm

I've been buying diapers for almost 10 years now, and could use a little financial help.


May 14, 201003:28 pm

I've got 2 in diapers and another one due next month. I could really use these coupons.


May 14, 201002:46 pm

My munchkin is always in need of diapers! :-)


May 14, 201002:37 pm

looking to help out my brother's little boy. he JUST got out of the hospital (at 6 months old) after open heart surgery to repair 2 holes in his little heart. Brady could use the diapers! thanks for the chance! :-)


May 14, 201002:27 pm

My grandaughter is still in my daughter would love these coupons. thx!!!!


May 14, 201002:22 pm

Love some good high value diaper coupons!!! Just wish that my 2 year old would be interested in potty training so that I didn't have 2 kids in diapers!


May 14, 201002:18 pm

Can never have enough diaper coupons. Thanks for doing this!


May 14, 201002:16 pm

Have you seen thier new Jeans diapers? How cute! The babies will be stylin' in these with a cute tank and a pair of sandles!


May 14, 201002:13 pm

This would help I dont have a printer right now!!!


May 14, 201002:09 pm

I love Huggies! Hope I win!


May 14, 201002:05 pm

Awesome! Rite Aid is having a sale next week, so with the Huggies SCR this makes for a good deal!


May 14, 201001:59 pm

Will be out of diapers this weekend! Absolutely love Huggies diapers!


May 14, 201001:50 pm

Please! I have a 9 month old and am 22 weeks pregnant and am 22 weeksd pregnant...need all the coupons I can get!


May 14, 201001:44 pm

I need this, my son just peed on the cat

Randi F.

May 14, 201001:39 pm

This is my first time to your site. I saw you on Facebook at the Huggies page. I'll bookmark this site and start visiting frequently. Also, I have 2 under 2 and love, love, love this coupon! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!


May 14, 201001:36 pm

LOVE Huggies! 16 month old Carson would love them!

Victoria P

May 14, 201001:36 pm

I love this... I am a huge Huggies fan and have a 7 1/2 month old that is the best... I have a huge need for coupons that I am trying to get all that I can... Please pick me...

Jennie E

May 14, 201001:33 pm

I have 2 boys in diapers, so I am always looking to save money, and with the new Pampers causing issues, I'd like to stock up!!


May 14, 201001:32 pm

Baby girl due in 3 weeks, we are stoking up on diapers. These would be great! :)


May 14, 201001:30 pm


Jennifer Sticht

May 14, 201001:30 pm

I could really use these for my granddaughter since we are now raising her in addition our 5.


May 14, 201001:29 pm

I would love the coupons! I am expecting and stocking up on as many diapers as I can. :)


May 14, 201001:27 pm

I love coupons - makes it fun to shop for diapers for my little guy - 3 months old!

Jennia McCourt

May 14, 201001:27 pm

I am raising my two Grandbabies Nataley(22months) and Zachary(7months) so I could really use some coupons, Diaper duty 24/7 although I would not change it for anything!


May 14, 201001:26 pm

oh! oh! pick me! pick me! ( hand raising in air) :)

Suzanne Bergholz

May 14, 201001:25 pm

I surely hope that this soon to be 3 year old soon has consistent dry days....but, it sure has not happened yet!


May 14, 201001:15 pm

I'd love some coupons! We go through a pack a week with my 2 year old :)


May 14, 201001:03 pm

I buy diapers to donate to my local Pregancy Support Center. Your coupons would help me to help them as they help mothers in need. (What a great cycle of giving!) Thank you, Katarina, for a chance to win your giveaway.


May 14, 201012:56 pm

Thanks for doing the give-away. I wish I had known 9-16 years ago when my older three were in diapers how cheap you could really get disposables. I always thought they were so expensive. Now, with my 4th little blessing coming along so much later than his siblings, I've learned a thing or two about shopping -- coupons make a huge difference. Coupons combined with sales and store promotions bring disposable diapers down to a reasonable price!

Tiffani Lotze

May 14, 201012:55 pm

Extra coupons would be fantastic! I had to stop working in February due to severe back issues after delivering my second child, so I've just started learning how to do couponing and finding all of the sites....I have to say I have a newfound hobby to love :o)


May 14, 201012:51 pm

$3 coupons are awesome. I hope there is a good sale coming up to use it on.


May 14, 201012:49 pm

I love Coupons and I LOVE Huggies!! New mom again after 3 boys and 9 years!! Karsyn is 6 months and LOVES her Huggies!! :):)

amy king

May 14, 201012:47 pm

would love these....i have a baby shower in a couple wks and i LOVE giving diapers as a gift!! w/ a 2yr old and a 3yr old i definitely know the financial burden of diapers and i love releasing some of that financial burden for new momma's!! and w/these coupons i can buy more!!! THANKS!


May 14, 201012:47 pm

I could really use these!


May 14, 201012:44 pm

Ohh! I would love to win! I have one in diapers and one in I would love any help I can get! Thanks for thsi great giveaway!


May 14, 201012:44 pm

What a fabulous idea. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in helping others out. I would love to be "helped out" in this way.

Sarah Clayton

May 14, 201012:41 pm

Woohoo. I have 3 very close friends with either brand new babies (3 weeks) or that are pregnant. I would love to help them out. Riteaid has huggies on sale next week that would match up very nicely. Thank you so much for your consideration. :)


May 14, 201012:39 pm

i saw the denim huggies and would LOVE to win these coupons to snag a few boxes to sport my baby girl in them. thanks!


