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As many of you already know, Kroger has waived the $4.95 Kroger Pickup fee indefinitely. That’s not the reason I LOVE Kroger Pickup, but it is AMAZING of them to do this! Many of you are having issues with reserving a reasonable time due to the popularity of this service right now. Watch the video above for a tip from Team Kroger Krazy that will help your cause (this is the part I love). 😉 😍

Ok, here it is…PLAN AHEAD! You know you’re going to need groceries, so start your cart NOW! To begin, just add a couple of items and reserve your time…do that now. Go through the entire checkout process, including payment confirmation. Then, between now and up until 11:59 P.M. the night before your scheduled pickup, you can continue to add or modify your your cart. As we post deals here on Kroger Krazy, add them to your cart! Your pickup time will not change, because you have already reserved a spot that’s available (maybe for next week).

Here’s how:

  • Log in to your account
  • Make sure you are shopping via PICKUP
  • Start adding items to your cart (can be just a couple items for now)
  • View your Cart, and reserve your pickup time
  • Go through the ENTIRE checkout process, including payment and submit your order
  • Boom! Your time is reserved! But GUESS WHAT? You can still make changes, go through every day and add or edit your order if needed! All you are doing is reserving your spot so you don’t feel rushed to complete your cart right away.

I’m ready to answer another important question. How do I modify my order?

From your PC, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Click on your name (account) at the top right hand side. In drop down menu you’ll click ‘My Purchases’
  • Your past purchases will show up (both in-store and pick-up)
  • Click modify order and you’ll be able to add more items to your cart (as shown above)
  • Add additional items (I added a couple packages of Kroger brand Cheese)
  • Click ‘Review Order’ (shown below)
  • On next screen click ‘Submit Order’ (shown below)

Modifying from your phone is a little different but just as easy. You’ll need to:

  • Open the Kroger App
  • At top of screen Pickup Order, location and time and below it will read ‘Add Items to Pending Order’, click there (as shown below)
  • Click ‘Modify This Order’ (as shown below)
  • On next screen you will be able to add your additional items.
  • When done, click ‘Confirm Changes’ (as shown below)

You will then receive an email from Kroger letting you know that your order has been modified and they will remind you of your pickup time. I have modified my order 4 times already.  Please NOTE: You will see multiple charges in your bank account just as you were going to Kroger to pick up these items daily. I know that may be hard for some but it still is a life saver for me. Best idea ever!

Don’t know how Kroger Pickup works? READ all about and watch my video tutorial HERE.

View all of the latest Kroger deals HERE

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Jerrold Isom

April 7, 202102:27 pm

I don’t like the pickup time the site gives me. How do I change it after I place the order?


April 5, 202105:41 pm

PLEASE STOP USING THE BIG PLASTIC BAGS.!! I'm sorry but the big tan plastic bags you are now using are terrible. They do not have enough structure to hold items securely. I have lost so many eggs in cartons because they fell over in the bag. I have gotten so many smashed bags of bread because of these bags folding up on the bread & the other bags falling over on each other loosing items all over the vehicle. I have gotten home with smashed potato chip bags from a bag off canned goods falling over on them... & on & on. Worst part is You are not recycling plastic bags... so what do I do with them?? Thank you for listening if you are...Virginia Wallace

Richard Evans

November 15, 202009:31 pm

Kroger (Fred Meyer) has changed this to require a $35 minimum purchase. So much for indefinitely.

Rina Lava

April 9, 202008:18 pm

Got my drive up order. Instead of 4 coke 12 pk sale price $4/$10, got 2 6pk bottles priced $4.29 each. They substituted this way. So got charged $8.58 for 2 6 pks:( Anything i can do? Any way to get correct price


April 8, 202011:53 am

How do you use paper coupons? Do they process them at pickup at your car?


April 6, 202003:16 pm

Iv had a couple issues with items i got Oen had a day before best buy date and couple where close to expiration on a couple other items didnt l like i think couple of them were bad bad when ate made me sick sent a complaint to corporate no respond at all been almost A week now no respond.


April 4, 202011:39 pm

So before the world went crazy I used curbside pickup a ton. I tried to modify a Kroger order and it started a completely new order with my modifications. Fine. Whatever. Now I can't modify either order. One tells me there's an issue with my payment and to contact my provider (I did - card is fine). Other tells me "there's been a error". I called Kroger. After a 45 min wait the rep told me there are random error messages but they aren't allowing any modifications anymore to orders. For an order that's a week out! Are other people running into this?


April 4, 202009:47 am

I have discovered that I need to schedule a Kroger pickup as soon as I wake up, which is typically at 5 AM. Kroger used to only let you schedule three days in advance, but now they will let you schedule seven days in advance. It is now hard to schedule any pickup time, SO DO IT WELL IN ADVANCE!


April 3, 202008:22 pm

If you use the Kroger pickup do you still get gas rewards ?


April 3, 202010:30 pm

Yes, you do. I get an email from Kroger that has the survey in it, I think it's within 24 hours after my pickup.

Tamara Scott

April 3, 202002:01 pm

Have you discovered how the expiration date (digital & paper) will work if we have to pick up our groceries after the coupon expires? I placed an order today that I cannot pick up until Tue. However, my coupons expire Sunday. Thank you for all of your advice and assistance.


April 6, 202007:22 pm

Your order will finalize at time of pick up and so are the coupons. Prices and coupons good at time of placing the order are irrelevant unfortunately. You will only get discounts and prices valid the day of pick up.

Patricia Goff

April 3, 202001:07 pm

I don't like using their pick up. They replace items with other items that I don't have coupons for or don't give me the amount I need to use the coupon etc. It was to much of a hassle so I just go inside and get what I need and leave.

