Kroger Columbus | No Double Coupons

Well, folks. We all knew it was coming eventually and it was good while it lasted, but….

This week, Kroger informed me that the Kroger Columbus/Great Lakes region (my personal Kroger region) will no longer be doubling coupons. This was officially announced this morning and will be taking effect May 1st. That means your paper coupons will only be accepted at FACE value.

I know this is very disappointing news, especially for you “high doublers” ($0.55 and over), and I totally feel your pain. This is going to be a huge adjustment. But, before you vow to boycott Kroger altogether, let me be the voice of reason. I encourage you to go through my posts from the last few weeks and notice that the MAJORITY of deals do not require any doubling. In fact, if you browse my current Must-Do Deals list, you’ll see that you can get AMAZING deals with no doubles required!! You may find that even after taking off the extra $0.50 or $0.60 out of the equation, you will still consider the final cost a stockup price.

Kroger Columbus | No Double Coupons

Do me a favor and go through your Kroger receipts and look at the BONUS Savings to see how much of your savings came from doubling so you have a good idea of how much doubling has really saved you.  As good as double coupons SEEM…the numbers just don’t scream “unbelievable”!

Of course if you need to vent, feel free to do so in the comments below. If you can’t complain here, where can ya!? 🙂  Maybe those of you who have already been through this can give these Columbus/Great Lakes region-ers some moral support. 

Official Press Release

Columbus Division Announces Store-Wide Price Reductions

Thousands of prices reduced in produce, natural foods, organics and grocery, benefitting 100% of customers

Double coupons eliminated May 1st

Other savings programs continue, including: $4/$10 generic prescriptions, fuel rewards up to $1.00 per gallon, digital coupons, loyalty mailers and weekly specials

COLUMBUS, OH (March 28, 2014) – Kroger’s Columbus Division has announced a comprehensive price reduction plan, investing millions of dollars to reduce prices across the store. Kroger merchandisers started cutting even more prices March 3, and all new low prices will officially be in place by April 2.

The Kroger team carefully selected items that are frequently found in most customers’ shopping carts to ensure all customers would benefit from the price reductions over time.

Kroger is reducing a significant number of produce prices. These lower prices also will encourage customers to increase the amount of healthy, nutritious produce in their diet.

The program includes a significant number of lower prices in natural foods and organics, reinforcing a rapid increase in natural foods sales over the last decade. Natural foods sales have more than doubled at Kroger stores in the last four years. That trend accelerated with the highly successful launch of the Simple Truth line of products, a Kroger exclusive. Kroger is rewarding natural foods and organic customers as part of this initiative.

As part of this investment in lower prices for all customers, Kroger’s Columbus Division has made the decision to stop doubling coupons effective Thursday, May 1, 2014.  Kroger stores in the region will continue to accept manufacturer coupons, valid printables and valid electronic coupons at face value. In the Columbus Division, less than 2% of all customers are what Kroger categorizes as “heavy coupon users,” and 86% of customers are not even using double coupons at all.

“Double coupons originated decades ago, in an era when none of the current online and electronic coupon options were available to customers and smartphones did not exist,” said Jackie Siekmann, spokesperson for Kroger’s Columbus Division. “Kroger will continue to evolve to meet the expectations of 21st century shoppers.”

Kroger’s investment in lowering thousands of prices for all customers will total at least three times the value currently received by a very small number of customers by doubling coupons.

“With the economic downturn in 2008, The Kroger Co. responded by reducing prices throughout our stores, benefitting both our customers and associates,” said Siekmann. “We continue to leverage our scale as one of the largest retailers in the world to work with suppliers to reduce costs, and in turn pass those savings along to our customers.”

The latest campaign to reduce every day prices is an extension of the ongoing investment. Some examples of the new pricing include:

Roma Tomatoes: former retail $1.29/lb., new price $.99/lb.

Nabisco Oreo 18 oz.: former retail $3.19, new price $2.99

Kroger Peanut Butter 28 oz.: former retail $3.29, new price $2.99

Kibbles ‘N Bits Dog Food 17.6 oz.: former retail $12.89, new price $10.99

In addition to price reductions, Kroger continues to offer customers comprehensive savings opportunities including fuel rewards, $4/$10 generic prescriptions, loyalty mailers tailored to individual customers’ shopping habits, weekly specials and digital coupons.

About Kroger

Kroger, the nation’s largest traditional grocery retailer, employs more than 339,000 associates who serve customers in 2,422 supermarkets and multi-department stores in 31 states under two dozen local banner names including Kroger, City Market, Dillons, Jay C, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers, QFC, Ralphs and Smith’s. The Company also operates 790 convenience stores, 323 fine jewelry stores, 1,141 supermarket fuel centers and 37 food processing plants in the U.S. Recognized by Forbes as the most generous company in America in 2010, Kroger supports hunger relief, breast cancer awareness, the military and their families, and more than 30,000 schools and grassroots organizations in the communities it serves. Kroger contributes food and funds equal to 160 million meals a year through more than 80 Feeding America food bank partners. For more information, visit

The regions that DO still double are as follows:

  • Michigan
  • King Soopers (affiliate store in CO)
  • Fry’s (affiliate in AZ)
  • Knoxville TN area stores?

