Click “READ MORE” to view the entire matchup.

Here is the full inclusions list for the What a Deal! Kroger Mega Sale. The Kroger Krazy team is working on getting pictures of all of the unadvertised items (there are a TON!) and this list is being updated in REAL TIME, so stay close!!  The sale runs March 2nd – March 15th for most of us.

This list will also be bookmarked in the “most popular” category at the top of the blog for easy access.

This is a 2 week sale that runs WITH your sale cycle! Buy (5) Participating Products (mix & match) and receive $5 off INSTANTLY at checkout. The in-store tags indicate that there are NO LIMITS!!

New to Mega Event shopping? Check out my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post.

Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event

Prices reflect additional $1.00 per item savings assuming you have purchased 5 participating items. 


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June 5, 201612:12 am

" " I disagree


March 11, 201610:10 pm

The Kellogg's mini wheats harvest delights were not on sale or included in the buy 5 promotion at my store so I couldn't use that coupon -- also, the post chocolate honey bunches of oats were not on sale either (I think I saw that coupon matched up on krazy coupon lady)


March 8, 201611:37 am

There is a $2.00 digital coupon for Kauai K-Cups (12ct). Makes them $2.99.


March 4, 201611:17 am

There is a .75 cent Ibotta rebate for the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix. Makes it .99 cents! :)

Toni Henderson

March 3, 201612:13 pm

Will you be posting the link you usually include to print the full inclusion list. It is always so very helpful! Thank you!


March 3, 201610:48 am

There is a .75 coupon for Hillshire Farm Lil smokes/dinner sausage from 1/31 RP. It makes them .74 each


March 3, 201609:19 am

Thanks for all you do, Katie!

Susan Davenport

March 3, 201608:17 am

I think the Sabra hummus dip zone.com $5 offer expired back in Feb.


March 3, 201608:13 am

there is a coupon for the sunshine cheez it crackers 1.00/2 in the 1-31 RP


March 3, 201609:18 am

Thank you!


March 2, 201605:19 pm

Help, I cannot find the "Read More" section to access the full inclusion list. I'm disabled so being able to print this list out and not having to walk aisle by aisle is a life saver. Is there an actual link to the list?


March 2, 201606:01 pm

From the tool bar click kroger ad by region. The first post is of the 3/2 ad. Scroll down to: view the mega event full inclusion list and click on it. A new link opens w/ a scanned copy of the list provided by kroger. hth


March 10, 201611:06 am

I'm delighted to say that I did finally find the inclusions list after looking for 10 days... I guess I misunderstood Roci's instructions. First I was looking for the mega event to have it's own listing on the drop down. Then I was looking under my region (southwest), which as no ad scan and no inclusions scan. Today I was looking under the Cincinnati Region and it has an ad and mega event scan. Now I am happy :o)


March 13, 201611:34 pm

I still can't find it. I followed the directions and I do appreciate Roci taking the time to answer me, but I've yet to find a link that will bring up a list I contacted Kroger directly to complain that everyone should have access to a list of all items included in any mega-sale.


March 10, 201602:09 am

I still can't locate the inclusions list. I really would like to see it since my store often does not have one on display.


March 7, 201610:40 pm

Thank you so much!


March 2, 201603:17 pm

Is there a PDF that you can download that has this info in it? I would love to print it.


March 3, 201602:04 pm

I do not know if they want to do that because others may copy it and their work. You can select the boxes of what you are interested in and then print that list. It will also print the coupons. If you are not a mobile device or tablet you could print screen (prtsc), put into a word document and then print from there. You would have to do that multiple times and I would suggest cropping out the edges of color.


March 2, 201602:07 pm

The prices are not here with most of the stuff. Why post a list with out prices? Some have prices but the non food items no prices. This is just a comment people, saying that cause some people jump on me for making a comment.


March 3, 201601:58 pm

Nancy, No worries they will be there soon! Remember prices can vary by region. They update in real time so if you have left your browser open to that window, just refresh it. It normally takes until the next evening until all the prices are up, but it is a lot of pricing in this event. She put in her facebook post that they are working on it, but if you only visit the website, you obviously can not see that.


March 2, 201607:19 pm

Geesh give her time to get all of the prices. The sale just started today. I think she does a wonderful job. I have saved so much money and time from the info provided by this site.


March 2, 201603:40 pm

I find the list helpful even without the prices - there are link to coupons I may need. And am grateful that she provides it. I hope that she continues to do so in the future.


March 2, 201603:01 pm

Do any stores in your area offer online ordering? If so, you can go online and check prices. The store closest to me offers online ordering and I will simply log in and click on the "Click List" link and start searching.


March 2, 201612:08 pm

I can not find the $1.50 off coupon for almond milk on the sight you posted


March 2, 201611:05 am

Thanks! Could you please upload a scanned list too like they have in store?


March 2, 201612:17 pm

She has that on the post with the ad scan that came out a few days ago.