I wanted to share this NEW Catalina printing on Cottonelle bath tissue products at Kroger. When you buy $15 worth of participating products, you get a $3.00 Catalina valid on your next order! These HUGE, MEGA 12 packs (equivalent to 48 single rolls) are going to cost us just $9.74. They are regularly priced at $19.99!

11/16 – 11/29 | Cottonelle Bath Tissue Participating Products
Buy $15 worth of participating products in a single transaction = $3.00 OYNO

kroger gift cardKimberly-Clark is offering one lucky reader a $25 Kroger Gift Card!! To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It's super easy, so don't let it intimidate you!  The ONLY mandatory entry is to comment on this blog post. All other options serve as extra entries into the giveaway. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be drawn at random on November 30th and announced in THIS post. I will also email winner (check your spam too!) directly. Winner has 48 hours to respond or will forfeit to runner up.

Post and giveaway sponsored by Kimberly-Clark. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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Sadie B.

November 30, 201707:33 pm

Thanks for the weekly match ups. We save so much every time we shop.


November 29, 201707:58 pm

Thank you!


November 29, 201707:29 pm

Thanks for the great deals.


November 29, 201703:40 pm

Love cottonelle thank you

Sharon Bugar

November 29, 201711:18 am

My husband and I love Cottenelle! Thank you for this opportunity


November 29, 201710:29 am

I would love this! It would help us get diapers for my kiddos this month! (P.S. thank you for the amazing advice always!)

Hollie Jahnke

November 29, 201709:43 am

Thanks for the chance to win.


November 29, 201709:29 am

Hope I win

cathy m

November 29, 201706:36 am

Great giveaway!


November 29, 201706:31 am

Love all the great deals especially Cottonelle products. Thank You!


November 29, 201701:16 am

Thank you


November 28, 201711:08 pm

Thanks for the heads up on the give away, would be blessed to win.

Dawn Terrell

November 28, 201709:56 pm

Love the deals! Kimberly-Clark and Kroger,❤️❤️❤️

Faith Y

November 28, 201709:41 pm

Awesome giveaway!!

Katrina Edmondson

November 28, 201709:37 pm

Would love to win!

Stacey Camp

November 28, 201708:49 pm

Don’t leave me stranded! We could use this!


November 28, 201705:48 pm

Another savings for us!


November 28, 201704:49 pm

Would love this!


November 28, 201704:19 pm

Thanks for the giveaway!!


November 28, 201703:58 pm

Thanks for your blog!

Jessica Miller

November 28, 201703:53 pm

Love it going payday to pick this up! Thanks for the giveaway!

Denise Higgins

November 28, 201703:48 pm

Thanks for all your posts


November 28, 201703:21 pm

Im always figuring out new ways to save tons of money from your blog. Love it! Thank you

Jasmine S Chaltron

November 28, 201703:05 pm

Yay! Thanks for the opportunity!

Krystyna Silvi

November 28, 201708:10 am

Thanks for the chance to win!


November 27, 201701:50 pm

Thanks so much for this giveaway. The gift card would come in handy for Christmas!


November 26, 201712:55 pm


Heather K

November 26, 201702:09 am

Cottonelle is a great brand!

Rachael Miller

November 25, 201704:08 pm

Awesome! Thank u for a chance 2 win!

Andrea Ceravolo

November 25, 201712:15 pm

Thanks you!


November 24, 201711:06 pm

I hope I win!! Good luck everyone!!


November 24, 201701:41 pm

Count me in this Cottonelle giveaway. I appreciate KrogerKrazy so much...Good luck everyone!


November 24, 201701:32 pm

Great giveaway!


November 24, 201712:50 pm

Yay so glad I saw this giveaway! Love your website :)

Christa Bramlage

November 24, 201712:44 pm

I love this blog!


November 24, 201708:13 am

I love Kroger!

Erin Landry

November 23, 201704:44 pm

I would love to win

Justina M.

November 23, 201701:32 pm

Thanks for the opportunity! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Perlita Mata

November 23, 201710:31 am

Wow these are awesome deals! Thanks for always helping us find the best ways to save at Kroger! Thanks for the giveaway as well

Amy Potter

November 23, 201708:21 am

Thanks for the chance to win.


November 22, 201709:36 pm

Thank you so much for always sharing the latest and best Kroger deals!

Heather C

November 22, 201708:50 pm

Thanks for always helping us save money when possible.