Follow the instructions to Find your Kroger region.

Kroger Columbus | No Double Coupons

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April 1, 201407:06 pm

I find offense in the comment to tell the coupon book ladies thanks for clearing the shelves. I have a coupon binder so I can be organized and have all of my coupons with me incase I find a deal that was not listed in the ad. Not to mention to take into many stores besides Kroger. I obey all of the stores rules to supply my family with all of the items they want at a discounted price thanks to coupons. I have been doing this for over 10 years! I have not even watched extreme couponers and have no intention to. Please do not assume everyone that has a binder in clearing shelves and selling items on craigslist!


April 1, 201411:21 am

I feel that the statement released was an insult to the 2% using double coupons. Calling us "Heavy couponers" and listing price reductions on Romas,Oreos, peanut butter, and dog food? Are these examples of the top things the other 98% want lower prices on, or are they assuming we are overweight home made marinara sauce makers that love our dogs?


March 30, 201401:39 pm

Sorry to hear. We haven't had doubles since end of last year (Arkansas); it has made me watch more closely for higher value coupons.


March 29, 201411:41 pm

Doubling coupons has saved me on average around $600 a year. 'Nuff said. This will impact many people.


March 29, 201408:23 pm

Kroger will still be my #1 store, actually the only store that I shop! Doubling coupons was a great bonus, but I don't think it is the end of the world that they are stopping. Why are there so many people posting on here that they don't shop at Kroger? If you don't shop there this shouldn't be a problem for you? Thank you Katie for all your hard work! Your website is awesome!!


March 29, 201403:31 pm

I'm very sad about this. I love Krogers and save a lot with the coupons that double :( I'll still shop there, but I'll shop more now at other stores that double like Giant Eagle and Meijers. Looks like I'll have to buy my Angel Soft at Giant Eagle now when they have them on sale 10 for $10. That's how I stock up on tp. I don't go to CVS or Walgreens, but looks like I'm going to have to check out the deals there also. I really enjoyed just going to Krogers for the great deals instead of a million other stores.


March 29, 201401:24 pm

So....before I got this news this morning...I sent my husband to the Dublin Sawmill Road Kroger for two packs of huggies wipes, some toothpaste, and some of the krusteaz cookies... he got back with what I sent him for, but when i looked at the "bonus' double coupon amount!!! I will be scooting my happy butt over there ASAP to get my doubles until may1!!!


March 29, 201409:46 am

Even though I won't be able to get double coupons at Kroger anymore, can I still stack coupons ?


March 29, 201411:39 am

I shop almost exclusively at Kroger; have for years. Might have to re-think this and give Community Market my business. The Kroger peanut butter that they are reducing from $3.19 to $2.99 was much lower than that before they raised the price about a year ago. Didn't know there was ever a peanut shortage.


March 29, 201409:36 am

So sad! I was at my Kroger two times yesterday and realized many store associates recognize me by face. I have been using coupons when my oldest was a baby, and wont stop because Kroger will stop double, but it'll be more difficult to stick to my budget. With a very tight budget already I don't know how it'll work. As long as Kroger continues the Mega Sales the Friday Freebie, and good digital coupons, I'll still shop there.


March 29, 201409:23 am

Almost every coupon I use doubles, but I am in Michigan and I go to the Owosso store and they double up to a dollar so I used 32.25 in coupons and got a bonus of 30.13


May 2, 201412:56 am

I heard that Owosso will stop doubling next week


March 29, 201401:05 am

I live in tennessee and as of right now they are still doubling up to $1

Tonya S

March 29, 201408:19 pm

what part of TN???


August 10, 201409:45 pm

I live in Clarksville and our Krogers only double up to .50.


March 29, 201412:49 am

Maybe I'm just used to not getting any doubling. Lol I still think kroger has great deals from time to time. Sometimes what helps are the MM items-I LOVE this!!


March 29, 201412:37 am

so is it every store in ohio stopping ?? And today my total was 140 after coupons 45 and 20 of it was from doubling .. i need doubling lol i always sace 20 to 40 with the extra doubling


March 28, 201410:29 pm

I only get coupons doubled at sellers. Here, in Texas, they stop doubling coupons since long so I don't worry. Unfortunately, I always go late to kroger and cannot find nothing. Even if you go on Wednesday morning, people seem to be taking everything. Another way to save, it's to match up prices at Walmart, shop at walgreens & cvs-ONLY when it's a good deal and get back RR & ECB.


