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Post and giveaway sponsored by Kimberly-Clark. All opinions are 100% my own.

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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December 13, 201705:27 pm

Love this site helps me save so much money

Alisha Mardis

December 13, 201701:24 pm

Thank you for being our "go-to" for sales at Kroger!! Happy Holidays to you.


December 12, 201711:21 pm

I check back everyday for great deals!

Rachel Chennault

December 12, 201711:04 pm

Thanks for helping find the savings

Stephanie Schmidt

December 12, 201709:37 pm

This site has saved me so much money. Thank you!

Lori e

December 12, 201709:30 pm

Thanks for the bargains!

Kristen M Eby

December 12, 201709:28 pm

thank you for the chance


December 12, 201709:08 pm

One & done, my favorite wipes from my favorite store.

Jessica Clingner

December 12, 201708:59 pm

This is so nice! This page has been so helpful for our family to save money, I love it!

Heather Stevens

December 12, 201708:34 pm

Awesome giveaway, thanks!

Jennifer Van Duyn

December 12, 201708:28 pm

This would be great for Christmas Dinner!

Sandra Hupp

December 12, 201707:25 pm

Thank you. Love Kroger..

Risa m West

December 12, 201706:30 pm

Thanks for everything that you do, Kroger's is my store and their Mega Sales are fantastic!

Rachel Horlacher

December 12, 201706:11 pm


Jenny Nelson

December 12, 201705:31 pm

Happy Holidays!


December 12, 201705:25 pm


Tain Nikole Ferguson

December 12, 201705:14 pm

Thank you for the chance to win this. And thank you for all the deals.

cathy trott

December 12, 201705:06 pm

Thanks for all the information you post.


December 12, 201704:45 pm

This is the best place to find deals!


December 12, 201704:15 pm

I love this blog. It’s my go to site before I go shopping!


December 12, 201704:13 pm

Great giveaway! Thanks for always letting us know about the deals!


December 12, 201703:48 pm

Great blog! Thanks to you I’m on the loop of great deals


December 12, 201703:24 pm

Thank you!

Shelby D

December 12, 201703:15 pm

Love Kroger Krazy! Thank you!


December 12, 201702:47 pm

I love Kroger and their sales!


December 12, 201702:22 pm

I love Kroger!! Always such great deal, clean stores, and friendly employees!

Carrie Seybt

December 12, 201702:18 pm

Thanks for the giveaway!

Marleen Viola

December 12, 201702:10 pm

Thank you so very much for all of your help saving $, I really appreciate it!

Roxanne r

December 12, 201702:07 pm

Love your blog love the savings

Jamie B

December 12, 201701:19 pm

Love giveaways!


December 12, 201701:15 pm

Love KK!

Veronica lowe

December 12, 201701:12 pm

I love this. I check these post daily. Have it stared just so I know what deals are available. Thank you.


December 12, 201701:10 pm

Thanks for the chance!


December 12, 201701:04 pm


Sarah F

December 12, 201712:56 pm

Thank you!

Ashley Rice

December 12, 201712:54 pm

Love this site, and Huggies are our favorite wipes!

Jamie Wheeler

December 12, 201712:52 pm

I love this blog and the deals you make so easy! You are the blog I reference as I make my shopping list!

Wendy Crews

December 12, 201712:47 pm

We use Buggies baby wipes everyday in our house. We love them!!!

Maria glenn

December 12, 201712:43 pm

Thank you!


December 12, 201712:38 pm

Thanks for everything you do to save us money!

Sharon Maurer

December 12, 201712:36 pm

Thanks for all you do with the post and the coupons. Very Helpful.


December 12, 201712:27 pm

Thank you for being ethical, while helping us save money!


December 12, 201712:27 pm

Thank you!


December 12, 201712:22 pm

Thank you so much for everything you do to help our family save money!

Michelle Antinore

December 12, 201712:20 pm

Love this blog and all of the money it helps me save !

Sandra Roman

December 12, 201712:17 pm

Thank you so much for showing us all the great ways to save!!! Blessings to you and your family.

Sadie B.

December 8, 201709:11 am

Thank you for the weekly deals. You help so many people save money and use coupons wisely. Merry Christmas!


December 7, 201706:03 pm

Thanks for the opportunity!


December 6, 201711:54 am

I love this blog, it helps me work on my list so I can save as much as I can!

