Can you believe that tomorrow is already January 1st? Well, if you’ll remember…I decided to start Weight Watchers Online on the 1st and many of you have already signed up to join me! Thank you…I’m soooo excited to get started! Since it may be a busy weekend for some of you (and me too!) I wanted to give you an update on my plans for blogging my weight loss. While I WILL personally start tracking my points starting tomorrow (the 1st) which means officially starting the program…I will NOT be posting a menu plan for the first week. I haven’t even had a chance to do one for myself yet and I don’t want to hold anyone up. I do plan on going to the grocery store this weekend and getting myself set up for the week. And then starting next Monday (Jan 9th) I hope to be posting my weekly menu plans for everyone. One of the hardest things about Weight Watchers for me is coming up with new and creative menus, so I hope we all can help each other out with that weekly post. In the meantime (meaning, this week) I may be sharing recipes or ideas and tips with you…it just won’t be an entire menu plan just yet.

I do NOT want to leave you completely hanging this weekend if you ARE also starting the program on the 1st, so what I’ve done is included a link to a great article from Weight Watchers with a list of all the foods that you will want to have on your grocery list. It’s the Plan-Friendly Shopping Guide and this is a great tool you can use to get your refrigerator and pantry stocked with foods and ingredients that you will need in the coming weeks.

If you plan on joining me in losing weight (average 2 pounds per week)….there’s still time to join us and you can SIGN UP HERE and then please LEAVE A COMMENT in this post so I can get an idea of how many people are in! All that is required of you is that you log your weekly weight (or weight loss) with me here on the blog when I post that on Mondays. You can remain anonymous if you would like…but keep in mind that you are among friends here. 😉 We will have our own weekly Weight Watchers “meetings” and keep each other motivated by sharing our experiences and tips.

You will not be disappointed in your results!! And I am soooooo excited to get started and to help everyone out with some great menu plans and healthy recipes!

Click HERE to get started

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January 1, 201205:19 pm

WOW that sounds great to have the support...thinking about it but not 100% sure I can start right now.


January 1, 201208:33 am

I have been on ww for a couple months and have lost 20lbs. I have been off for 2 weeks afraid to step on that scale:( Going to start Monday!! I am so glad you will be here to keep me on track:)

Stacey Morganti

January 1, 201208:13 am

I signed up a few days ago without knowing that you were! Yay more people to lose with!


January 1, 201202:49 am

Can't wait to start losing!


December 31, 201108:34 pm

I want to start too! Unfortunately, they have moved the meetings out of my area so I was disappointed. I just signed on and poof... here was your posting! Not sure I'll be starting tomorrow full force because I haven't had a chance to look through the materials, but I'm IN!!!!


December 31, 201105:20 pm

doing WW online will join the group need help!


December 31, 201104:08 pm

I have been on weight watchers since April 1 and have lost 50 lbs as of today. I absolutely recommend the program to everyone. No more denying yourself of the things you like just keep within your points each day.

Jessica Bredberg

December 31, 201103:59 pm

I have been doing WW since October (after the birth of baby #3 in August), but would love to join your group as an extra dose of motivation. This is my 4th time with WW, the first being before my wedding, and then after the birth of each of my children. It's a great program and has worked for me every time. It always helps having accountability and encouragement from others facing the same challenge. I look forward to your meal plans, that will be a huge help. Thanks, Jessica