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UPDATE as of 9/2/14: Jackie from Kroger gave me a call today and let me know that while there is NO new policy, this was an internal memo sent to employees in parts of the Southwest region that was not intended for public distribution. Again, NO new corporate policy has been enacted and as always – ask your store manager what their policy is before you shop. 

I’m sure you all have been waiting all weekend for me to make a statement on this so-called new Kroger coupon policy, but in an effort to be responsible, I didn’t want to say a word until I heard from my Kroger contact. I received hundreds of emails/messages from you guys wondering what this was all about and I apologize that I was not able to answer each one individually. Instead, I decided to finally address it here in a blog post.

I did hear back from my contact yesterday, so I can finally speak! First of all, let’s back up for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about. On Friday evening, another blogger “leaked” an internal memo that was meant for Kroger employees that talked about changes to what and how they accept coupons. Basically all amazing things, saying things like no limits on how many coupons they will accept, don’t check expiration dates, etc..  I am not posting the link as to not perpetuate this information.  Why? Well…

Here is the response I received this weekend from Jackie, Media and Government Relations Manager for the The Kroger Company Columbus Division, who is also the direct contact for bloggers. (And thank you Jackie for answering your email over this holiday weekend!)



With that being said, let me remind you that the Kroger Corporate Coupon Policy already allows their store managers to set their own limits on how many coupons to accept, along with other policy issues like accepting expired coupons (although not mentioned specifically, this would be covered under the blanket statement). Many of the Columbus OH stores NEVER set a limit on how many coupons you can use and they’ve even been known to post signage as you walk in the door stating that they will accept expired coupons  up to a week after expiration…although this is never something I would promote.  All of these things vary from STORE to STORE. While this memo would definitely be a positive adjustment to the existing policy, and very well could be something SOME stores are adopting…nothing has been enacted corporate wide.

My advice to you AS ALWAYS is to ASK your store manager what their policy is on coupon limits BEFORE you load up your carts, as – AGAIN, this varies from store to store.

When and if Kroger CORPORATE changes the coupon policy, I will be sure to post that information based on what I receive directly from them…not some obscure internal memo.

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September 15, 201410:59 pm

I live in Georgia and don't seem to have a problem with coupons except for one issue I run into from time to time with clerks and CMS. What does "LIMIT ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE" really mean and does Kroger have a policy about it. I am told by some it means limit one coupon per item and some state that it means limit one coupon per transaction. Can anyone help me here. Thanks!


September 12, 201405:20 pm

I didn't even know about this until it was brought up to me by the cashier I've been using for a long time now. I was just shopping 3 days ago and she stated they would be taking Catalina coupons, expired coupons, and no limits on number of same coupons used. I just ran across this article and thought I would put in my 2 cents because I was told otherwise. I was told this from a long time cashier at a Houston, TX store. I didn't even bring it up but the conversation came up since she always comments on the amount of coupons I have. :) I'm starting the think this policy was to go in affect but they wanted to keep it low key on some aspects.


September 4, 201407:41 am

My Kroger has never given me a hard time about coupons. I used coupons for the fruit snacks a few weeks ago that had digital coupons ($6 off when you by 4). Yesterday they took 3 coupons which expired 4 days prior. I live in the Columbus area.


September 3, 201402:13 pm

I shop three different Krogers in the Houston area (Tomball, TX, Magnolia, TX and Research & Gosling - Woodlands TX). Never had any of them ever tell me I could only use 3 of same coupon. I did have one cashier eyeballing my coupons the other day (about 25 items and 7 coupons) so I made sure to report her to corporate. I have never asked for a copy of the store coupon policy but I am going to make sure to next time I visit them. There are A LOT of new grocery stores in the Houston area so it is easy to believe that Kroger might want to make some changes to their coupon policy to keep people buying the majority of their groceries from Kroger. Personally I don't trust people I have never met or actually spoken to. People should not be getting bent out of shape because something they read on the INTERNET did not come true. :-)


September 3, 201412:16 pm

Hi! I just saw this, and didn't realize there was any rumor about a memo, but I'd like to share my personal experience the other day, where the CSR at the desk and the cashier both mentioned a corporate memo.... I went to take advantage of the Cottonelle wipes coupon/Catalina deal you posted the other day, where the coupons came in an e-mail. I received the e-mail and printed the coupons, but after I checked out and handed the cashier my coupons for them, they immediately went to the service desk. They talked for a moment, and I was informed that they would not be able to accept my coupons, because a corporate memo came down that informed them about fraud regarding coupons with QR codes, and that they were not allowed to accept any coupons with a QR code. I asked to speak with the manager, and was told it was not a store policy, but a memo directly from corporate, and they would not be taking my coupons, even though the QR codes were different, and printed directly from the manufacturer's website. I haven't tried using coupons with QR codes since, but apparently there is a legitimate memo, i just don't think it's the happy news couponers are hoping!