March 28, 201410:21 pm

We had 2 Krogers here where I live. Last year they closed one of the stores, and then announced effective May 1st, 2013 would be the day the started redeeming coupons for face value only. There would no longer be any doubling of coupons. Once they did this, I took my business to Walmart & Food Lion. I buy very few things at Krogers anymore. If it wasn't for the pharmacy, I probably wouldn't even bother going in the store at all. It saddens me too, as I grew up on Kroger brands.


March 28, 201409:47 pm

Why haven't the stores on that EXTREME COUPONING show stopped doubling? They are the ones looking crazy getting 1,0000 rolls of paper towels....for free.


March 28, 201409:30 pm

I politely disagree with your statement that the doubled value of the coupons is a small amount. My doubled coupons today saved me another $6 on $20, an extra $30 on $110 and $45 on $140. That's an extra $81. I consider that amount a considerable saving.


March 28, 201409:17 pm

So we get to save .30 on Oreos, peanut butter and a giant bag of dog food instead of doubled. YAY! I don't eat junk food, have no dog. But wait, I forgot thr great tomato deal.... Just venting. Life will go on....but I did save around $40-$50 a month from doubling. And I have NEVER been a "shelf clearer" and didn't use double to get things totally free.....just cheaper. Hope we get more high dollar coupons. I will not bother printing coupons less than $1 anymore.


March 28, 201409:13 pm

Is the store on Sterns in Lambertville considered a Michigan store? Will they still double? or are they considered Columbus? They use the same ad as Toledo.


March 29, 201408:55 am

Lambertville will not double anymore, but the rest of the Kroger stores in Michigan will.


March 28, 201409:00 pm

It will not be worth the price in INK to print coupons if Kroger stops doubling, and 95% of my coupons I print myself. I KNEW this was going to happen as soon as they changed their sale cycle in Columbus region.


March 28, 201408:06 pm

It is ridiculous on how people empty out the whole store. Since the 5 for $5 started, I have not been able to find any wipes, dove, axe, mention a few. I asked the manager and he said they'll not put any more of the products until the sale ends. UGH! Too bad, I missed out on some great offers:(


March 30, 201401:42 pm

I take a picture of the empty shelf, go to customer service, and get a rain check(s) for the items missing. Actually reduces a lot of the stress of "catching the product/price before the sale ends" rush for me. When the shelf is restocked, I redeem my rain check and it's all gravy.


March 29, 201412:36 pm

I always ask for a rain check and make sure the clerk notes the MEGA sale price. I then wait a week. They will have restocked the shelves by then and I still get the same price. I have never had a problem with Kroger not honoring its rain check.


March 29, 201403:21 pm

@janet, I've been told more than once they can do a raincheck but I Can't get the extra $1($5 when you buy 5) even if you buy the 5 items. :( Which Krogers do you shop at? Columbus, Ohio here.


March 29, 201412:04 am

Thank YOU!! It amazes me how the shelves empty when I just want one bottle of shampoo or a tube of toothpaste. I get the stockpile thing, but seriously, share the savings with others that need the savings just as much as everyone else. Well said Desire!

Carol haws

March 28, 201405:27 pm

It is still great that you save a lot of money on gas. I worked at a Michigan store that doubled for three years... To all you double coupon customers that abused the program ...... Using three coupons on three orders ...taking to your car and coming back in for twenty five free toothpaste total... I think this is great... And it is not Kroger that is pulling the baby wipes it is the customers like you taking them all in one day.. So the warehouse cannot even get any.. And I wonder what all you double couponers that sell our product on craiglist will do now .. Tell the coupon book ladies thanks for the abuse of a good thing... And be happy you got it for years no one else did


March 28, 201404:13 pm

Our kroger in London ky hasnt doubled in a while but I still find some great deals. I just have to watch for sales and match up coupons. I only have one Kroger in my area out of four that i visit due to rude cashiers. Our Krogers are also really bad for pulling sale items that have coupons out on them. I still havent seen any baby wipes for 99 cents in my store since the sale started. Really stinks that they no longer double for us. We are also on a limit of three same coupons in a transaction and we can only do that once a day. I have a feeling that in the next few years Krogers will go strictly to digital coupons.


March 28, 201403:50 pm

My Kroger in MI doubles coupons up to .50. They will only double up to 3 like coupons a day. This is fine with me since I moved here from a state that does not double at all.


March 28, 201403:47 pm

To all of you that get double coupons and crying about it! at least you got to enjoy it before it was done away with. I never got to participate in double coupons at my store, and prices here are usually more than what I see on this website, yet since I starting following Kroger Krazy I do shop at Kroger at lot more than before and less at Walmart which was previously my main store. so yes you can still get good deals, and no it's not the end of the world.

