kroger must do deals

week of 12/15/13

Here are this week’s MUST-DO Kroger deals – Advertised and UNadvertised! This list is updated every Wednesday, so come back later if you’re viewing this AFTER your sale is over.

  • Sale dates are based on a Sun-Sat sale cycle, so if yours runs differently then you’ll want to add in those extras days. For example, if your ad cycle runs Wednesday-Tuesday, you’ll want to keep in mind that you have a couple more days to take advantage of the deals I have listed as ending on Saturday. UPDATE: My store has been using a Wed-Tues sale cycle on SOME of the unadvertised deals.

**I don’t include meat and local produce deals in this list because they vary so much by region. Be sure to check your local ad for those must-do deals!

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December 22, 2013

i bought 4 of the rolls of cookie dough and did not receive catalina either. not sure why.

Stephanie @ The Good Stuff

December 22, 2013

Nevermind, you already have it listed! I thought I randomly discovered it, but apparently I just didn't cut it the first time :)

Stephanie @ The Good Stuff

December 22, 2013

FYI, there's also a $0.50/1 POM POMS coupon in the 11/3 SS. Expires 12/31/13. These aren't 10/$10 at my Kroger though :(


December 21, 2013

Loganville, GA - Bought 4 Pillsbury Refrigerated Dough, albeit the one's in the "square" packaging, and I did not receive $2 OYNO.


December 19, 2013

Our Kroger ( Youree, LA ) will accept only 3 coupon for the same amount of product like for ex. Colgate on sale for $1.00 and I have coupon for $1.00 they can accept that coupon but you can buy only 3 per transaction....And our M&M candy went down to $2.50 each when you buy 4 they don't give you $4 back and also the for the Pillsbury Refrigerated cookies dough buy 4 + Free 1 Gal of milk they also do that here but you wont received the $2.00 back.....But for this circumstances I was happy for what I got I saved a lot instead of buying for the whole price.


December 19, 2013

Our Kroger (Conway AR) will not let you use a coupon on a product that costs less than the value of the coupon. I tried using those $3 coupons and they beeped.


December 18, 2013

Just wanted to give you a heads up, I went to my Kroger in LR Arkansas tonight and was told that their new coupon policy only allows for one like printed internet coupon. Meaning I bought 2 cans of carnation milk and had 2 internet coupons and was told I could only use 1. Now I just went to the same store yesterday and used several like printed coupons with no problem. It was late and I was a little frustrated so I did not check the actually policy at this store but I will the next time I go in. Just wanted to let you know what happened.