What’s FREE at Kroger?

2013 5:27 pm

Here are all the items you can currently get at Kroger for FREE!

  • Sale dates are based on a Sun-Sat sale cycle, so if yours runs differently then you’ll want to add in those extras days. For example, if your ad cycle runs Wednesday-Tuesday, you’ll want to keep in mind that you have a couple more days to take advantage of the deals I have listed as ending on Saturday.
  • Pricing may vary by region. especially closeout and clearance finds.
  • All of the printable coupons listed as No Longer Available (NLA) I have posted within the last 30 days, so if you printed when I FIRST told you about them – they should be in your coupon binder and hopefully not expired yet.

Let me know if you find something not on my list! 🙂

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  1. G'town Reader says:

    12/19/13 Many of these prices have expired, and many of the coupons cited have expired – some as far back as 3 WEEKS AGO. Many Cats are also over.

  2. THe pepsi link doesn’t give a coupon. I have tried it on 2 different computers. darn! 🙂

  3. How do people get 1000.00 worth of groceries for 5.00? Is that just tv?

  4. How can you buy coupons and how fast can you get them?

  5. Campbell’s 100% Natural Soups (18.6-18.7 oz) – $1.00 (thru 7/27)
    Use $1/1 Campbell’s 100% Natural Soup peelie
    Final cost is as low as FREE!

    No peelies at Pataskala or New Albany krogers! Just an FYI!! 🙂

  6. The Wheat Thin promotion has ended.

    And if your catlina’s don’t print go to the service desk before you leave the store. Kroger is really bad for not having the catlina machines full of paper. Every other time I try to get one they don’t print.

  7. How is this updated?

  8. So I am VERY new at this and I tried to use the REACH catalina. When I did it, they did not print out. Would y’all know of any reason that would happen? It was late so didn’t as the manager…and should I go back with the items to get the catalina?

    • Jordan, I also had some catlina coupons that did not rint out one time. I noticed though that the machine was not on when I went through. You can go to the catalina website and make a report about it. I told them that I should have had a catalina print out, what store and some other information off my receipt and with in a week they sent it to me.

  9. Ok I’m new. And I’m a guy which meks it doubly difficult.

    But how do I print the coupons?
    Is there a way to print like 30 at a time?

    Clueless in Memphis

    (AKA Gordon Gekko)

    • Hi Glynn! You can only print 2 coupons per computer (99% of the time). If it’s your first time printing coupons, you’ll need to download the printer software for each coupon site just once. Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

  10. sara, you have to give them your kroger card before they scan your coupons. otherwise they wont double.

  11. hi, the bogo coupon for stride are all nla except the .50 one is stiil printable,,, and the coupons for liberte yogourt are all nla except the one for bogo. it was still available this morning.

  12. Katarina, you were right. I tried a stride gum at Kroger and it went thru. thanks.

  13. Not at our Krogers, they wont scan and the manager told me he cannot take a coupon with another stores logo on it. Hw told me he wont get reimbursed for them.

  14. why are you matching a free kroger item with a coupon that is only good at walmart??? ex. stride gum and softsoap??

  15. Would like to use this site but I can’t tell where the region is for this Kroger. One time I took some of the sale items that I had listed and come to find out they didn’t have some of the items that was suppose to be on sale.Can you help me out?

    • Jenny, my main ad matchup is based on the Columbus/Great Lakes region. But I post deals sent to me by several different Kroger regions, as I have readers all over the country.

  16. hello,
    Ive been trying to figure out if the Mahatma Rice coupon from 1/27 RP is a regional coupon or not? Ive looked a lot but I cant seem to find it. I just ordered some on ebay but I am still curious if I still have more in my inserts somewhere & just an overlooking it. Also, is there a way to look up a coupon preview by region? I am from the Cincinnati Ohio region. Also, just want to say thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this site! I LOVE krogerkrazy.com I check your site more than I check my email! Keep up the great work I would be a lost couponer without all your help!

    • Shea, yes…the Mahatma coupon is always VERY regional. It’s good that you ordered them instead. As far as regional insert previews, you may be able to google that, but I don’t know off the top of my head. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  17. bogo free beech-nut yogurt blends can pair with 1.00 off which reset! http://coupons2.smartsource.com/smartsource/index.jsp?Link=QAYF6HGTYCKB4

  18. when it is manually put in and doesn’t double, i let them know if i catch it in time, if not i go to the service desk and have it corrected,…hope this helps:)

  19. Mine took it even though it said that. However, the cashier had to manually put it in, and for that reason it did not double. Does anyone know anything about that? That if it has to be put in manually how it doesn’t double?

  20. At my Kroger in West Virginia they will not take coupons that have Dollar General on them even though they say Manufacturer’s coupon at the top

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