Jessica Nicole

March 28, 201403:40 pm

The Kroger in Hillsboro Ohio does not double now and their prices are way more than any other Kroger I have been to... Its crazy how they let "extreme couponers" ruin good deals for everyone... They should at least limit the number of same coupons they double not do away with it all together...


March 28, 201403:14 pm

Can't say I'm surprised. The press release clearly shows they don't value customers they consider "heavy couponers" and losing their business won't make a difference on their overall profits. Since doubling stopped in Metro Atlanta late last year, I have switched over almost completely to Publix, which continues to double coupons. This greedy corporation will no longer get my hard earned money.

karen b

March 28, 201403:00 pm

they stopped doubling in our area last May & yes it got alittle harder to save but you get more diligent in what you buy. I have found the $1 tree has been a life savior since they started taking coupons. I live in a rural area & my closest store is over 10 miles away & its a Kroger so guess what its still my go too store. when I'm in our closest larger city I go to the other stores armed w/ coupons I can use & extra care bucks. actually we in our area hopes ALL Kroger stores & affilates stop doubling because we feel its been unfair to the regions that has already stopped especially since our prices are higher here anyway. around here they only doubled up to .50 anyway so maybe not as big of a deal. this site & other sites post some of their prices & I think WOW I could save another $150 - 200 a month on household expenses w/ those prices :) we don't do much shopping @ Walmart because not as convient for us & some of the clerks are rude. If you have a Sams close by you can save especially if you have an extra freezer. I went to our local one (which is about 50 minutes away) this week for our by-monthly stock up & paid only $1.64 a # for b/s chicken breast since I bought a case. a lot of their meat you can buy by the case. this saves us a lot of money in the long run :)


March 28, 201402:50 pm

If you believe they are lowing the prices then you also believe Obama care lowered healthcare prices. Mine went up 25% I live in the Dayton Ohio area and Kroger's stopped doubling coupons 6-8months ago here and the prices aren't lower!


March 28, 201407:09 pm

Agree! Agree! Agree!


March 28, 201402:41 pm

I also shop the Kroger store in Michigan that doubles. The manager said by summer they will stop doubling because Meijers stopped. That store everyday is a war zone for the binder brigade. My strategy is simple, stock up and empty my binder . Girls it's coming and then Krogers is off my radar. Going to cheaper IGA. If Krogers doesn't realize that the Michigan economy is still bad and the unemployment rate is so high then shame on them. The manager said the store loses 1 million dollars a year for the unreimbursed double coupon they accept. I have been filling my basement since the manager told me that '


March 28, 201402:30 pm

I just started using coupons not too long ago and my kroger, here in TX, do not double. I've had some great deals. My shopping trip to kroger it's always planning/writing down on what I'll have to buy. The only way I'll buy other things if they are on closeout. This week my total, before coupons was $178 and I end up paying $14 after coupons and got 2 cats. 1 for $3 and the other one for $2. I was SUPER excited:)

Nicole G

March 28, 201401:51 pm

Mine doesn't double and I still get good deals, but I have to say the endless free toothpaste and panty liners ended when they stopped doubling. Stock up now!


March 28, 201401:40 pm

My Kroger has not doubled coupons in a long time. Which was before i even couponed but i still think kroger has some awesome deals with out without doubling!

Lindsay McCain

March 28, 201401:32 pm

My last receipt had over $20 in bonus savings :(


March 28, 201401:23 pm

my kroger in mi still doubles $1.00 and rolls $1+ coupons up to $2.00. i will be very sad if they stop the doubling. will all krogers eventually stop doubling?? when meijer stopped doubling i stopped shopping there. now i only run in for a few brand specific items once every few months. if kroger stops doubling, i will move on to walmart because their everyday low prices are cheaper and they will price match all sales of other stores. doubling high coupons is how i save $100s every week on groceries!!


March 28, 201402:28 pm

what Kroger do shop at, I am in Michigan but neither of the Krogers near me (Gibralter and Monroe on Dixie Hwy) double anymore.


March 31, 201410:29 pm

Dixie highway near Bridgeport both double, Frankenmuth doubles and the two in Saginaw and Bay City all double $1. Limit of 3 like insert coupons and printables, but Frankenmuth does limit prints to 2 of the same per order. One order per day and no b2b.. more than fair and very thankful I am within 1.5 hours of 5 Krogers that still double. If I need to frequent them all for a good deal like wipes with 2 grandbabies and 1 on the way then I surely will, those that go in and out and in and out to the car and back and forth will eventually ruin it here.


March 28, 201401:19 pm

In my area of Michigan, they still double, however, it's quite obvious that our prices here are routinely higher than in KrogerKrazy territory. I agree with the other posters who pointed out that if only 2% of shoppers are couponers, then why target those people? It's got to make business sense for Kroger to do this which simply means that they somehow think they are going to be squeezing out a larger profit, and at the expense of the shoppers who obviously need the most help with their budget. I am dreading when it happens here, because I will leave Kroger's just to make a point.