November 22, 201704:46 pm

I absolutely love Kroger an all the deals!


November 22, 201704:22 pm

Thank you for always bring us great deals and the chance to win!


November 22, 201711:32 am

Great deal!


November 22, 201711:00 am

Great deal with college kids in the house!


November 22, 201710:19 am


Tammy Taylor

November 22, 201710:05 am

Thank you so much for the chance!


November 22, 201709:37 am

I like Cottonelle tissue over others

Sharon Smith

November 22, 201707:55 am

This is our favorite brand! Thanks for the savings notice!


November 22, 201706:51 am

i love Kroger

Samantha Garza

November 22, 201706:45 am

I love Kroger! I go weekly and look for Woohoo! items. Thanks for making deals easy to find!


November 22, 201706:27 am

Thanks for the opportunity!

Jessica Pieper

November 22, 201702:52 am

Thanks for all you do! And thanks for the chance to win, woukd help out a lot hubby unemployed right now, money very tight.:/


November 22, 201702:39 am

Thank you!


November 22, 201702:24 am

awesome!! Thanks for the chance to win. This just reminded me I need to buy wipes for my son haha.

Mandi Jo

November 22, 201712:39 am

Cottonelle is the bomb.com and so is krogerkrazy! Always getting great deals!

Sara Floyd

November 22, 201712:20 am

This is great, I love Kroger


November 22, 201712:18 am

Happy Thanksgiving!


November 21, 201711:30 pm



November 21, 201711:24 pm


Crissy Miller

November 21, 201711:13 pm


Stephanie Ehler

November 21, 201711:06 pm

Thank you!

Wendy Forbes

November 21, 201711:03 pm

This is a great deal and would help with my toilet paper stockpile.


November 21, 201710:44 pm

Need this. Thank you.


November 21, 201710:13 pm

thank you

Sarah Smith

November 21, 201710:13 pm

I love cottonelle! Thank you


November 21, 201709:41 pm

Hope to win! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Pam Armstrong

November 21, 201709:40 pm

Thank you for doing this contest.

juanita kelly

November 21, 201709:17 pm

I always use cottonelle its the best i get great deals with my coupons that is always nice, Thanks for a chance to win .Happy Thanksgiving.


November 21, 201709:03 pm

Thanks for a chance!

Tammy Tejada

November 21, 201708:57 pm

Would love to win


November 21, 201708:51 pm

Thank you

Lynne Coyne

November 21, 201708:47 pm

Cottonelle really is so soft and add a catalina deal with it - sweet, its appreciated . Id use the gift card to help with gas cost going to my family at Christmas :-)


November 21, 201708:40 pm

Thanks for the chance.

Esmeralda Angulo

November 21, 201708:36 pm

Thank you!


November 21, 201708:27 pm

Thank you!


November 21, 201706:53 pm


jami tanner

November 21, 201706:48 pm

I love to read your post always helps me when I am making my Kroger shopping list.


November 21, 201706:41 pm

Hi! Thank you

Jeni Baughn

November 21, 201706:38 pm

This is great!

Heather Dempsey

November 21, 201706:35 pm

Thank you for the giveaway.


November 21, 201706:27 pm

Thanks for the chance


November 21, 201706:22 pm

Awesome giveaway!


November 21, 201706:16 pm

Kroger is my favorite grocery store to shop at.


November 21, 201706:12 pm

I enjoy your blog!


November 21, 201706:01 pm

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Amanda Barnes

November 21, 201705:50 pm

Love this blog. With 7 kids seeing all the deals really helps!!!


November 21, 201705:30 pm

Thank you


November 21, 201705:26 pm

Love this blog

Jean Lines

November 21, 201705:23 pm

Thanks for this opportunity!


November 21, 201705:14 pm

Thank you

Brandi mcveigh

November 21, 201705:08 pm

How awesome


November 21, 201705:03 pm

Thank you!


November 21, 201705:02 pm



November 21, 201704:47 pm

Thanks for the giveaway!

Aimee May

November 21, 201704:18 pm

I love Kroger

Barb B

November 21, 201704:06 pm

Thanks for the opportunity!!


November 21, 201704:02 pm

Everyone I know shops Kroger at least a couple to three and even more during the holiday season a week !! We love Kroger and are so happy to have found you !! :)


November 21, 201704:00 pm

Thanks! This is an awesome deal!

