Kroger New Prices

Looks like another Kroger region (Atlanta) has confirmed that they are no longer doubling coupons.

For those of you in the Atlanta region (which encompasses stores in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and parts of Tennessee) – this policy change will be taking effect starting September 22nd. That means your paper coupons will only be accepted at FACE value.

There are promises of lower pricing to help offset this new policy change.

The regions that no longer double coupons are as follows:

  • Southwest
  • Delta
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Central
  • Cincinnati
  • Atlanta
  • Dillons (affiliate store)

Kroger Atlanta Region

Before you vow to boycott Kroger altogether, I encourage you to go through my posts from the last few weeks and notice that the MAJORITY of deals do not require any doubling. You may find that even after taking off the extra $0.50 or $0.60 out of the equation, you may still consider the final cost a stockup price. Of course if you need to vent, feel free to do so in the comments below. I just prefer to come from a place of yes. 🙂

Follow the instructions to Find your Kroger region.

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September 9, 201309:31 pm

According to the local news the Louisville/Missouri region will also stop doubling coupons on the 22nd of September.

G'town Reader

September 7, 201301:15 am

I live about 0.2 mile from Kroger, but 0.25 mile from a "limited" discount store called Save-A-Lot. The last time I put gas in my car was in June, 2013 - so I usually give my monthly points to another relative. Even though the total points themselves (200-400/mo.) NEVER save me more than the cost of a Big K 2-ltr, since I have a compact that I rarely allow to get below 1/2 tank. (No real incentive there.) Anyway, S-A-L accepts face-value coupons on their limited national brands - most of which are already priced less than Kroger. Some store-brand items are also priced less than Kroger's own. We have a Walmart neighborhood grocery about 1/2 mi. from us, and a local chain, ValuMarket (which has been doubling) 1 mi. away. So Kroger's new coupon policy may very well shoot themselves in their foot - at least in my neighborhood.


September 5, 201304:27 pm

Is this policy change posted anywhere?


September 5, 201310:45 am

If you look at our Knoxville's Coupon Katie website, she called Corporate and they said Knoxville is NOT stopping doubling :)


September 5, 201307:56 am

When I called my local store and asked if they knew when they were going to stop doubling coupons, they said that they tried the "no doubling thing" years ago and it didn't work out very well so they will not stop doubling anytime in the near future. This makes me super happy because I ONLY shop Kroger now BECAUSE they double. If they ever do stop doubling, I'd be shopping back at Walmart. (Kroger is the only store in a 50-mile radius that doubles without catches like Kmart). I will bawl like a baby the day my Kroger stops doubling! Lol.


September 5, 201304:03 am

My kroger in western KY stopped doubling in July. I asked around a few days before the doubling stopped, seeing if anyone who worked there knew for sure. No one did, none of them had any clue. So don't let employee knowledge of doubling coupons ending be your guide. I still find good deals, just not quite as frequently. I keep my eyes peeled for high value coupons, unlike before when I just look for .65 and under, to be doubled. Your mind just has to change its way of thinking when looking for deals, and when I find one, I stock up twice as much, because there doesn't seem to be definite repeats on individual items, like I feel our store used to have.


September 5, 201312:39 am

We lost coupon doubling here in Houston more than 2 1/2 years ago. We STILL get great deals and even moneymakers with the mega events. You'll find that it's an adjustment to your thinking, but you can still scoop up the great deals.


September 5, 201310:19 am

You said it Charity!!! Lisa :)


September 4, 201305:48 pm

I've also noticed the normal prices are fluctuating on stuff at Kroger as well. For the past two months, Milk at Kroger will be 2.79/ Gallon and the very next week it will be 3.79/ Gallon. This has been the norm for about two months now. I've also noticed they do it on several other products. It's almost like they are trying to trick you into thinking the prices are lower. I now have to go somewhere else every other week when the price changes just to get cheaper milk. Ridiculous.