September 3, 201412:22 pm

Oh, and when I asked who I needed to talk to about clarification, I was told it would be necessary for me to directly contact corporate.


September 3, 201412:52 am

Kudos to Katie for being so classy about the situation. I agree with Lily, and that other blogger Samantha is sure bashing Kroger Krazy on Instagram. Goes to show you who is really gracious and grown up about all this.

Melissa G

September 2, 201408:55 pm

I just know my neighborhood is super picky and will find many reasons not to honor coupons, often at clerks whim. Last month at the Mega Event I had to have her go back 4-5 times because she would try and "skip" my high value coupons. I don't know if it was intentional (sured seemed like it) or just a bad day. It was a young woman so maybe she was day-dreaming or something.


September 2, 201407:12 pm

I'm in California. I spoke with my affiliate Kroger store manager today. I didn't ask her but I told her store managers received a memo stating that Kroger stores now accept expired coupons and that it was effective Sunday. She said they haven't received the ok to accept expired coupons yet, but when they do they will let everybody know. Now...why would she say what she said if a memo wasn't sent out?


September 2, 201406:29 am

Kroger website on digital coupons has a FAQ link with coupon policy, phone number to call with any questions not answered. It even has a Contact us link.... the coupon policy they list, I'm guessing if you follow it, there shouldn't be a problem????? As far as Catalinas go, most of them are listed on the bottom of the tags....exceptions are if they miss getting the info to the printing company or it's a sale item with a lot of pricing information. Examples are: mega items, or messages about free milk, etc. Hope this helps ;)


September 2, 201401:01 am

That other "blogger" did have a lot of misses when it comes to deals. Majority of the time, I don't think she does the back work for these deals. Thank you and your team for keeping us posted on awesome finds!!!


September 2, 201411:56 am

Rennelda, What kind of "misses" does the "other blogger" have? I have verified the information the "other blogger" posted with 2 of my Kroger managers at 2 DIFFERENT stores here in Houston. I have seen the very email with my own 2 eyes and know exactly who at corporate sent the email out. It is NOT a hoax its is very real and shame on Katie (Kroger Krazy) for not reaching out to a fellow blogger who has NEVER EVER EVER posted false information on her site before posting a bashing post like this!!!


September 2, 201412:53 pm

Why is it Katie's job to "reach out" to a fellow blogger? She provided her audience the factual information that she received from her Kroger contact. I don't see where she bashed the other blogger...?


September 2, 201412:17 pm

Samantha, I assure you this post was in no way intended as a "bashing" post. I did my best to remain respectful and professional and was not meant as anything personal to anyone else. I didn't even want to talk about it at all, but felt I needed to address it due to the amount of questions I received. As I mentioned above, this internal memo was intended for employees for a specific store/region. It was not an official change to Kroger corporate policy.


September 2, 201412:31 pm

Where again did you mention this was for a specific region, because I don't see that?? I see where I posted in comments that it was for a specific region. I'm going to have to agree with Samantha. I'm no longer referring people to this sure for Kroger deals anymore TBH. I don't know the other blogger personally, but her and her husband are very beloved and respected in the houston coupon community. They would NOT just post something if they weren't 100% sure.


September 2, 201405:12 pm

I thank Katie for clarifying. As I read the other bloggers post and no where did she mention this wouldn't change the coupon policy. Very confusing to readers. She even mentioned in BIG BOLD lettering on her instagram page that it was a change to Kroger's Coupon policy. It wasn't until after people questioned her post that she clarified it was Southwest Region only and that it wasn't a change to the coupon policy. What a mess. She may be highly respected in Houston but overall she's unprofessional as a blogger. She doesn't conduct herself in a professional manner on Social media either. She could learn a few things from her husband.