May 14, 201012:36 pm

I have two in diapers this would help me so much thanks for the chance to win :)


May 14, 201012:34 pm



May 14, 201012:34 pm

you dont need them but i do!!! thanks babe!


May 14, 201012:31 pm

Pick me!! :) I love diaper coupons.

Amy Munson

May 14, 201011:53 am

Diapers! Diapers!! Diapers!! I love Diaper coupons!!! Pick me please!

Amanda Parham

May 14, 201011:41 am

I LOVE your website! Thanks for posting all of these great deals!

Laura Alberts

May 14, 201011:35 am

These $3/1 coupons are awesome and so is this giveaway! It would be awesome to win 6!

MJ Hiles

May 14, 201011:29 am

I love these $3/1 Huggies coupons and your couponing site is one of my sites I visit daily.

Jennifer Aucoin

May 14, 201011:06 am

It would be great if I could win these! I have a friend with twin girls and she goes through a box of diapers every 3 days! Its crazy!


May 14, 201010:52 am

Love ur site....I have 9 grandkids...could really use these coupons.

Stephanie Rojas-Mantis

May 14, 201010:40 am

Pick me! Pick me!

brittany c

May 14, 201010:35 am

Im a single full time working mama, i strive on high dollar coupons. I have a 3 mont old baby boy who is about to go to size 2 diapers, which I have none of. Please pick me!!


May 14, 201010:35 am

Pick me, pick me. I have yet to start potty training my 23 month old and in need of diapers


May 14, 201010:33 am

also, i have a daughter who's not trained yet and she requires large sided huggies. i'd love these


May 14, 201010:32 am

Hey couponkatarina I love your page! i'm glad i found this on facebook!!! thanks


May 14, 201010:29 am

Thanks for the giveaway! It's great that you want to print it for those who need it.


May 14, 201010:27 am

I <3 high dollar coupons!! I may have quite a stock pile but would love to use these so i can get some more really cheap!! I always combine the sale with a 5/20 coupon and use free product coupons do that i am paying under 1.00 oop! I know a couponing blog would appreciate my efforts!! Thanks for the giveaway! You are going to may one couponing mama happy :)


May 14, 201010:27 am

pick me!


May 14, 201010:26 am

Huggies are the best, 3$ coupons only makes them better!


May 14, 201010:24 am

I am new to coupon clipping but loving it already. I have two in diapers so diaper coupons are a MUST HAVE! You are so generous to do this! :)


May 14, 201010:18 am

Husband and I just took custody of baby grandson and now we have to buy diapers again after so many years really need all coupons I could get.

Jenni G

May 14, 201010:17 am

I have a 7 month old little boy, and we just found out we are having a little girl... due on my sons birthday!! Any help with diapers is great! :)


May 14, 201010:16 am

I would so love to win these, I have twins that are 6 months and we go through diapers like crazy1! Thanks!


May 14, 201010:14 am

Huggies coupons are the best! and the diapers are pretty good too!

Marjorie Manning

May 14, 201010:12 am

Thanks for the chance at these. I still have a little one in diapers and just found out THIS MORNING that I'm going to be expecting another little one in diapers in about nine months! Gotta start stocking up! :)


May 14, 201010:01 am

Hi - great giveaway. Thanks.


May 14, 201010:01 am

I love huggies, im a first time mom, and their the only diapers ill buy for my little mans bum! plz id love a coupon! thanks!

Crystal Higgins

May 14, 201009:59 am

I love coming across these high-dollar coupons! Diapers are so expensive, it ought to be illegal! Thanks for a great giveaway.

Heather Inabnett

May 14, 201009:59 am

pick me!

jason dinger

May 14, 201009:59 am

please pick me!!!


May 14, 201009:55 am

I stocked up on diapers when they were 2.25 @ riteaid, and now I have tons of 3 and 4 but Im almost out of 2.. UGH!! guess she'll be moving up SOON =)


May 14, 201009:55 am

I have two little ones in diapers and these coupons will be put to use in a great way. :-)

Meagan Wolpert

May 14, 201009:54 am

Oh this would be so nice. I know what you mean about having a lot of them than trying to use them up. I just stock up on bigger sizes if I dont know if he will still be in the ones he is in now. These would be great to win =)

Laura Millspaugh

May 14, 201009:54 am

I found out my sister is expecting 2 days ago!!! We could really use these coupons! Thanks!!!

judy myers

May 14, 201009:52 am

having a new grandbaby soon- coupons who be great help for mom-- thanks


May 14, 201009:52 am

-$3/1 coupons ROCK! I have a little one and I love these coupons...they really take the bite out of having to buy Huggies...which are by far the BEST!

Linda taylor

May 14, 201009:52 am

love these for my new granddaughter..thank you

angie scott

May 14, 201009:50 am

Love Huggies they are the only diaper I would ever buy.

eunice b

May 14, 201009:49 am

i have quite a few friends who have little ones in diapers...would love to pass these on! :-)

Kristin Haase

May 14, 201009:42 am

My sister in law has a new baby and would LOVE these :)

coupon collette

May 14, 201009:38 am

I love diaper duty! (Pun intended) $3.00 coupons only makes it better!