Anna Young

December 6, 201710:52 am

Thank you for everything that you do. I have been able to save my family a lot of money and that comes in handy when on of your children has a lifetime disease that sometimes is hard to pay for.


December 6, 201712:29 am

I love all the inside coupon info!!


December 5, 201710:58 pm

I'm addicted

Jennifer C.

December 5, 201709:34 pm

Thanks for the chance!


December 5, 201708:45 pm

Merry Christmas!

Jenn Hernandez

December 5, 201707:56 pm

Amazing opportunity! Thank you

Jennifer E.

December 5, 201707:10 pm

Thank you for always finding great deals!


December 5, 201705:46 pm

Great post


December 5, 201705:40 pm

Thanks for all the help!


December 5, 201704:44 pm

Thanks for all the deals.


December 5, 201703:36 pm

Thanks for the opportunity :)


December 5, 201703:24 pm

Thank you for making Kroger deal shopping easier.


December 5, 201703:13 pm

I love Kroger Krazy! You have saved me so much money! THANK YOU

Christi Fassas

December 5, 201702:56 pm

I love cooking with my 3 yr old son ❤️

Beth Goode

December 5, 201702:17 pm

Love this blog!! Thank you!!

Zoee lux

December 5, 201702:16 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!


December 5, 201702:15 pm

Love some Kroger specials every week


December 5, 201701:12 pm

I love all the deals and how much money you’ve helped me save!! Thanks

Kimberly Rodriguez

December 5, 201712:45 pm

Thanks! And thanks for all you do!

Carletta Byrd

December 5, 201712:34 pm

Thanks for all the help learning to coupon

Tyra Thomas

December 5, 201712:05 pm



December 5, 201712:03 pm

Whoooo. good luck everyone


December 5, 201711:55 am

This blog has helped me be able to do more for my family and charities! Thank you.


December 5, 201711:21 am

Awesome giveaway


December 5, 201711:02 am

Yay! Another opportunity to win. Thank you!

mary d

December 5, 201710:43 am

thanks krogerkrazy!


December 5, 201710:40 am

Love checking to see what good deals your team has found! Thanks for all of your hard work!!


December 5, 201710:29 am

Love Kroger's!!

Cathy French

December 5, 201710:18 am

I view your facebook and email posts numerous times every day to help save more money. Thanks for all you do.

Jamie A

December 5, 201710:12 am

Thanks for all the great deals!


December 5, 201710:11 am

Thanks for reporting the deals to make our shopping lives a little easier!

Michelle Flores

December 5, 201710:00 am

Thanks for all your hard work! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Amanda Elliott

December 5, 201709:42 am

I would love this!


December 5, 201709:35 am

Thank you for all that you post!!


December 5, 201709:29 am



December 5, 201708:54 am

Woo hoo!

Heather Deem

December 5, 201708:40 am

Thank you :)


December 5, 201708:31 am

Love krogers


December 5, 201708:30 am

Thank you!

Tiffany B

December 5, 201708:25 am

Thanks! What a great gift


December 5, 201708:22 am

Thank you for helping save money!!!

Beth C

December 5, 201708:18 am

Love saving money. Thanks for all the hard work.

Amanda castel

December 5, 201707:27 am

Absolutely love Kroger, Great deals!! Only place I buy my groceries


December 5, 201707:13 am

Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!


December 5, 201707:05 am

I find out about many deals that I wasn't aware of due to this site. I love saving money!


December 5, 201707:00 am

Love Kroger!


December 5, 201706:55 am

Thank you for the all your hard work, really appreciate the time and effort put into the breakdowns makes getting these deals so much easier to understand and do.


December 5, 201705:14 am

Thanks for all you do, Just learning and you guys help so much.

Teresa Fernandez

December 5, 201704:54 am

I love a good deal on wipes.

Rebecca Jones

December 5, 201702:11 am

Love the live videos!


December 5, 201701:35 am

Love this Blog! Thanks so much!

Chelsea Merriott

December 5, 201701:21 am

I check your page daily to see if I need to print any new coupons for new deals you post!

Tammy Loftin

December 5, 201712:39 am

Thanks for posting all the great deals and giveaway.


December 5, 201712:17 am

Thanks for all the savings!!!!

Paula Newton

December 5, 201712:14 am

Thanks for the chance to win!


December 5, 201712:12 am

I love this site.