March 28, 201401:02 pm

I live in Durham NC and choose to shop at Harris teeter most of the time but since kroger did away with my doubles in May of 2013 they forced me to turn into a cherry picker. anyone wanting a good laugh go online and Google Kroger aquires Harris Teeter in merger. So my feeling is if they can afford to do that why have they gotten rid of doubles? they also promised us in our region new lower prices and I am NOT finding that either! By the way this week Harris Teeter is holding their super double event were they double a coupon up to $2. So I think it is pretty crappy of Kroger to do this to everyone else.


March 28, 201401:02 pm

Kroger in my region stopped tripling and then doubling a while ago. While I still shop there, I have noticed that their prices never went down, in spite of their promise. Believe me. What i do is every time I fill out the extra fuel points survey, I am not lazy to write in additional comments how disappointed I am due to no more double policy. And I would encourage all Kroger couponers to do the same.


March 28, 201401:01 pm

My Kroger stopped a while back,Mid-South Region, I don't go as often as before because I want to make the trip really count. To be honest, the items were cheaper at Kroger because of "doubling" but without it .....items are cheaper at Walmart. I still shop Kroger but not as much as before.


March 28, 201412:50 pm

I still save a bunch and my kroger stopped doubling a long long time ago... like 2 years ago almost. My meijer doesnt either. Hit up kmart when they have their double coupon weeks or offers. I refuse to go to 3 stores for different deals. If it's in the ad I go to walmart and ad match so that I am not running to a ton of other stores. Now if its not in the ad, then it sucks but I use favado to tell me the best price to get an item at... etc...I mostly shop at kroger because it is closest and most of the time I get the best deals there anyways. It sucks they dont double but I still save a ton and have been for 2 yrs. I still love krogers, they always have some type of deals going on so still worth it to go there to me.


March 28, 201412:22 pm

Okay, this is what drove from Meijers to Kroger . What this means is that I will be more selective on my shopping, split my trips into three different stores. Meijer for the basics, and split my trip for Meats and produce between Giant Eagle and Kroger. It will take a little work but will still get the deals I want. I guess I can say so long to the Free candy bars at Kroger.


March 28, 201412:16 pm

Wow! I was hoping we wouldn't get hit with this happening to Columbus. It really makes a big difference in my life. With the high costs of gas, electric, cable and everything else this was the only way that I felt like I was doing well with. It will alter everything that I have been able to afford to buy. prices has be outrageous lately as it is. There is just no happy medium to any of this. And alot of coupons and off of 2 items which doesn't help at all. Wish they would reconsider this. The other people who are not worried about saving money are going to benefit now. sad

Kelly Funk

March 28, 201411:53 am

Wow, this really stinks!! My family of 5 are on a very limited budget and we only have about $200 for food for a month. I really relied on Kroger doubling coupons to help us save some money. I will still shop at Kroger of course, but I will have to rely on Aldis more now! I use e-coupons a lot, but having paper coupons will always be something I use too. Wonder why Kroger is not thinking about their loyal customers?


March 28, 201411:50 am

Only 2% of Kroger Shoppers are "heavy couponers" - I gather 2 things from that statement ... A - They do not care whether they lose that 2% of their shoppers due to this policy change, or B- Why would they stop if ONLY 2% are doubling? That makes no sense to me, you are not hurting for the money if ONLY 2% are using it? Why not keep it for that 2% Shame on you Kroger!


March 29, 201412:39 am

I totally agree. I find it funny that they used the same 2% statement over and over again. They know that they have a monopoly as for as grocery chains go. I am in the Delta region and there are no other chains here. I miss Schnuck's!!!!They could at least do like Kmart and offer double days. I find that I don't spend as much at Kroger as I use to. I totally hate going to Walmart but they do have overall better prices.


March 29, 201403:55 pm

I was thinking the same thing when my Kroger stopped doubling last year. If only 2% of their customers use double coupons why stop. I agree Brittany, I guess they can afford to lose 2% of their customers... who I am sure are like me and bought other things like meat, produce, and bakery items that I usually didn't have a coupon for. LaKeisha, I miss Schuncks also, but I go when I visit family!!!


March 28, 201411:50 am

I am also in Michigan we still double at our Krogers ours double to 50 cents and the stores in some areas do double dollars so we can be glad but do not be too greedy


March 28, 201411:45 am

The only store that still doubles here in Virginia is Martins, but they only double the first coupon, so I don't bother. I stopped shopping at our Walmarts a couple years ago because they will not accept printables. (none!) And I LOVE printables! Kroger is my favorite store and thanks to Katie I save lots!! (even without the doubles!) (:


March 28, 201411:27 am

This sucks! I love Kroger for the fact of the doubling of coupons. Guess it's time to find a new store! When I go 90% of the items I buy I use a coupon for! And over half usually is one that will double. Sad dad day .... Have to watch the sales closely next month and stock up while I can so I can search for a new favorite store !


