Kroger Catalinas

Here are the TOP 8 Kroger Catalinas Questions Answered.

Since these are not advertised in the Kroger Weekly Ad, I wanted to take a moment to answer your most frequent questions on Kroger Catalinas.

1. What is a Catalina?

A Catalina (Cat) is a reward you receive for purchasing participating items. It will print in the form of a coupon at checkout and you can use it like cash for your next shopping trip. For example, Buy (3) boxes of cereal to receive a $1 coupon good on your next order (OYNO).

There are 4 MAIN printouts you can receive:

  • $$ off your next shopping order (use like cash in the store)
  • Manufacturer coupons based on customer behavior
  • Advertisements for current or upcoming OYNO Catalina promotions
  • Advertisements for current or upcoming OYNO Catalina promotions for YOU ONLY!

Here is what each one of these will look like:

Kroger Catalina oyno

On Your Next Order (OYNO) – prints when you purchase advertised or unadvertised qualifying items. This is considered a form of payment and not attached to any specific product. It can be used on ANY subsequent order, just like cash. Once in a while you will see one that can only be redeemed for specific items, but most of the time they are good on any order.

Kroger Catalina Coupon

Manufacturer’s Coupon received based on shopping behavior – Many times these print when you purchase the competitor brand, sometimes these will be for a product you frequently purchase. Other times it’s just random. This is a manufacturer coupon that cannot be stacked with any other coupon.

Kroger Catalina Advertisement

Advertisement for a current or upcoming Catalina – This will give you all the information you need to know in order to receive your Catalina Reward including dates, participating items/sizes and how many you have to buy. If you get one of these, please send my way and it will help keep our Kroger Catalina Master List current. 

Kroger Catalina Invitation Only

By Invitation ONLY Advertisement – Some offers are designed to only be distributed to specific targeted customers based on your shopping behavior. This is also an advertisement of sorts, but is meant for YOU only. You must scan YOUR Kroger Plus card in order to receive the reward.  I DO NOT include these in my Kroger Catalina Master List because so few will receive them.

2. Is there an overall limit to how many Catalina deals I can earn?

There is no limit on how many DIFFERENT “on your next order” Kroger Catalinas you can earn in a single transaction. If you want to do multiples of the SAME Catalina offer you MUST separate your transactions because only 1 “like” Catalina will print per order. There are exceptions to this, like when it’s a STORE promo (the Catalina will print as “STORE” rather than “Manufacturer” coupon), in which case there is typically no set limit. I always stay on the safe side and just do separate transactions to ensure all of my Catalinas print.

3. Do Kroger Catalinas “Roll”?

Another way to ask this question is: Can I take a Catalina that I just EARNED and turn around and use it to pay for a duplicate order and still receive another Catalina? This is called “rolling” and the answer is YES, you CAN! All Kroger Catalinas roll! Just be sure to separate your transactions!

4. How do I find out what Kroger Catalinas are printing?

There is no publicly advertised list of current Kroger Catalinas that are printing. We keep our Kroger Catalina Master List updated by word of mouth, so if you receive a Catalina Advertisement please email it to me at We’re in this together!!

5. Am I able to use a Catalina coupon with another coupon at Kroger?

If it is a TRUE coupon for money off a specific item, and it says “Manufacturer Coupon” at the top, you cannot stack it with another coupon, either paper or Kroger Coupons. That falls under the “one coupon per item” rule. If it is a STORE coupon (and this is VERY RARE!), then you CAN use it alongside a manufacturer coupon on a single item. If it is an OYNO coupon that says “save $1.00 on your next shopping order”, for example…that is not attached to any specific item, is considered a form of PAYMENT and can be used like cash on almost anything in the store.

6. Am I able to use Coupons when earning Catalinas?

Coupons do not affect whether or not you receive a Catalina. Some Catalinas are what we call “total purchase” Catalinas. So, for example it will say “Spend $25 in a single transaction, get back $5.00 OYNO”. You CAN use paper coupons to help get your total out of pocket cost down. As long as your total is $25 BEFORE paper coupons, the Catalina should generate. IF, however, you have a Kroger Digital Coupon loaded to your Kroger account, these WILL affect your “total spent”, so make sure you don’t have anything loaded that would cause your total to dip below the $25.

7. Do Catalinas print when using Kroger Pickup?

At the moment, Kroger Pickup department does NOT have a Catalina Machine, so you will need to go into the store if you plan on earning these.

8. What do I do if I was expecting a Catalina to print and it didn’t?

If you do NOT receive a Kroger Catalina you were expecting:

Fill out the contact form found HERE or call 888-826-8766 within 7 days of your transaction

Any other questions you have? Leave them in the comments below!

I update my Kroger Catalinas Master List throughout the week, so be sure to check back often. We also highlight the best Catalinas with deal scenarios at Kroger HERE.

Kroger Catalinas are a fantastic way to save BIG at Kroger! It’s one of my favorite things about shopping there!