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I feel like I  may be talking about this new Huggies Catalina like all day. We've been testing, testing, testing to see what works and found out that Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers are ALSO generating the $5 Catalina! I also have a deal for Huggies Wipes, so stay close!! 🙂

5/12 – 5/28 | Huggies Diapers (20-50 ct), Pull-Ups (20-25 ct) or Wipes Refills (320-400 ct) 
Buy (2) = $5.00 OYNO

Here's your deal scenario for those:

Check your home mailers for coupons that may work out even better for you!!

We did test it on the size 1 and 2 diapers that generate the Catalina that ends on 5/18, but they DID NOT generate both Catalinas, only this new one. We tested it twice at 2 different stores. Theoretically, it should have generated both Catalinas, but it didn't work for us. Let us know if the double dip it works for you! As far as I know these are LIMIT 1 per transaction, so if you want more than 2 packs, be sure to separate your transactions!

Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work? Read THIS POST.

Don't miss this AWESOME deal on Pull-Ups with this same Catalina!!

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May 18, 201409:58 pm

I bought size 1, size 4, & two different sizes of pull ups, I did.20 transitions and only printed one Catalina, I had a $3 off coupon for each package. I paid $3.50 each package. I am happy with that.


May 17, 201409:27 pm

I bought 2 size 4 overnights 24 ct and used 2 $2.50 Qs, got the $5.00 cat. Rolled it on 2 training pants, 24 ct used 2 $3.00 Qs, got another cat!


May 17, 201403:45 pm

Is this a Kroger only catalina? Thanks so much for all you do!


May 17, 201411:57 am

New at this - if I buy (2) of the jumbo huggies size 4- how many cats will print out? Thanks! !


May 17, 201402:11 am

So if I buy 2 of the size 1 50 ct I will get 2 5.00 cats.


May 16, 201408:34 am

So will the $5 coupon print after I make my purchase and be good on another purchase? Basically.. do I have to purchase two packs of size 2 diapers, then get the coupon... then buy another two packs to use the catalina? (Sorry, new to this....)


May 15, 201409:33 pm

Yes, two $5 Catalina's printed out for me, only when I bought a mixture of two: size 1 &/or size 2, counts 50 or 42, ONLY. HTH


May 16, 201409:58 pm

have you tried doing this deal again? just wanted to know if this is still printing out 2 catalinas per transaction? would be awesome if it was!


May 15, 201408:30 pm

I don't see the $2.50/1 Huggies Diaper IP on the link it has... the most value I see is $2.00/1. Anyone else seeing this problem?


May 18, 201410:11 pm

you have to hit the share button to get the 2.50 coupon. You must do this for every different IP address you login from


May 15, 201407:54 pm

I bought 2 size 1 50 ct got 2 $5 Catalina's. Then bought 2 size 2 42ct and got 2 $5 Catalina's. Then bought 2 size 2 38 ct and it did not generate the second Catalina. I went to three different stores and it was this way at all of them so I'm guessing it's in the ct

Shannon m

May 15, 201406:17 pm

Last week I bought size 5 and 4 on markdown for $4.00 a pack 6 of them when I checked out I received 5 different 5.00 off coupons Yay! Only payed 9.00 for 6 pks


May 15, 201404:13 pm

Yesterday I did 4 separate transaction - (bought 2) size 1 - 50 count $8.99 each GOT (2) $5.00 cats! ( did this twice ) Also (bought 2) size 2 - 42 count $8.99 each GOT (2) $5.00 cats! ( did this twice ) Happy dance!


May 15, 201404:15 pm

OH yeah - used the (2) $5.00 cats for each transaction after the first! rolling rolling rolling!


May 15, 201404:09 pm

If I use a catalina coupon and coupon for pullups for the 2 pull ups would it give me another $5 catalina?


May 15, 201403:57 pm

It does work on the pull ups?


May 15, 201402:52 pm

I bought 2 lady speed stick and used 2 $1 coupons and got back $2 catalalina..then I did the next purchase with 2 packs of Huggies diapers size 5 and used $2 Catalina from speed stick and 2 coupons for 2.50 each and paid 10.98 and got $5 Catalina third purchase was 2 packs Huggies overnites size 5 and I used $5 Catalana from previous diaper purchase plus 2 $2.50 coupons and paid 7.98 and got $5 Catalana fit another purchase

Penny C.

May 15, 201402:05 pm

A couple days ago I bought 2 boxes (size 5 and size 6) and got 2 $5 cats back :)


May 15, 201402:26 pm

How much for the boxes?

Penny C.

May 15, 201407:56 pm

They were 18.99...not sure of the price today though. I had 2 $3 off mailers so i ended up paying 10.99 each :)

Nicole C

May 15, 201401:01 pm

There are also $2/1 Huggies Slip Ons, $2.50/1 Huggies Overnight, and $2.50/1 Any Huggies diapers on the PickUpTheValues website. :)


May 15, 201412:57 pm

yay!!! You have got me so excited waiting to hear about the wipes deal!