I just got back from getting my Kroger Pickup Order and you bet I got some Kroger brand Cheese that's on sale for $2.99 this week.  If you have a Kroger Pickup Order reserved, be sure and modify (I modified and added more items at least 7 times during the week) and add a couple packages. This includes the shreds, slices and blocks.

Don't know how Kroger Pickup works? READ all about and watch my video tutorial HERE.

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April 5, 202003:43 pm

Why not sliced cheese too?


April 6, 202012:42 pm

How do you modify a order?


April 4, 202010:45 pm

Su, I'm in the same boat. I have an order placed, with some sale items, but my pickup isn't until after the sale cycle changes. I plan to go back in on Wednesday and modify my order some based on the current sale at that point. Sad I can't get in on the cheese sale - we've been going through cheese quickly with everyone home!


April 4, 202003:51 pm

Help! I'm doing store pick up for the first time. It is Saturday, I just placed an order, and the earliest delivery I could get was Thursday. The ads will change on Wednesday. I will be charged next week's prices, not the prices I currently see, correct? So I should modify my list on Wednesday to make sure I get the sales/prices I want? (and not get this cheese sale, cause it will be over!) Thanks!!!