Heather Dolin

November 21, 201703:52 pm

Thanks!! :-)

L. Harper

November 21, 201703:47 pm

Great giveaway!

Kim Kenny

November 21, 201703:42 pm

I guess I'm a toilet paper snob because when we visit my brother & sister-in-law, I take a roll of Cottonelle in my suitcase! They use cheap toilet paper & I just can't stand it! Thanks for the chance to win!


November 21, 201703:37 pm

Thank for the giveaway!


November 21, 201703:19 pm



November 21, 201703:19 pm


Delma Luna

November 21, 201703:11 pm

Thanks for the chance!


November 21, 201703:03 pm

Thanks for the chance to win.

Mary Irvin

November 21, 201702:56 pm

Love Cottonelle, Thanks!

Dee Lynch

November 21, 201702:52 pm

Love it! Thank you, Cottenelle!


November 21, 201702:47 pm

Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Be safe if you are traveling.

Connie R

November 21, 201702:43 pm

Thanks! Love Cottenelle!

Lacey H.

November 21, 201702:39 pm

Thank you for a chance to win :)


November 21, 201702:30 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!


November 21, 201702:23 pm

Thank your for all the great deals every day!

Amanda Elliott

November 21, 201702:17 pm

What a deal!


November 21, 201702:09 pm

awesome deal and awesome products ... thanks!


November 21, 201702:08 pm

Awesome deal ... great products ... thanks ...


November 21, 201702:03 pm

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!


November 21, 201702:00 pm

Who wouldn't like a break from a grocery bill!? To win would be great. Thank you for the opportunity!

Maribel pascual

November 21, 201701:59 pm

Love me my kroger

Melissa Robison

November 21, 201701:38 pm

What a wonderful blessing to anyone who wins! Thanks Cottonelle!!


November 21, 201701:26 pm

Thanks for the giveaway!


November 21, 201701:26 pm

This would be awesome! Thanks for the chance


November 21, 201701:21 pm

What a Christmas blessing this would be!

Jocelyn wheeler

November 21, 201701:14 pm

I would love to win!!!


November 21, 201701:13 pm

I love Kroger!!!

Cindy Glasford

November 21, 201701:09 pm

This would be awesome to win!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Annette Killion

November 21, 201701:08 pm

Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving!


November 21, 201712:59 pm

Happy thanksgiving!


November 21, 201712:51 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!


November 21, 201712:49 pm

Thank you! You make my life so much easier!


November 21, 201712:39 pm

Woohoo, hope to win!

Virginia Franz

November 21, 201712:38 pm

great deal and thanks for the opportunity


November 21, 201712:30 pm

Thank you!


November 21, 201712:21 pm



November 21, 201712:20 pm

Great idea!

Michelle g

November 21, 201712:20 pm

Thank you for giving us a chance to win!!


November 21, 201712:18 pm


Deana Stephens

November 21, 201712:12 pm

Thanks for the chance!!!

Trista Williams

November 21, 201712:04 pm


Laura Campbell

November 21, 201711:58 am

Thank You for always showing us the great deals!!!


November 21, 201711:57 am

I love to save $$!

jennifer gaddis

November 21, 201711:56 am

I love your kroger deals. Thanks.

Misty Wheeler

November 21, 201711:56 am

Thanks for the chance to win!


November 21, 201711:48 am

This would be so great to win


November 21, 201711:45 am

I would love a chance to win!


November 21, 201711:43 am

I love your kroger deals. Thanks.

Georgette Stathis

November 21, 201711:40 am

Thank you for the opportunity and Happy Thanksgiving!


November 21, 201711:35 am

I want a chance to win


November 21, 201711:29 am

This would be amazing!


November 21, 201711:25 am

You help me sooooo much now my sister and Mom has me making their lists lolmuch love to yours!!


November 21, 201711:25 am

Thanks..happy thanksgiving

Karen Lake

November 21, 201711:22 am

Love your site! Check it daily for DEALS!!! Pick me!!


November 21, 201711:22 am

What a great offer! Happy Thanksgiving!

Galyn McCallister

November 21, 201711:19 am

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Jill Teague

November 21, 201711:14 am

Love Kroger! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


November 21, 201711:10 am


Shelley B

November 21, 201711:00 am

Cottonelle is our favorite Toilet tissue, so thanks for the tips on a great deal!


November 21, 201710:57 am

Thanks for the chance to win! Love Kroger!