March 28, 201411:27 am

Sadly, I will probably do more store jumping. I usually do most of my shopping at Kroger, and even though I'm in the Dayton region which doesn't double, I had been planning trips to Cbus to take advantage of the double coupons when I had a lot of decent deals (like this week), but I recently found out that Meijer accepts competitor coupons (ex. Target Coupons) as a "store coupon" and STACKS with a manufacturer coupon! That is sometimes better than doubling (and not as far to travel to do so!) But Katie, I will def keep following your blog, and just be a better comparison shopper!

Roci R

March 28, 201411:51 am

Suni, look into / sign up for Meijer mperks. You can load e coupons as well as personalized rewards ( for example spend $50 in meat & seafood get $8 oyno or spend $30 in health care get $5 oyno ). And yes we all knew it was coming. Kroger is the closest store to me and I prefer their milk and produce above all other stores in my area, so I will still definitely go there for those items as well as any great deals that Katie finds for us. But if the deals that work for me for the week are significantly better at Meijer then I will drive the extra miles. Although I will still pass on by the Walmart that is across the street from Kroger. I don't know if it is just that store, but I don't find their "low prices" to be low at all.


March 28, 201411:25 am

Whelp! I'm back to walmart! That's the only reason for me shopping at kroger! The doubling of the coupons! Now walmart will be cheaper for sure! You did it to yourself KROGER!


March 28, 201407:18 pm

I hate walmart, but you are right they are so much cheaper, the only thing keeping me at Kroger was the double....please please Katie can you start doing a walmart ad matchup for us all


March 28, 201411:21 am

I live in Texas where they stopped doubles 3 years back. Then I looked for other options in my city and now do all my shopping at Randall's (Safeway group). They double only the first similar coupon but with the j4u program, I am hooked. I step into Kroger once in a month with max of $20 receipt. In my opinion, Kroger lost my >$500 business just because they stopped doubling. Now, $7 on a weekly basis may not seem too much but it adds up. It's definitely a huge saving for customers and a loss for kroger the reason why its stopping doubles. Just my opinion.


March 28, 201411:18 am

I'm really disappointed that Kroger has done this. I will shop there less because of it. I have 3 Community Markets in my county that double up to $.50 and they are a lot friendlier than any Kroger employee and they don't limit the number of coupons used. And yes, it will have an affect on my family and my budget. I'm a low-income, single mom who coupons. Before I started couponing I would have to visit food pantries to be able to feed my children. So those great deals I was getting with double coupons was providing the luxuries to my kids and allowing me to have money to buy other items I need.


March 28, 201411:15 am

I am in the Delta area and we haven't doubled coupons in awhile now.. actually our store stopped really close to when i started couponing so i was very disappointed. It would have been very easy for me to stop Kroger cause i was still very new at all of this. However i have a wonderful friend who has been a loyal Kroger girl and coupon girl for many many years and she encouraged me to stick it out. i am SOOOO GLAD i did.. i love love Kroger. The prices are still very low and like you said most of the great deals dont require a double coupon. But its not just about the coupons why i shop at Kroger.. I love the gas points I get.. Got 90 cents off this week...and the employees that work at my Kroger are some of the nicest people i have ever met. They make you feel its a pleasure to have you shop there. No bad attitudes at all and for me that is priceless. I will not shop at a store that makes me feel like im am putting them out by shopping there... Kroger has NEVER made me feel that way.. anyways.. my advice is continue to shop at Kroger.. the benefits far out weigh the little negative. ohhhh yeah... we are getting a MEGA Kroger soon.. i know thats not the right name for it.. but it is gonna be HUGE.... cant wait!!!!!


March 28, 201411:13 am

Texas doesn't double coupons and I still save TONS of money.


March 28, 201411:09 am

This is no the end of the world, You can still save good money if you follow Katie's deals. You may not have as many free items, but there are still many good deals. As for lower prices, they do give you a few but make it up by raising prices on other items. Example as on the Dove Shampoo. Katie has it for $1.99 as part of the mega sale. In Indiana it is $2.49 with the mega sale. A few cents difference I could understand, but there is no reason for a 50 cent difference. Making up for their lower prices? I do more pricing checking now at Walmart on the items that are not on sale at Kroger.