September 4, 201305:44 pm

I live and shop in the midsouth region right outside Lexington, KY and had issues this weekend with the cashier taking multiple coupons. The coupons stated there were no limits on the coupons. After talking to the manager, she said that the doubling was getting ready to go away in our region soon and they had just had a meeting about it. Still no specific date yet though. Has anyone heard anything about the midsouth region yet? I also tried couponing at walmart this past weekend too but they are very particular about what they will take. I left feeling like a criminal after they examined and denied my TUMS coupons even though they were the exact product and they denied my coupons. I will not switch to walmart after that experience.


September 4, 201304:19 pm

I fall in the Central zone and krogers in my area (Southern IL) are still doubling. There may be still hope for some of you.


September 4, 201303:30 pm

I called two stores in my area and they both said they were still doubling coupons and when I asked if they had plan to stop this month and again they said no. I wonder if they are just updated on the information or if they just plan to continue for specific stores??


September 4, 201302:28 pm

My Kroger was hit in the last go around. There have been some nice low prices that kind of pacified me... fruit deals etc. I find that I still stock up a lot, I just haven't been able to stock up on sweet potato chips and some of the old goodies. I totaled up my couponing savings from this past month, and I actually saved more this past month despite the lack of doubling coupons...


September 4, 201301:36 pm

If Kroger in the Columbus, Ohio area stops doubling then I will go to another store that does. I am really closer to Giant Eagle but Kroger's deals have been better with the doubles. But I will not shop at a store that lowers then raises prices to make it look like they are helping us to save. And not sure why they want to stop doubling anyway because my hubby works for a major food manufacturer in their marketing dept. and Kroger kicks back a lot of the double on them. So if they put out a .50 cent coupon and it doubles to 1.00 Kroger bills them for the doubling unless the coupon says don't double then it is on Kroger's back.


September 5, 201302:17 am

Be careful with Giant Eagle...almost a 20% mark up on most items! Their sales are still about $1 more than Kroger and Meijer quit doubling so......I take advantage of double coupons as much as possible and enjoy 80%+ savings each time. I know when it goes away, which it will with no doubt in my mind, my savings will go to about an average of 60%. I will just no longer buy as much and unplug my deep freeze downstairs and save the $$$ from that each month! The sales at Kroger are still better than most and the thought of going to WallyWorld sickens me!


September 4, 201301:00 pm

I've couponed at Kroger for over 30 years. My Kroger stopped doubling coupons in July. I now buy only what's on sale and don't shop at Kroger as often. Instead of spending around for $100 for a cart full of groceries, I spend $20 to $30 on a few things. I've contacted Kroger twice asking them to reconsider their coupon policy.


September 4, 201312:43 pm

I AM SOOOOOOO UNHAPPY. I had asked an upper level manager a couple of months ago about doubles going away and he had no idea what I was talking about. I noticed today huge signs about Lower Prices all over the store and thought, Uh Oh. Boo Hoo!!!!

Nikki Strong

September 4, 201312:07 pm

Double coupons ended in my region in July. I have noticed that my grocery bill is about 15-20 higher per week. I am disappointed about the change to the coupon policy. Walmart is about 12 miles closer for me to shop, but I drove the distance because the coupons made it worth it for me. I have sent Kroger an email and noted on many surveys that I was unhappy about the policy change. So far I am still shopping at Kroger since I work it in to my errands to get by there, but I don't feel as loyal as before the change. Hopefully with emails from unhappy customers, Kroger will go back to "the good 'ole days."


September 4, 201303:31 pm

I am disappointed too about the change to the coupon policy. I tried to buy 10 mentos gum with coupons and they will only let me use 5. I also bought 5 marie callenders pie and the register will only take 3. the cashier told me that its because I use too many coupons. the cashier only takes 14 out of my 20 coupons (bought other things). When I asked if I can do multiple transactions to be able to use all the coupons , she said not until 24 hours passed. what a policy! I think im going to do the survey tonight and let them know im not happy with their new policy.