November 21, 201710:57 am

Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Have a blessed Thanksgiving :)


November 21, 201710:56 am


Jo vernon

November 21, 201710:56 am

Thanks for the chance to win!

Jen berezak

November 21, 201710:55 am

Love this site..thanks for always keeping me up to date

Keisha G

November 21, 201710:53 am

Thanks so much for giving me the chance to Win in your awesome Drawing. I simply love Kroger and Cottenelle.....Be Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving

Beverly edmonds

November 21, 201710:46 am

Thank you for the chance to win :)


November 21, 201710:46 am

I love this link. I read this link everyday to the awesome deals then make a list of my snapshots and get my coupons together and head to Kroger’s. Wanted to give a shout out to all the wonderful people who make it easier to get my list together. Thanks cc

deborah narcisse

November 21, 201710:44 am

THanks for the chance! :)


November 21, 201710:40 am

What a great deal on our household favorite item!


November 21, 201710:36 am

Great deal and a great giveaway thanks !!


November 21, 201710:33 am

Thanks for the opportunity to win.

bri garnica

November 21, 201710:33 am

Thanks for the Kroger deals!

April W

November 21, 201710:33 am

Thanks for all the good deals!


November 21, 201710:23 am

Thank you


November 21, 201710:21 am

Awesome thanks for the chance

Rebecca Martinez

November 21, 201710:20 am

Thank you for sharing your site, I love it!

Andrea Nuss

November 21, 201710:20 am


Amy C

November 21, 201710:18 am

Would love to win.


November 21, 201710:17 am

That is so cool!

Kaylyn Wilson

November 21, 201710:16 am

Love your site and all the good finds

Sarah Jones

November 21, 201710:13 am

I check this blog every day. Super helpful!

Jacki Meeks

November 21, 201710:08 am

Love this blog! So helpful! Thanks

Lori King

November 21, 201710:04 am

Your blog is so helpful for those of us on budgets. Thank you!


November 21, 201710:00 am

Love the deals you share!


November 21, 201710:00 am

Awesome giveaway!! I love, love, love, Kroger and Kroger Krazy!!


November 21, 201709:58 am

Pick me


November 21, 201709:57 am

Feeling lucky :)


November 21, 201709:55 am

Hope I win


November 21, 201709:54 am

Thank you


November 21, 201709:54 am

I appreciate all you do. Thank you.


November 21, 201709:48 am

Kroger is our go to store, they have a great selection of items that most other stores don't!


November 21, 201709:48 am

Everyone needs tp

Laura Shepherd

November 21, 201709:47 am

Thank you for all the AWESOME Kroger deal tips!

Susy R.

November 21, 201709:46 am

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks for your dedication in helping save money on my grocery shopping!!


November 21, 201709:45 am

Awesome! This would be great!

Carmen Melissa Duarte

November 21, 201709:44 am

I love Krogers it helps me with all the things I need plus it's always open do I can go when ever

Ashley Lilly

November 21, 201709:42 am

Always need a great deal on toilet paper! Thanks for the giveaway!!

LaVonta Travis

November 21, 201709:41 am

This is a really good site and i absolutely enjoy it. Thanks for taking the time to go through this for us.

Carla Blevins

November 21, 201709:39 am

I love Kroger!

Nicole Zirkle

November 21, 201709:36 am

I just love these awesome giveaways! Thank you so much for a chance to win. And just in time for the holidays!


November 21, 201709:36 am

Thank you for all the hard work keeping this blog going. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy Thanksgiving!


November 21, 201709:36 am

Gred deal


November 21, 201709:31 am

Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!


November 21, 201709:31 am

Would love to win would be a great help!


November 21, 201709:29 am

Thanks for the chance!


November 21, 201709:28 am

Love Kroger krazy


November 21, 201709:26 am

I would love to win!


November 21, 201709:26 am

Since following your page, I've saved so much money at Kroger. Like the many deals you post on Cottonelle bathroom tissue. Thank you

audra fitzgerald

November 21, 201709:25 am

Great deal, pick me


November 21, 201709:24 am

Pick me!! Pick me!!

Jamie B

November 21, 201709:21 am

Would love to win!

Sarah R

November 21, 201709:21 am

I would love to win!


November 21, 201709:20 am

Would love to win $$$$.

cindy huggins

November 21, 201709:20 am

Thanks for the Giveaway chance!

