This is just a reminder that you can load your Limit 5 Digital coupons to your Kroger Plus card today! Once you have loaded the digital coupons to your card, you can use them up to 5 times in EACH transaction! You ARE able to do unlimited transactions.

Once digital coupons are loaded to your card, you have through 03/17/20 to redeem them.  There are 316 coupons that you can look through but I’ll be back with some of my favorites so stay tuned!

Please Note: It is against store policy to stack a digital coupon and a paper coupon!  Learn more about Kroger Digital coupons HERE.

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Jerry Frechette

January 8, 202210:47 am

what has happened to salad packages? Part of the jamm up? Realize not your fault....crazy times...

Rita Willman

April 9, 202102:28 pm

I too hate those digital coupons. Makes me so angry when I go to Krogers and see the signs advertising the price with digital coupons. Why not make the price fair for all customers. Can't seem to sign on for them!

Ruth Clifford

September 25, 202104:22 pm

All you have to do is tell your Cashier they can give you the discount .

Kathy Kauffman

March 20, 202111:41 am

I'm done. I tried for half an hour to sign to the Kroger digital without it going into a cart and just gave up. I will skip any item I was going to buy because Kroger is not giving me the discount. Why don't you make it easier to get digital coupons?? Kathy Kauffman / Dan Kauffman

Ruth Clifford

September 25, 202104:23 pm

There is a Phone Number on the back of your Kroger card call it .They can help you.

Nancy Matheson

April 2, 202102:25 pm

I am having the same problem as Kathy Kauffman. Thought I had the right page to download digital coupons, then it said I have until March 17, 2020 to use them!!! What is going on??? It is now April 2, 2021.

Pamelia White

February 16, 202107:05 am

I can never get on to download the digital coupons. I am always told that something went wrong. I have tried to download coupons for the last three months can't so I go to Walmart.

Patricia yerger

July 23, 202003:29 pm