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A few of you have asked me some questions about how to create and manage your Kroger.com account, so I thought I’d do a quick screen share type video for you! Let me know if this is helpful and if you have any other questions!

Learn more about Kroger Digital coupons HERE.

New to Kroger shopping? Check out my video “Top 10 Ways to Save at Kroger”!

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Betty Kenney

February 8, 202109:58 am

Forgot password, having problem in creating new one. PLEASE help!


February 12, 202108:13 am

Hi Betty, we are not connected to Kroger in any way. Please contact them directly to resolve your password issue. Have a great day! :)

Betty Kenney

February 8, 202109:57 am

Forgot "password", having problem in creating new one.

William Ball

April 3, 202010:08 pm

How do I set up a pick up at Krogers


January 24, 202009:20 pm

I have never been able to load anything via Adobe! Help! Isn't there an easier way to explain the system? Please! Explain it to me like you would to a woman fresh out of a time warp from 1980! I'm that bad (or worse!) Thank you from the heart of the soles of my feet!

alpha williams

September 12, 201901:09 pm

need to load coupons

Virginia Sullivan

September 7, 201908:22 am

Thlis used to be very easy to load up digital coupons. Now I seem to be u nable to. I see the picture, but can't find a way to load it up. I am very upset right now, and the more I try the more upset I get.

James Thompson

August 31, 201904:21 pm

Theres nothing in the world like big k soda. My Mammmmma Bought it for us as a child and after that it was on and on and on and on. keep doing what you do. JJJET

shirley martin

July 24, 201911:23 pm

How do I get coupons loaded to my Kroger plus card?

D. Chiplinski

July 6, 201908:11 am

Having trouble signing into my Kroger account

john nunez

September 14, 201812:59 pm

how do i download coupons

norma jean suttle

July 22, 201811:41 am

how do i get the coupons and what do i download

Dorothy Langley

July 2, 201803:16 am


Rosalee Scarberry

June 28, 201807:37 pm

I accidentally pushed wrong button earlier to stop getting notice of free Friday item. Can I get it back?

greg bowmman

March 14, 201812:12 am

My Kroger Plus card on my key falling apart 42110650015 6It takes severals time work do I get another thru you with my account Ive been using. Greg Bowman 980 Shoreline Dr Ciceero IN

lori kidd

July 14, 201704:37 am

I can not sign in to load the free Friday download ..I attempt to click the proper store where I shop such as JayC and it sends me right back over and over again...please advise! Thank you,,,soooooooo frustrating!


May 31, 201411:52 pm

Hey! I have a Fred Meyers in my town but the website says that there are no kroger stores until 1600 miles away! Can I still sign up and get coupons and stuff? Can I still get a kroger plus card? Fred Meyers sells many kroger products so would it still work? Can I put in a different zip code?


April 20, 201408:45 am

Wahhh my phone doesn't support this Video. Can someone please tell me the trick to get the mailers? I've been signed up for 4 Mos now and still no coupons from Kroger. Thanks to whoever is kind enough to reiterate! :-)


April 20, 201410:40 am

Christina, My suggestion is that you go into your account and make a small change to your information, like a different phone number or email address. That seems to trigger it for some people. :)


April 19, 201406:28 pm

And don't forget to sign up for the Community Rewards! I wish I had known about this sooner. I love being able to donate to a favorite organization just by buying my groceries. :) Happy Easter.


April 21, 201409:24 am

We're sorry but Kroger Community Rewards® is not available in your area at this time. For more ways to get involved in charitable giving, please check out our other community programs.---- How do you like that as a response from Kroger. I guess they don't help out in NC? I am boggled by this one!


April 19, 201411:24 pm

Don't forget you have to sign up for your organization every year if it applies.


April 20, 201412:18 pm

Thank you. I did not know that.