Leisa Epps

April 3, 202012:10 pm

The advice about modifying is incorrect. I have been using the clicklist since it began and in the past you could do that up to midnight the day before your pickup but 2 weeks my order reserved for 3-23-20 and I modified my before cut off and then it kicked my out to 3-25-20. I was upset and went in and talked with managers and they were sorry but due to the order modifying you lose your spot because they are so over whelmed with orders. This was at the Springfield, TN. store. Leisa epps


April 3, 202011:21 am

I have done this 2 times now. The first time they would not let me modify my order, but the 2nd time they did, worked perfectly.

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

April 3, 202011:41 am

So glad it worked for you, Rhonda!

kathy webb

April 3, 202011:06 am

KK ladies, Thank you for all you do and continue doing! Do you all have access to the upcoming weekly ad? Most pickups now for for Wed or later so just checking. Thanks again. PS Wondering for Cincinnati region. I think the weekly ad comes out only 1 or 2 days before it starts. Am I remembering that right??

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

April 3, 202011:42 am

I don't have this yet but I am hoping to get and be able to post tomorrow, 4/3!

kathy webb

April 3, 202012:32 pm

Kendra, Thank you so much!! Would love to see what's going on next week!


April 3, 202011:00 am

You read my mind. I just reserved a spot this morning for Monday. Now almost all slots are already taken. Sure do fill up quick! Thanks!


April 3, 202010:33 am

If you add things to your cart today, but your pick date is AFTER the new ad comes out, will you still get sales prices ?


April 3, 202011:22 am

To clarify, when u pick up your order, you pay the price of the current ad for that pickup day.


April 3, 202011:01 am

Unfortunetly no.


April 2, 202010:51 pm

I have found that if I choose a store in a less populated area of town I can get a closer pick up time - and I am happy to have the excuse to go for a drive!!


April 2, 202009:31 am

What is the deadline for making changes to your cart if you do this? Can I make changes up to the day before?


April 2, 202009:53 am

You can modity the order up to Midnight of the day before scheduled pickup.


April 2, 202009:52 am

Up to 11:59 pm the day before your scheduled pickup.


April 2, 202008:48 am

Does pickup give you a real receipt so you could submit for ibotta offers?


April 2, 202009:50 am



April 2, 202012:14 am

I am wondering ... With pickup times so far out, is it possible to reserve a second pickup time when you already have one pending order?


April 2, 202009:53 am

You sure can, but I'm not sure how far out your store will allow. Mne was only showing up to 1 week, but that could be different per location.

Josh O

April 1, 202009:05 pm

Right now, I can't order the spiral ham, chuck roast, or turkey breast special. It doesn't show in the online search. This seems irresponsible to make people come into the store right now to buy them.


April 3, 202011:07 am

I have ordered a sale item not listed before by adding a similar item to the list and adding notes. For example, adding a ham shank to your cart. Then in the notes say that you dont want the ham shank and that u actually want the spiral ham from this weeks ad. If they mess it up or dont understand, when they come to your vehicle, explain it to them and they can go back in and get it. Just make sure you talk to them when they come out to verify that tou actually got the correct product!


April 6, 202012:48 pm

Nrat - this is not correct. At my store (and I work in clicklist), If it isn't available on line, we will not add it for you when you pull up to pick up your groceries. The other thing is (again, at my store) if you pick a ham shank, you will get a ham shank. We will not automatically give you the special item you "really" want from the notes section. maybe small, low volume store can do this.. but I assure you, high volume stores cannot accommodate. Your best best is to call and speak to someone in clicklist. Ask if they can add it to your order.


April 2, 202009:54 am

Josh, maybe call the store after you place the rest of your order and have them add it in manually?

Kay L Piner

April 1, 202008:46 pm

I dislike the fact that I place my order, and it's not until 5 days away and I can't modify. Still placed the order and started another one with items I forgot. It's all good, gets me out of the house, yes I'm staying in the car, my immune system is compromised. Will take a minute or two to sterilize everything when I bring it home. BTW I too did not see a tip.


April 1, 202008:30 pm

Where is the tip? April Fools? Did I miss something?

Brittney Boudreau

April 1, 202008:37 pm

Yeah, wondering the same.


April 1, 202009:01 pm

LK & Brittney, did you watch the video?

Cecelia Faulkner

April 1, 202011:01 pm

What video there is none on this page

Cecelia Faulkner

April 1, 202011:06 pm

never mind I found it


April 2, 202008:37 am

Where? I am must be going crazy - can't find any videos on this page.


April 2, 202010:50 am

Never mind. I use an ad blocker and the page is filled with ads, and for some reason the video was considered an ad and also blocked.


April 1, 202009:29 pm

Thank you for all you do


April 1, 202008:20 pm

Hi, How does this work with the sale price? If I start my cart today, and can't p/u until the 8th, and the sale ends on the 7th, do I still get the sale price? Thank you! :)


April 1, 202009:02 pm

You get the sale price the DAY OF PICKUP, not order.

Jennifer Bent

April 6, 202012:50 pm

I don't believe this is correct. I've always been told its the price of the item on the day of pickup. And I work Pickup.

Jennifer Bent

April 6, 202012:52 pm

Sorry, NM. I misread. You are correct. Its the price on the day of PICKUP, not on the day that the order is placed


April 1, 202008:30 pm

I work at kroger, actually doing Pickup. You do not get the sale price after the date has passed. Final charged price is based on pickup date, not on order date.

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

April 1, 202008:30 pm

You would get the item prices for 4/8. If you want to be assured you will get the sale items you may want to push out a day or two. Good thing is, the pickup is free. Shew!