Head to Kroger to find these packages of OREO NBA Dynasty packages that are marked for $1.88 when you buy 3 or more.  These were located in a couple of places for me including on the shelf and a special display when I was walking in the store and one near the checkout areas. Scour Kroger because you can get FIVE FREE packages with your Ibotta and Kroger Cash Back Rebates. This is smokin'!!

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June 27, 202103:45 pm

As previously posted, they are not included in the mega sale. I paid 2.49 just like others did. Still satisfied with the price.


June 26, 202105:59 pm

I am glad that I got 5 of these for FREE, but they did not ring up $1.88 as the shelf tag mentions.


June 26, 202107:21 am

They have taken them off the mega sale here. Still on sale though for $2.49 so ended up costing .49/each. Not bad.


June 26, 202104:46 am

Unfortunately these are not on sale in the Dayton, OH area and are priced at $3.99


June 26, 202107:22 am

Mine also said $3.99 but rang up $2.49


June 25, 202105:35 pm

$1.99 in my area of Texas but got my 5 for free, so who cares! Thanks.


June 25, 202103:52 pm

No longer on my Ibotta.


June 25, 202103:03 pm

Awesome posts today! Here's a tip for most Kroger's on these NBA Oreo's: they will most likely be on a special display, endcap or on the side of an aisle. These ones aren't normally on the shelf spot. Good luck!