March 28, 201411:04 am

I am so disappointed in Krogers. I do all of my shopping there. I am a senior citizen and I count on those double coupons. If I can't save money at Krogers with my coupons, I will start going to the cheaper stores. When other stores stopped the double coupons, I was so proud of Krogers because they hadn't changed. Well, now, shame on you Krogers


March 28, 201411:03 am

Well I guess now I will have to cut my food cost and now start canning every summer. Doubling coupons helped save for gas, diapers and other needs that a family has to have. Traveling 45 minutes to my only local Kroger two times a month will now be one time a month now.


March 28, 201411:02 am

Bad move Kroger's I will be going back to Walmart. The only reason I shopped at Krogers was because of the doubling coupons. Walmart is cheaper, price matches, and takes coupons so its a win win with them.

Erin Ivey

March 28, 201411:01 am

I live in Michigan and I have 2 krogers close to me. Bay City Kroger, doubles up to a $1 Midland Kroger, does not double.


March 28, 201410:52 am

I live in the mid south region and I am sure its only a matter of time before they quit doubling for us then it will be back to Aldi all the way for me.


March 28, 201410:51 am

Veronica, Michigan Kroger stores still double but it may be up to the individual manager of each store whether they want to double or not. I have heard of individual stores in Michigan that stopped doubling its a pretty much call the store and ask kind of thing.


March 28, 201410:51 am

I still love Kroger, their store is so much better than Wal-Mart BUT I also have a Giant Eagle and they double so on the things I can get a better deal with when doubling I will buy there. But again I saved at Kroger even BEFORE I started couponing a few months ago, the doubles certainly made it exciting but even at face value they almost always beat Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle at least in my area. Also their produce, unlike Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle is always fresh, well presented, so they have not lost me as a customer but Giant Eagle will certainly get more visits from me when my high value coupons get me a better deal with Giant Eagles doubling up to $0.99!


March 28, 201410:49 am

Not surprised. I have been waiting for this day. I guess I'm moving to Giant Eagle after May 1st. Bye Krogers!


March 28, 201410:41 am

I work as a cashier in one of these Columbus area stores! I usually get excited for people who bring me a stack of coupons! Love to see people save money! There are people out there that abuse this option too! I still think that Krogers has great deals!


March 28, 201410:40 am

Not surprised at all. I was told late last year by a store Manager that it was going to happen but they didn't know a date. I know one thing, I will definitely start comparing ads/prices a whole lot more and will probably use less printable coupons and more digital coupons. Meaning I will start shopping at Meijer more now. I will save on ink.


March 28, 201410:39 am

My store (I am in TX) does not double, and I still save a ton of money. I discovered this blog and started trying the wonderful art of couponing just recently, and on my first trip to Kroger with my coupons in hand and a Mega Event strategy I saved 42% on my entire order! Now I feel like it's a competition with myself to see how much I can save. :) While I can imagine it will be an adjustment for those losing their doubling, I can assure you that there are still awesome deals!


March 28, 201410:34 am

I knew it was coming but wahhhhhhhhh

Richelle F

March 28, 201410:32 am

Our Cincinnati/Dayton stores did this about a year ago and we were all upset. However, they did lower the prices a little bit on almost all their products. We also seem to receive a lot more paper coupons from Kroger than we did before the change. I did notice a little difference in our bill but not a ton like I was expecting.


March 28, 201410:28 am

We stopped shopping at WalMart and began shopping at Kroger for the double coupons. When our Kroger stops doubling I guess it will be back to WalMart. Why not? They match prices AND accept coupons, making the prices cheaper in the long run. What a same! I love my Krogers, but can't afford their prices without double coupons. Bad move Kroger. :(


March 28, 201410:28 am

I'm sure I'll still find deals, but this is disappointing. What else is misleading is how they state they are going to quit doubling coupons in order to offer lower prices on healthy items like produce, yet they use Oreo cookies as an example of an item that will be taking a price reduction. I question Kroger's transparency here.


March 28, 201410:27 am

I understand that doubling may not be "much", but as couponers, let's think about this...based on receipt posted, $7 per week is $364 a year! That's enough for two months of electric bills for me. Personally, I know that I save more than that in doubling per year.


March 28, 201410:43 am

I agree with you Sheila and also 'D' above you. I save way more than the average example shown here with doubling simply because I base using my coupons and my shopping trips in that way. My stores would double up to .99 so pretty much most of my coupons I would use would double. I also don't agree with their so called transparency, their supposed lower prices and better deals. This situation in all regions just make people not as loyal to one particular store. People are more willing to deal shop and go to a variety of places in order to get the best prices on various things. I use to be loyal to Meijer and then they stopped doubling, I increased my Kroger loyalty. Now Meijer doesn't double but they have way more and better digital coupons (mPerks) which also offer 5% off on entire grocery bill quite regularly and other bonuses. I am not saying I will ban Kroger entirely because I am not an extremist but my frequency to their store after doubling stops will definitely be less.


March 28, 201411:03 am

Just a side note to your Meijer shopping...they accept competitor coupons (like a "Target Coupon") and STACK with a manufacturer coupon! I just found that out this week and have already saved tons that way!