Melissa Ramos

November 21, 201709:18 am

Love giveaways!

Melissa Grubb

November 21, 201709:17 am

I love your site, it’s so helpful!


November 21, 201709:17 am

Running low on my TP stockpile! This is great!

Linda Ponce

November 21, 201709:15 am

Awesome giveaway!

Katie Robinson

November 21, 201709:11 am

Great deal!


November 21, 201709:09 am

Thanks for the opportunity!! Happy Thanksgiving.

Alicia E.

November 21, 201709:08 am

great giveaway for this time of year!

Miranda Shields

November 21, 201709:08 am

Thanks for sharing all these great deals!


November 21, 201709:08 am

Thank you!!

Sandra Roman

November 21, 201709:07 am

What’s great deal!

Felicia Ruffin

November 21, 201709:06 am

This blog have saved me tons of money as alwaysThanks

Sherrea Caballero

November 21, 201709:04 am

I have stepped my coupon game up at kroger thanks to you and your blog!!! #love2save


November 21, 201709:02 am

Thanks for the chance! Good luck everyone!


November 21, 201709:02 am

Awww....this is great!!!


November 21, 201709:00 am

Thank you for your help with my shopping list.

Frances M Fisher

November 21, 201708:59 am

This would be an amazing win! What a great deal, though I have an allergic reaction to anything other than angel soft.


November 21, 201708:58 am

Keep passing on the great deals.

Michelle Walton

November 21, 201708:57 am

Good luck everyone!

Gloria Wilson

November 21, 201708:57 am

Love your blog!


November 21, 201708:57 am

I'd love to win!

Amy Schmelzer

November 21, 201708:57 am

Thanks for the chance and Happy Thanksgiving!


November 21, 201708:57 am

$25 will go quite a long way at Kroger!

Terri C

November 21, 201708:56 am

I love this only place I shop


November 21, 201708:55 am

Thanks for all the money saving tips! Love Kroger/Frys!

Kelly Ferguson

November 21, 201708:55 am

Thank you

Theresa Moeggenberg

November 21, 201708:54 am

Love Kroger! The place I get all my groceries!


November 21, 201708:53 am

I enjoy shopping kroger. It is a good place to coupon and to get deals without coupons too. My little girl loves the extra attention from the cashiers getting her kroger stickers and lollipop. Thanks kroger.


November 21, 201708:52 am


Deanna Bowman

November 21, 201708:52 am

❤I love Kroger and would love to win this!

Debbie Colwell

November 21, 201708:51 am

Thanks for the chance


November 21, 201708:50 am

I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of Kroger , at first. I want aware of how awesome it is. But it gives me great pleasure to say I’m a huge fan . I favor Kroger over other retailer . My household only shops at Kroger , I’m bringing all my family with me over to the Kroger side . Thank you !

Brandi Adams

November 21, 201708:49 am

yes please..


November 21, 201708:48 am

What a great deal! Love kroger!


November 21, 201708:47 am

I love your website and I love Cottonelle products! Thanks for the chance to win!


November 21, 201708:46 am

Love Kroger, love the holidays, love holiday giveaways, and love Cottonelle deals!


November 21, 201708:46 am

Thank you! What a great deal!


November 21, 201708:45 am

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November 21, 201708:45 am

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Deb Kraus

November 21, 201708:44 am

Appreciate all of your hard work! You are the best!

Natalie t.

November 21, 201708:44 am

I dont have a kroger close to me but when I go to my parents every month I always go through what the sales on here are and get ready and load up I cant say how much its saved me.


November 21, 201708:43 am

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity :)


November 21, 201708:43 am

Such a great deal!!


November 21, 201708:43 am

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November 21, 201708:42 am

Thank you for the opportunity to win!


November 21, 201708:41 am

This is a great deal!!

Jennifer Wright

November 21, 201708:41 am

I love Kroger. They always have the best deals.


November 21, 201708:40 am

What a great deal! Thanks, Kroger Krazy!


November 21, 201708:39 am

Thank you for doing what you do.


November 21, 201708:39 am

Awesome.. Thank you

Karen Martin

November 21, 201708:38 am

Love to win!

Jennifer witten

November 21, 201708:37 am

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Laura Creasey

November 21, 201708:36 am



November 21, 201708:36 am

I would love to win!

Rosemarie Koeller

November 21, 201708:36 am

Thank you,love all this great deals

CJ Ress

November 21, 201708:36 am

Love your website and the deals you share!

