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Coronavirus Update from my local Kroger

I know a lot of us are experiencing shortages on a few essential items at Kroger, and thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where we can share updates on what’s happening at our local stores. My experience today at my Sandusky, Ohio Kroger Marketplace was very good! They of course were out of toilet paper and disinfectant items, but the Kroger CEO did announce that they are partnering with their suppliers to replenish high-demand preparedness products. Aside from just a couple of food items, my store was FULL, including water, meat, dairy and fresh produce! Stores are also setting limits on some items to ensure everyone has the opportunity to purchase their essentials.

Grocery executives are working hand-in-hand with the Federal Government, as well as State and local leaders, to ensure food and essentials are constantly available.

I will say, I am so glad that my couponing has allowed me to stockpile a lot of items over the years. I’m sure a lot of you can say the same thing. 😍  It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to say to friends, family and neighbors “Come over if there is anything you need”!

It is more important than ever for us to all be saving money at Kroger, so we at Kroger Krazy will continue bringing you all the best Kroger deals – business as usual. Many of the deals we post are SUPER easy to do, especially with Kroger Digital Coupons so be sure to share! We do NOT want anyone paying full price when they just don’t have to! We will also be focusing on posting more “no coupons needed” deals as it may be unrealistic for some to be using a pile of paper coupons as crowds increase and checkout lanes take longer.

As I mentioned yesterday in my Kroger store hours changing post, we will be providing any updates that we receive and will pass along to you!

Above all, be patient, be compassionate, take care of each other and STAY WELL! We got this!!

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Darleen Nuckols

March 17, 202005:56 pm

Does Kroger have shopping hours for Senior's.. Ex..8-10 am. Thanks

Judy Adams

March 16, 202010:09 pm

Our Kroger is out of lots of things and not much left.. This is in Macon, Ga.. Going again tomorrow to see if anything has come in...


March 16, 202009:54 pm

I heard the truck drivers are now required to work 7 days, and the associates at my store were stocking shelves with what they had as quickly as they could get it out. Yes please let us "be patient, compassionate, and take care of each other”.


March 16, 202008:35 pm

Why did they take the Kroger feedback option off the receipts? Afraid they would get a ton of bad reviews? Cause I have a ton of problems with them this past week. And I can't get my 50 bonus fuel points per week either. Lame


March 16, 202007:59 am

My store is in Stockbridge GA and it was pretty empty Fri no essentials and as far as food goes pretty pitiful. No Bread,Rice,lots of meats gone, cold juices gone(ie O.J. etc) bagels out and snacks out. Hopefully they'll get a truck quickly.

Becky Maynor

March 16, 202001:08 am

Even before the virus scare the Kroger store I shop Was always out of items on sale. I have before got up to 5 rain checks at one time before. I don’t shop Wal mart, but this is very frustrating! I have messaged the company many times with no results. I hope in the future this can be resolved. And every trip I have a mistake on my register slip. Very aggerivating. To return and deal with customer service long lines to resolve over charge. ☹️


March 16, 202008:01 am

I have found the best way to get results is to call the customer service number on the back of your price plus card.


March 15, 202009:44 pm

Milk cooler


March 15, 202009:44 pm



March 15, 202009:43 pm

Baby isle


March 15, 202009:42 pm

Your lucky there isn't a thing barely at our stores no meat no milk eggs only when u can get there as putting out no canned veggies at all

Heather D.

March 15, 202009:28 pm

I would love to see what your stockpile looks like.


March 15, 202009:45 pm

Me too