Sarah Mathews Smith

December 5, 201712:02 am

Thank you for everything you do!!


December 4, 201711:40 pm

Thanks,love this blog.

Joyce jacobson

December 4, 201711:28 pm

Thanks for the entry


December 4, 201711:23 pm

Merry Christmas!


December 4, 201711:22 pm

Love Kroger & Kimberly Clark products. Also thank you Krogerkrazies (Katie) for all the work you do for our benefit.


December 4, 201711:21 pm

Thanks for the entry


December 4, 201710:51 pm

Thanks for the work you do for us.

Angie Foster

December 4, 201710:50 pm

I would love to win!

amy schubach

December 4, 201710:47 pm

thank you for all you and your team do !!!!


December 4, 201710:46 pm



December 4, 201710:40 pm

thanks for the chance

susan geyer

December 4, 201710:36 pm

i love shopping at krogers , i use coupons and the cashers are ok with it


December 4, 201710:31 pm

Thanks for all the great Kroger info and thanks for the giveaway!


December 4, 201710:11 pm

Would love to win. Would really help my husband and I out.

Momma Herch

December 4, 201710:07 pm

Thank you for the chance!

Amy Crawford

December 4, 201709:54 pm

Would love to win.


December 4, 201709:39 pm

Love your page!


December 4, 201709:28 pm

We love you Kroger for allowing us to save as much as we can! We are so glad to have your Kroger up the street from our home and the second Kroger is also a short drive also! We actually have several Krogers in the area and very thankful ❤️

nan campbell

December 4, 201709:27 pm

Thank you for the contest


December 4, 201709:22 pm

Entered... thanks!


December 4, 201709:08 pm

Thank you!!!


December 4, 201709:07 pm

❤ kroger


December 4, 201709:03 pm

❤️Kroger and Huggies


December 4, 201709:03 pm

it has become a routine for me every Friday afternoon after the Must Do Deals are posted to sit down and make my list for Saturday shopping. Don't know what I would do without ya! Thanks so much!


December 4, 201709:03 pm

Thank you for all the information. You make my shopping easy!


December 4, 201708:59 pm

Thanks for providing all the amazing deals!!!!! :)


December 4, 201708:59 pm

Thanks! New to this site!

Mary smock

December 4, 201708:58 pm

Thank you for the great deals and opportunities to win!


December 4, 201708:56 pm

New to this everything saved goes to the food pantry I run

Katie Diley

December 4, 201708:51 pm

I check this blog weekly when I make my list.

Bridget N

December 4, 201708:49 pm

Thank you for all the hard work you do to help us all save money!

Suellen Jennings

December 4, 201708:46 pm

Love saving through your page.

Gloria Wilson

December 4, 201708:45 pm

Thank you for your tips, you have helped me save money and that makes the husband happy!


December 4, 201708:44 pm

I love deals~ thanks for all your hard work!

Terry Cross

December 4, 201708:44 pm

Thank you!

Deana Stephens

December 4, 201708:43 pm

Thank you for making my couponing trips successful!

Katrina Starnes

December 4, 201708:42 pm

Thank you for the opportunity!

Karen Reagin

December 4, 201708:38 pm

I love the Kroger you deals. Don't have kids so getting them to give to Toys for Tots. Thank you for the help.

Donna C

December 4, 201708:37 pm

Love all the deals and the giveaways! Good luck all!!


December 4, 201708:34 pm

Love this site

Sara angus

December 4, 201708:33 pm

Love kroger krazy!!!


December 4, 201708:33 pm

This site oscar amazing!!

Jamila Joshua

December 4, 201708:31 pm

Thank You for investing in others


December 4, 201708:30 pm

Thank You!


December 4, 201708:29 pm

fun- thank you


December 4, 201708:29 pm

Love Kroger

Beth M

December 4, 201708:26 pm

So many deals! Best way to save money at Kroger!

Natalie Boren

December 4, 201708:25 pm

I love the blog as much as I love kroger

Regina Morris

December 4, 201708:25 pm

Thank you for the opportunity.

Emma Baxter

December 4, 201708:23 pm

Love Kroger!

Beverly Martin

December 4, 201708:23 pm

Love Kroger!

Jamie brooks

December 4, 201708:23 pm

Thanks for the opportunity!