Nancy Walker

November 21, 201708:35 am

Thanks for the opportunity!

Nora Scott-Platt

November 21, 201708:35 am

I thank you for this giveaway and Kroger is my favorite store. So many great deals and the gift card will stretch far.


November 21, 201708:35 am

Awesome giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


November 21, 201708:34 am

Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck everyone!


November 21, 201708:34 am

Awesome giveaway!


November 21, 201708:33 am

Thanks for alll you do

Tracie Hewitt

November 21, 201708:30 am

Love this! Thanks for offering!


November 21, 201708:30 am

Stock up for the holidays!

Pamela G

November 21, 201708:29 am

We could really use this, thanks for the chance!

Amy K

November 21, 201708:29 am

Love the deals you post!


November 21, 201708:29 am

What a great deal and give away!! Love all the tips you give to help save money!!

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November 21, 201708:28 am

Thanks for all your deals you post! Love saving $$$


November 21, 201708:28 am

Love your site! I learned to coupon by following it.

carla Hall

November 21, 201708:27 am

What a great deal. Love Krogers!

Tiffanie h

November 21, 201708:26 am

Love giveaways

Ursula Correll

November 21, 201708:26 am

Thank you for offering these giveaways and searching out great deals at Kroger!

Elizabeth Martin

November 21, 201708:25 am

Oh wow I could really use this!Good luck everyone!


November 21, 201708:25 am

Fingers crossed!


November 21, 201708:25 am

Hope to win!


November 21, 201708:24 am

Thank you Kroger Krazy! I always check your deals before planninv my shopping.


November 21, 201708:24 am

Love Kroger and Kroger Krazy!

Melanie Herring

November 21, 201708:24 am

Great deal!

Sara angus

November 21, 201708:23 am

♡ cottonelle! !


November 21, 201708:23 am

Thanks for these chances to win!

Mary Ann Rimmer

November 21, 201708:22 am

Love Kroger. Hope to win!

Jody Vencel

November 21, 201708:21 am

I would love to win.

Brittany Magie

November 21, 201708:20 am



November 21, 201708:20 am

Give Thanks


November 21, 201708:20 am

Cottonelle is all we use


November 21, 201708:19 am

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November 21, 201708:19 am

Thank you for this post!

Kimberly Perry

November 21, 201708:17 am

Can never have enough tissue! Cottonelle all the way.


November 21, 201708:17 am

I’d love to win


November 21, 201708:17 am

Thanks for the great deals!

carrie l burks

November 21, 201708:17 am

Love this

Jessica W

November 21, 201708:16 am

Thank you Kroger Krazy! I love your blog, you help me so a ton of money!

Heather Brinker

November 21, 201708:16 am

Thank you for sharing these great deals and Thank you for the giveaway


November 21, 201708:15 am

Your blog has saved me lots of $$. Thanks for the information and thanks for a chance to win!

Samantha aitken

November 21, 201708:14 am

hoping to win!

Kathy Owens

November 21, 201708:13 am

Hey thanks for the opportunity to win this, love it

Rebecca Shenefelt

November 21, 201708:12 am

Thank you for all of the deals you post and thank you for the giveaway :)

S wilder

November 21, 201708:12 am

Love gift cards


November 21, 201708:12 am

Thank you for all you do!


November 21, 201708:10 am

Thanks for posting these great deals. I really like your site.


November 21, 201708:10 am

Thanks for all you do and for the giveaway!

Rachel Horlacher

November 21, 201708:10 am

Thank you for the giveaway

Chelsea Matlock

November 21, 201708:09 am

Thank you for the deals & opportunity to win a gift card! :)

Kelly D

November 20, 201709:53 pm

I like the savings at Kroger.

Nikki Strong

November 20, 201704:54 pm

I love all the great deals that you post! Thank you for saving my family so much money!


November 20, 201701:57 pm

TY for the give away


November 20, 201712:37 pm

Great website and raffle! Thanks!


November 19, 201711:16 pm

Would be great to win!

Traci C

November 19, 201710:47 pm

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November 19, 201708:40 pm

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Heather Henderson

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Used to be an Angel Soft-only family until I saw an awesome deal on Cottonelle posted on your blog a couple of months ago. Now I always go for the Cottonelle deals! I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication that saves me SO much time, especially with an infant! Thank you!


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Cathy French

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