September 5, 201311:05 pm

You can always use your significant others card to get around the 24 hr policy. Buy the limit, take to car and go back in because you "forgot" something. Then checkout in a different line. The limit on coupons is kind of goofy. I know I have went thru the checkout recently with 35 or 40 coupons at my Kroger with no problem.

G'town Reader

September 7, 201312:52 am

Kroger admins say only ONE Kroger account per household, so significant other would have to give separate address to pull that off.


September 4, 201311:40 am

Thanks for the feedback. I am gonna be totally bummed for awhile. I had already mentally boycotted Kroger in the hopes that the revenue loss from just me would force them to reconsider. LOL! Wow, we couponers take this stuff seriously. I need to get out more!


September 4, 201311:01 am

This really stinks


September 4, 201310:47 am

We lost doubles in the Cincinnati market back in March. I was extremely upset and vowed to only shop at Meijer going forward (who now doesnt double either). We noticed prices dropped for a lot of things temporarily and then rose again, although lower prices have stayed on some items (most i dont use) However, their sales seem to have been better and have had decent luck still making it work. We still get some freebies, though not as much. Money makers are harder, but not impossible. I have found in recent weeks though since Meijer stopped doubling, that Krogers prices and sales are coming out better. I am still doing the majority of my shopping at Kroger. It may seem like a loss now, but hang in there.


September 5, 201310:15 am

Jesse, That was really a nice note. I appreciate it when people ENCOURAGE in a situation that may look grim. After all, doubling came out of the store's own pocket, so we just have to be thankful for the doubling that we enjoyed for a while. I still shop at Gerbes (Kroger chain) even if they stopped doubling and yes, less freebies, and yes I have to work a little harder, but all in all, it really isn't that bad. Thanks again, Lisa


September 4, 201312:10 pm

Thanks for sharing your experience, Jesse!


September 4, 201310:32 am

I was wondering the same thing. I'm in Kansas and we lost the double coupons a few weeks ago and I haven't really noticed any price decreases at my grocery store. Therefore, I'm wondering if Walmart isn't the better place to shop when it comes to pricing.


September 4, 201310:32 am

Dand, I was hoping this wouldn't happen in Atlanta. This sucks but it won't make me stop going to Kroger because I still get my fuel points for shopping there for non-couponing items.


September 4, 201310:13 am

That is terrible news. I would love to hear from fellow couponers in other regions who have recently lost doubling. Are moneymakers and freebies a thing of the past?

Sharon H

September 5, 201311:21 pm

We lost double Q's this spring. So far, very few freebies and only one or two moneymakers. Those were razors in a mega sale with the 5 coupons. Also, those new low prices are slowly creeping up in the food categories except lettuce, bread and Kroger chips. The new low price on milk is now higher than when they were doubling. I have to max my savings on their mega sales. I will say their household cleaners have dropped, some as much as half price, and are still down. I really miss doubles- not nearly as many cheapies as before. Also, I find it hilarious that at the bottom of my receipt it says " you saved $xx.xx with our new lower prices", but they include their sales, and all of my coupons in those totals. I think that is wrong - a sale is not a permanent markdown, so it isn't a new lower price, and my coupons certainly aren't either!!

Belinda Payne

September 4, 201305:08 pm

Our Dillons stopped doubling coupons Aug 21st and yes most are a thing of the past. But I have found so far that the manufactures have been suppling lots of $1.00 coupons for items that we were getting free with our 50 cent coupons. Yah for that.


September 4, 201310:07 am

I am in the SouthWest region, Alexandria, Louisiana and our Kroger is still doubling!


September 4, 201310:06 am

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Well at least I cannot say that was a surprise. :( </3


September 4, 201309:47 am

i live in knoxville, too. that stinks!!!!


September 4, 201309:44 am

Oh nooo that's my region. Boooohooo that sucks


September 4, 201309:36 am

I am in Knoxville and this is my region, guess that means I will start shopping at Publix!!


September 4, 201309:13 am

Huntsville/ Madison Alabama will continue to double. I called our local stores. They will not stop doubling coupons at this time.


September 4, 201309:08 am

What nooooo that's my region