Amy smith

December 4, 201708:20 pm

Love krogerkrazy I check it daily and it saves us a ton with a family of seven

Janet Obryant

December 4, 201708:19 pm

Would love to win a gift card thanks for the chance to win!!!

Jessica Hodge

December 4, 201708:19 pm

Kroger craaazyy


December 4, 201708:15 pm

Love this blog!


December 4, 201708:13 pm

Thanks for the opportunity to win! I follow your Facebook and blog every day!

Nicole Z

December 4, 201708:12 pm

I love this page! Thanks for all you do and all the great deals you share. Has definitely helped us save some money. And these giveaways are awesome, too! Thank you!!

Amy S

December 4, 201708:12 pm

Thanks for the giveaway


December 4, 201708:11 pm

Love your page! Thanks for keeping us up to date with all the deals going on!

Karen Foster

December 4, 201708:11 pm

Thank you

Alicia a Leslie

December 4, 201708:10 pm

Thanks so much for all the help with these deals.


December 4, 201708:09 pm

Gift card!


December 4, 201708:09 pm

Love your blog and Kroger!

Laura Stalling

December 4, 201708:07 pm

Thank you for the couponing help.


December 4, 201708:07 pm

I love Kroger Krazy

Mattie C

December 4, 201708:04 pm

Love, love your blog. You make my Kroger shopping so easy.


December 4, 201708:04 pm

Hope i win, we could use the gift card! Plus we love following you to save money! ❤


December 4, 201708:01 pm

Love Kroger! Thank you for sharing all of the deals!!

Sharon Lee

December 4, 201708:00 pm

I love this page and Krogers

Teresa fordice

December 4, 201707:59 pm

Thanks!! Good luck

Brenda Wesley

December 4, 201707:58 pm

Thank you!


December 4, 201707:57 pm

Love the giveaways!


December 4, 201707:56 pm

Love Kroger!


December 4, 201707:54 pm

Thank you so much for this opportunity. This sure will come in handy to help with the holiday family meal.


December 4, 201707:52 pm

Thank you so much for this

Kyle Groves

December 4, 201707:51 pm

Thank you!

Kim bollig

December 4, 201707:51 pm

Love the blog! Keep it up!

Kim bollig

December 4, 201707:51 pm

Love the blog!

Amy stancil

December 4, 201707:50 pm

Love this!! Thanks for all the advice

Alicia Evans

December 4, 201707:48 pm

Your blog is so helpful

Julie M

December 3, 201711:54 am

Love this blog, pick me!

virginia n

December 2, 201710:38 am

love the blog and love the chance to win

bridget calfee

December 2, 201709:50 am

Great Blog,Very helpful


December 2, 201708:33 am

Loving this Buy 4 save 4 ad! Thanks for posting all the deals!


December 2, 201703:09 am

Thanks for all you do to save us money!


December 1, 201710:03 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!

chantel lloyd

December 1, 201711:09 am

Love all the deals!

sherri hall

December 1, 201712:04 am

I could buy even more wipes!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

Terri Himelson

November 30, 201707:32 pm

Always find great deals-Thank You

Karen L

November 30, 201707:17 pm

Thanks for always posting the deals!!! It helps when life gets so crazy!!

Melissa L.

November 30, 201707:14 pm

Thanks for sharing the deals!!

Marie B

November 30, 201705:42 pm

Love following along!


November 30, 201703:54 pm

Amazing deals. No shopping trip to Kroger without your helpful info. Thanks Krogerkrazy!!


November 30, 201712:31 pm

Love me cheap wipes for my babies ❤️


November 30, 201712:27 pm

Love this site and weekly emails. Thank you so much for all you do to provide this service!

Jenny Wilson

November 30, 201712:05 pm

Love cheap wipes and kroger gift card giveaways!

Tracey Gibbs

November 30, 201710:08 am

Thank you for the chance! Love the blog!

erica hall

November 30, 201710:04 am

Love your site- thanks for all you do ;)

kayleen Juevesano

November 30, 201708:13 am

I love Kroger savings. Thanks for posting the deal.

Mary Ann Rimmer

November 30, 201707:34 am

I love this site and love Huggies. Huggies is actually what I buy most when it comes to diapers and wipes.

Amberlyn Stubbs

November 30, 201704:50 am

I really enjoy Krogers and when they have sales on huggie diapers. Buggies diapers are very good diapers that hold up when my daughter is wearing them. The little movers has no leaks and it is very durable product thanks huggies.