September 2, 201402:25 pm

If its for a specific region, then it isn't a change to the corporate coupon policy. Katie was trying to explain that corporate told her that there isn't a change to the corporate policy. A corporate change would affect everyone(not just people in Houston) and Krogers website would reflect the change. I'm not sure why you have an attitude here.


September 1, 201411:57 pm

Not to be critical of customer service but...... No corporate help desk for customer service via phone, email, web or facebook. No uniformity for coupon policy compliance and doubtful coupon acceptance as part of employee training. Manager discretion on coupon policy. What is a corporate policy for if policy is decided or executed locally and not apply fair and equal to all customers? (The state attorney generals would love to know about this regarding fair and equal pricing and fair business practices and class actions.) Don't post on web anywhere active catalina. Apparently one needs to know a corporate insider to get customer service or questions answered.


September 1, 201411:55 pm

Here in Yuma, AZ we have a Kroger affiliate here and about a year ago, they changed coupon policy just for our city (there are two locations here). Now they only double coupons up to 50 cents and will only double 3 like coupons per transaction and each one after that accepted at face value. They also specify no multiple transactions. However, it still seems that when the good stuff is on sale, you have to get there on the first day or the shelves will be cleared out for the remainder of the sale period.

Kim Kenny

September 1, 201411:00 pm

My Kroger stores have always only accepted 3 like coupons, no stacking & will NOT accept those printed coupons if they say Wal-Mart on them even though those are just manufacturers coupons like the ones that come from the newspaper (I've argued so many times just to be told that those coupons are intended to be used only at Wal-Mart).


September 2, 201408:27 am

I have began to endure this at my local Kroger and it is so frustrating when you follow the rules and they want to make shopping their difficult. I never understood how they could think that just because a manufacturers coupon says (available at walmart) makes it a walmart coupon! I turned away from walmart because they were being impossible about accepting my coupons so I stuck with Kroger and now they are being ridiculous. Cashiers/staff really need to be trained as to not turn away business. I am on the verge of dropping Kroger now and just going to publix even if it means spending a little more. I have never had troubles with them.


September 1, 201410:59 pm

I wish ours could figure out something! There is a group of people that go and buy almost every single thing that is on sale with coupons. You know the great deals like 19 cent shaving cream. They then post it for sell on Facebook. No one can get anything but them and most of us are getting really discouraged! It wouldn't be so bad if they were giving it to charities but they just re sell it for a lot more than they paid for it :(.


September 1, 201410:57 pm

Thank you Katie for showing us all how to coupon with honesty and integrity. I so very much appreciate your site and view on a regular basis - I've saved hundreds of dollars through your advice and the deals you post.

Julie L-C

September 1, 201410:20 pm

I knew last night when I asked my daughter who is a co- manager in an Ohio store and she said that it was not true then I knew that it was a hoax. She deals with these things on a daily basis and I can depend on her response. Sorry and happy shopping all. The 5 for $5 is still going to happen!


September 1, 201409:39 pm

No one ever said there was a cooperate policy change. The top of the memo said Southwest Region, so you probably would have had to reach out to that divison. It has been confirmed by multiple managers in the Houston area. I urge anyone in the Gulf coast to ask their managers to double check and see if it applies to their location.


September 1, 201409:24 pm

Thank you so much Katie! I've been waiting to hear the word from you. Big relief and thank you so mcuh.


September 1, 201409:19 pm

My Kroger told me a while back that they will only accept three printed or manufacture coupons per order and will not accept it if you have the same coupon on your Kroger card. That is what one of the cashiers told me


September 1, 201409:12 pm

Since my Kroger stopped doubling a while back I would have been pleasantly surprised if they made some changes. Esp after today I was in the store with some good coupons that expired yesterday. Thank you for all you do to let us in on the great deals!


September 1, 201409:11 pm

That's what I love about your blog. I feel I can always trust the information I receive.


September 1, 201408:13 pm

I figured it wasn't true. Thanks for the truth

Meredith kang

September 1, 201408:04 pm

So sad that they weren't changing. Would have Made many things easier. Boo hoo :(


September 1, 201408:01 pm

Wishing I didn't reside in Texas lol our stores have such strict rules in coupons. Our local Kroger only allows 3 like coupons, no stacking, no multiple transaction etc.


September 1, 201407:53 pm

Thank you so much for the clarification!


September 1, 201407:52 pm

Thank you Katie!! I didn't trust the other blogger and knew I could trust you!!