April 3, 201407:08 pm

Meijer does stack competitor coupons, but be prepared to educate your cashier. In my Meijer I have been told they don't accept competitor coupons, they do but they don't stack them, they do and they do stack them, and finally my favorite they accept competitor coupons but only if they say "manufacturer coupon" on them. I now carry a print out that states their policy specifically and show it when there is a problem. If a problem can't be resolved I call and speak with the store manager, not a department manger, and he has been very helpful if I bring in the receipt and coupons to refund my money.


March 28, 201410:23 am

Here in Missouri, they stopped doubling in August of last year. But the prices are lower and there are still plenty of deals. We have Gerbes instead of a Kroger. I am still able to get lots of great deals and often even free items.


March 28, 201410:21 am

I an in Michigan and I know that my county, Genesee county, still doubles. Many of the other counties around us do not.


March 28, 201410:21 am

How do I know what stores are in the Columbus Region. I live in northern Ohio and I'm hoping we are not in the Columbus Region. Please Help


March 28, 201410:26 am

OH NO I am in the Columbus Region. :(


March 28, 201410:20 am

i live in cinncy area, but have traveled to Columbus region to do some shopping, the "lower prices" they offer since discontinuing doubling in my area is not lower than Columbus area who was still doubling(sometimes it was better for me to drive to the closest Columbus store which is 45min away then shop at my cinncy store). So don't get too excited about the "lower" prices


March 28, 201411:06 am

We are in Dayton (which is the Cincy region on their map) and are planning to go to Cbus region to do some shopping this weekend. I have a friend that lives in the Cbus region, and we have been talking about planning weekend trips to her place when there are great sales...guess we won't be doing that anymore! :(

Becca Mccort

March 28, 201410:20 am

Anything is still better then walmart and the rude cashiers who work there and won't take any coupons and think they are better then you when you use a coupon. At least even if they have stopped doubling. At least the cashiers are nice about taking the coupons.


March 28, 201410:23 am

you must have a great krogers then, mine gives me a hard time, if the item isn't what the picture is they freak out and wont take it.


March 28, 201412:23 pm

I live in the Mid Atlantic region and my Kroger stopped doubles about a year ago. We rarely shop there any more because the cashiers won't take any C the doesn't match the pic even if it says on any. It's not worth the hassle. I think Kroger raised their prices in our region, especially on meat and dairy. We shop @ The Ingles and the Discount stores like Family Dollar and Dollar tree. My favorite is Dollar General Market because of the PLINK points. Even WalMart in our area is expensive. Try the dollar stores they are way fun.

Paige Dove

March 28, 201410:50 am

The cashiers at my Walmart are ridiculous as well, Becca. I went yesterday to price match the Dove deals that Kroger has since I can only buy 2 at a time and it isn't advertised in their paper ad so I asked a manager if they could match the price to my receipt and she told me that they would be happy to and they do it all the time. I got up to the register to check out and my cashier pretty much tried to make me feel stupid in front of her coworkers and refused to match the prices, even after I asked her to call for the manager (which she never did) :/


March 28, 201411:16 am

The managers phone number is at the service desk on the wall. I would have called them and told them the cashier refused to contact them when you asked them to. Since Kroger quit doubling in my region (mid south) last year I have still gone to Kroger for their great deals but also have been buying more things at Wal Mart, Target, and Walgreens.


March 28, 201410:19 am

My region stopped doubling coupons back in August. Many people did not like it and said they will go somewhere else. The Gerbes (aka Kroger) stores have lowered their price plus offer us a gas discount now. Even when some stores in my area has tripled coupons I still find that Gerbes (aka Kroger ) is cheaper. It was nice when it lasted. So far with my plus card I have saved over $1300 this year. Now if they are out of stock you can price match it at other stores since they do not double. I still find free stuff all the time. It is not so bad. Be happy they still take coupons.


March 28, 201410:18 am

Veronica, I live in MI as well and my store still doubles coupons :)

Kim Johnson

March 28, 201410:13 am

We have been without doubling for a while at our Somerset Kentucky Kroger but, the last few weeks of the mega sale I have still got some great deals! I still shop there just not as much as I used to. And yes, it's a big adjustment but, one you have to get used to.


March 28, 201410:12 am

So I live in Michigan and seem to remember them saying no more coupon doubling. But your map says they still do? Is this accurate?


March 31, 201410:33 pm

Saginaw, Bay City, Bridgeport and Frankenmuth all double $1.00 and Owosso as well.


March 28, 201410:52 am

krogers in Imaly City and Lapeer, krogers still double 50 cent coupons and genessee county still doubles. if our stores stop doubling i bet they go out of buisness. people from all over michigan to get the savings.. sorry about your region..