Kristi Lewis

November 30, 201704:29 am

Love the blog! !!


November 30, 201703:57 am

Love my Kroger Krazy page.

Tracy Webb

November 30, 201702:14 am

Thank you for making shopping easier.

Gay Jensen

November 30, 201702:00 am

I love all your help with my shopping at our local Smiths


November 30, 201712:23 am

I never go to Fred Meyer without checking your blog first. Thank you!


November 30, 201712:13 am

Thanks for sharing all the super savings!

Tina Rauhuff

November 30, 201712:07 am

Thanks for taking the time to post all the great deals.


November 29, 201711:18 pm

Thanks for all of your help in sales and couponing.


November 29, 201710:10 pm

Huggies is my choice for diapers and wipes. Thanks for sharing all the deals with us and thanks for the opportunity to win $25. Happy holidays !!!


November 29, 201710:10 pm

Thanks for all your hard work and another great giveaway.

Laurie Schey

November 29, 201709:52 pm

Love, love, love this blog and the deals you help me find!

Laurie Schey

November 29, 201709:51 pm

Love, love, love this blog! Thanks Krogerkrazy!!


November 29, 201709:37 pm

thank you for another giveaway . Fingers crossed


November 29, 201709:28 pm

Yay! Another great giveaway!

Charles Hogsett

November 29, 201708:48 pm

Thank you!


November 29, 201707:54 pm

Wonderful giveaway! Merry Christmas, everyone.


November 29, 201707:24 pm

Absolutely love this site. You are amazing.

Cindy Dean

November 29, 201707:19 pm

Love your site and save tons! Love showing others how to use your site, too!!! Thank you for the give-away opportunities!


November 29, 201706:25 pm

Always look at your site for the best kroger deals.

Kim Gilkey

November 29, 201706:20 pm

thanks for the chance


November 29, 201706:14 pm

Thanks for more giveaways!


November 29, 201705:59 pm

Thank you !


November 29, 201705:53 pm

Thank you for all you post!

Ellie Wright

November 29, 201705:49 pm

Thanks for all the great Kroger deals!


November 29, 201705:10 pm

This is great. I have a friend with a newborn I would love to help out with baby wipes.

Sara Floyd

November 29, 201704:50 pm

Thank you for the giveaway!

kasey Winegar

November 29, 201704:38 pm


ali kat

November 29, 201704:36 pm

thank you


November 29, 201704:09 pm

thank you


November 29, 201704:03 pm

I would love to have this to help with Christmas dinner! Thank you for the opportunity


November 29, 201702:41 pm

Would love to win this for an extra Xmas card...

Maureen Summers

November 29, 201702:20 pm

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kristal ruiz

November 29, 201702:12 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!

Laura C

November 29, 201701:51 pm

This is my comment. There are many like it, but this one is mine. X-D


November 29, 201701:48 pm

Love this site!


November 29, 201701:47 pm

Love saving money! Thank you for helping me do what I love!

Rachel B.

November 29, 201701:47 pm

$25 would be great to do some krogering


November 29, 201701:42 pm

Great Contest

angel allran

November 29, 201701:24 pm

Thank you for such great opportunities to win items.


November 29, 201701:16 pm

I LOVE Kroger

Emily Lie

November 29, 201701:03 pm

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


November 29, 201712:55 pm

good luck everybody


November 29, 201712:42 pm

Thank for the giveaway. I love your blog!!


November 29, 201712:41 pm

I'm so glad these are on sale again. I'm running low. :(

Pat Goff

November 29, 201712:38 pm

Thanks for sharing the giveaway. I never go shopping without you Katie. I couldn't support my grandkids and my brothers without you..

Brandi Brewer

November 29, 201712:29 pm

This blog rocks! My daughter's preschool class uses them and I try to keep them stocked so they don't have to use classroom funds for them! :)


November 29, 201712:29 pm

Yes, I love these giveaways.


November 29, 201712:26 pm

Good luck to everyone!


November 29, 201712:23 pm

Thanks for keeping us up to date with all the great deals at Krogers!


November 29, 201711:48 am

Just found your blog and love it!


November 29, 201711:43 am

Thanks for all you do!


November 29, 201711:33 am

I really appreciate hearing about this. Thank you thank you thank you.

