Did you know that there are several Michigan Kroger locations that will double $1 coupons? Yep, if you have a $1 coupon it will double to $2! I call these “super doubles” and some of you may be closer than you think! I have taken the time to compile a list of participating stores and mapped them out for you. I called each and every one of these stores myself to confirm, so as of Feb 2013 this information is up to date.

View Michigan Kroger Super Doubles Larger Map

All of these Kroger Michigan stores limit 3 “like” coupons and are likely to be VERY strict with enforcing coupon limits, so be prepared to follow the rules to the letter. 🙂

Bay City, MI 48706
945 N Euclid Avenue

Bridgeport, MI 48722
6370 Dixie Highway

Burton, MI 48529
1200 E Bristol Road

Davison, MI 48423
700 N State Road

Essexville, MI 48732
2910 Center Avenue

Flint, MI 48506
3838 Richfield Road

Flint, MI 48532
5249 Corunna Road

Flint, MI 48532
3288 Corunna Road

Flint, MI 48504
2629 W Pierson Road

Flint, MI 48507
5186 Fenton Road

Flushing, MI 48433
1542 E Pierson Road

Frankenmuth, MI 48734
435 N Main Street

Grand Blanc, MI 48439
12731 S Saginaw Street

Howell, MI 48843
108 W Highland Road

Mount Morris, MI 48458
7188 N Saginaw Road

Owosso, MI 48867
1315 E M 21

Saginaw, MI 48638
5025 Gratiot Road

Saginaw, MI 48601
3860 Dixie Highway

Saginaw, MI 48603
4672 State Street

Swartz Creek, MI 48473
7084 Miller Road

If you have personal experience with any of these stores, please share in the comments below! I know next time I travel up north I’ll be taking my $1 coupons with me!

Please note that the Kroger Perrysburg Super Double Coupons stopped back in May of 2011.

See more Kroger Locations.

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January 30, 201408:43 am

I Use Saginaw KRoger And They Do Still Double Up To A Dollar. Most Things Are Gone Though. It Stinks.

Ashley B.

March 7, 201402:44 pm

I agree. Be sure to get your rainchecks.


December 18, 201301:35 am

I heard that NO more stores in MI will double dollar coupons. Can we please get an update? TIA!

Ashley B.

March 7, 201402:43 pm

Many stores in Michigan still double up to $1.


February 11, 201310:31 pm

Flint MI - some stores are enforcing a limit of 2 coupons per item that are internet printed coupons.


February 11, 201312:53 pm

My Bay City store also doubles printed coupons up to a dollar as well but a limit of two per manufactuer, you can use the printed with the paper coupons together :)


February 11, 201311:32 am

Any idea if any stores VA doubles up to $1.00?

Amanda J

February 11, 201308:47 am

Thanks Debbie! None double past .50 in north central WV either. But I still get great deals...


February 11, 201308:30 am

I love my Flint and Grand Blanc stores. They state the policy is 3 like Q's but they have the option to accept and double more. I always use 3-4 and they all double.


February 10, 201310:46 pm

I live in the west flint area. I shop at 2 sometimes 3 different stores as they are not that far apart. I haven't had any problems at any of the stores I frequent. They also have managers special meat and marked down clearance by the pop redemption machines. Don't know if other stores do that or not.Kroger bread is frequently 49-59 cents. Also I always check the produce.


February 10, 201310:37 pm

Amanda J., I live near the northern panhandle of WV and I do not know of any Kroger stores in that area that double over .50.


February 10, 201310:33 pm

Perrysburg, Ohio store ONLY doubles up to and including $.99, but no loner do they double the $1.00 ones. :(


February 10, 201307:46 pm

I hit the Howell Kroger once a month and often come home with a boat load of products saving over 75%. However, a lot of times the shelves are empty for products I really wanted and their cashiers can be difficult. Some allow a coupon for a product with a different picture on it and others don't. Even if it's a manufacturers coupon but states "redeemable at Walmart", they will not take it. They are very strict about three like coupons at this store. When the cashier(s) are curt (and they often are), I get a little nervous so I try not to shop at this store alone.


February 10, 201307:28 pm

Ann,,,Perrysburg Oh, just outside Toledo doubles .99 and above...to 1.98.


February 10, 201306:52 pm

I shop at the Frankenmuth, MI store and they double up to a dollar, and if a coupon is, say $1.50 off it will round up to $2. The signs say they double 3 like coupons, but I was recently told it's 3 manufacturers and only 2 printable coupons. I always go at night when it's the young cashiers since the older women during the day are very rude to couponers. I usually go a couple times a week and end up getting quite a few things for free.


February 10, 201306:45 pm

Bay city is very strict. Bay city also only doubles the first 2 like coupons, and will accept the 3rd but will not double. Will not accept more than 2 coupons from the same manufacturer as well.

Brenda Reau

February 10, 201306:17 pm

The Howell Kroger is a very large nice store but since it is the only one in the area that doubles up to $1 I believe they are swamped with couponers and are often out of popular items. I occasionally stop there when I am in the area but have not always had the best success. If someone is traveling a distance they may be dissapointed.


February 10, 201306:03 pm

Is there any Ohio kroger that doubles $1 coupons?


February 10, 201304:38 pm

Love my saginaw stores!!

Amanda J

February 10, 201304:37 pm

Are there any stores in WV that double past .50 cents? It might be worth a drive...