Sonia Wilkins

November 29, 201711:31 am

Thank you for your all your deal posts. Following your blog is such a time and money saver!


November 29, 201711:30 am

Love the blog & recommend to everyone :)


November 29, 201711:29 am

Love Kroger and your blog helps me save so much money! Love wipes deals!


November 29, 201711:23 am

I love your blog!! Thanks for helping me save money!!

Clarissa Rosado

November 29, 201711:16 am

With a 4 month old little boy there is never enough wipes in my house! Definitely going to take advantage of this deal!


November 29, 201711:12 am

Yay! We love huggies wipes!


November 29, 201711:08 am

I love your site Katie!

Colleen M

November 29, 201711:07 am

Love your blog! Read it everyday! You have saved me so much money!

Patricia Lewis

November 29, 201710:59 am

This site bis the BEST

Leslie Zunn

November 29, 201710:57 am

I love Huggies wipes!

Amy Northrop

November 29, 201710:57 am

I check here everyday! Thanks for all you do!


November 29, 201710:52 am

Love your blog, this giveaway, and your Facebook page!

Cecelia Faulkner

November 29, 201710:51 am

Love your blog


November 29, 201710:49 am



November 29, 201710:46 am

I'm pregnant with my first! I need it! :)


November 29, 201710:37 am

The love Kroger! Thank you very much for this blog. Fragrance free wipes are my favorite Huggies wipes.

Becky Taylor

November 29, 201710:32 am

Thank you your blog! I find so many great deals thanks to you!


November 29, 201710:26 am

Love this blog, can't wait to enter the giveaway options

Sharon Bugar

November 29, 201710:26 am

I don't know what I would do with out your blog. It has taught me everything I know about couponing! I really enjoy how you have everything all in one place. Catalinas, coupons, filler items. I just love it!!!I never go to Kroger until I check your site first!!!! Thank you so much. Huggies wipes are our favorite!!!


November 29, 201710:25 am

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!! Appreciate all the work you do to bring the totally awesome Kroger Krazy deals to us!!!

Kyiandra Hildreth

November 29, 201710:23 am

I love this blog! and huggies


November 29, 201710:21 am

I was holding on until the mega sale today!


November 29, 201710:16 am

Thank you so much for helping me save money on huggies diapers and wipes! We only use huggies because of the great deals! I love this site because it has saved me so much money. I now only shop at Kroger!

Bridget Foster

November 29, 201710:16 am

I love Kroger!


November 29, 201710:15 am

Would love to win with a family of 6 and one I come could use the help thanks for the chance

Dawn Schock

November 29, 201710:10 am

Thanks for helping me save our family tons of money on groceries.

Janet V

November 29, 201710:07 am

Thanks for this blog!!!


November 29, 201710:06 am

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this blog!


November 29, 201710:06 am

Huggies sure do save me lots of money keeping those greats bum bums clean and covered.


November 29, 201710:03 am

Thank you for the updates!

Noemi Sanchez

November 29, 201710:01 am

Thank you for the opportunity! I love huggies


November 29, 201709:59 am

Huggies is a great brand.


November 29, 201709:56 am

Love Huggies !!!!

Becky Brush

November 29, 201709:55 am

I love Kroger and this site!


November 29, 201709:55 am

I love ❤️ your site !


November 29, 201709:53 am

Thanks for all you do to help us save!

Pat Goff

November 29, 201709:52 am

What a wonderful thoughtful gesture. Sure will help with the holiday. Good Luck everybody.


November 29, 201709:50 am

Love Huggies!!!


November 29, 201709:47 am

I do not shop until I check your blog! Especially now that I'm a mom and I bargain shop for everything! Huggies always has the best deals and they fit my son so much better than any other diaper. I also love the wipes. I feel like they clean so much better due to the ridges, but they are also softer on my son's bottom. I'd probably use these gift cards to buy more diapers and wipes! LOL

April H.

November 29, 201709:47 am

Thanks for offering the giveaway!!


November 29, 201709:47 am

I use these huggies wipes for so much! Definitely my favorite brand!


November 29, 201709:47 am

Love this blog. So helpful finding good deals!! Thank you!!


November 29, 201709:43 am

Love your deals. Thanks

Danielle Richard

November 29, 201709:43 am

I absolutely love this blog, and I check it multiple times a day for deals. I love that all the work is done for me with finding deals at Kroger's. Thanks krogerkrazy!