kroger must do deals

week of 3/23/14

Here are this week’s MUST-DO Kroger deals – Advertised and UNadvertised! Sorry this is a little late today. First of all I totally forgot it was Wednesday (just keeping it real) and then there are just sooooo many amazing deals with the Mega Event, plus “other great deals” that I couldn’t hold back the awesome-ness.

Special note about the current Mega Event: Columbus region will get 2 extra days to shop as they have extended it through April 1st! See why HERE

  • Sale dates are based on a Sun-Sat sale cycle, so if yours runs differently then you’ll want to add in those extras days. For example, if your ad cycle runs Wednesday-Tuesday, you’ll want to keep in mind that you have a couple more days to take advantage of the deals I have listed as ending on Saturday.
  • View the Full Kroger Ad Matchup for This Week
  • View the latest Kroger Closeouts

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Buy 5, Save $5 MEGA EVENT Deals (price reflects extra $1 off each item assuming you purchase 5 participating items) This is the 2nd and final week of the sale, dates run WITH your sale cycle

**I don’t include meat and local produce deals in this list because they vary so much by region. Be sure to check your local ad for those must-do deals!

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April 4, 201402:41 pm

Didn't see this posted for the week of 4/2. How often are the must do deals posted?


March 31, 201403:41 pm

FYI Checked my shopmium, and that $1 rebate on Belvita is for 2 boxes, not 1


March 31, 201402:12 pm

Kotex Catalina deal. I did it 5 times this morning. It works with either the cardboard box or plastic wrapped liners. Go cardboard if you can. You get 22 vs. 16. Catalinas printed back to back 5 times at 8 a.m. Great deal and thank you. In Michigan I paid $1.16 for 2 after rolling the $2.00 instant catalina.

LaTosha Freeman

March 28, 201411:18 am

I love this site! But anyway when the Izze drinks first went on sale I got 30 free! Went back 2 days later they had pulled the sale. But the Dove Mens hair care is free such a bargain and it smells so good. Im on this site daily so I can go to Krogers and save! Thanks so much!


March 29, 201401:20 pm

Probably pulled because u got 30, not because it was listed on this site. You ruin deals for other couponers that don't hoard, when u clear shelves.

Paige Dove

March 27, 201409:21 am

I went shopping yesterday and my total before coupons was right at $225 (my anxiety was through the roof because I didn't have anywhere near that much money on me or in my bank lol) and after my Kroger card and my coupons I ended up spending $64.90 for a 73% savings :) Also, my coupons for the Huggies wipes were for $0.40/1 and those doubled so they were $0.19/ea., so not free but pretty darn close :) Thank you so much Katie for all your hard work. I could never find all these fantastic deals on my own.

Tonya S.

March 26, 201407:50 pm

We were lucky that when they changed our sales cycle(Mid-Atlantic region), it was in the middle of a Mega Sale and we got to have it for 2 additional days!!! Pretty cool!!! Also, does someone know what to do if you don't get a catalina??? Two or three times, I have been to Kroger and not gotten my catalinas. This last trip, the Classico catalina didn't print...any advice???


March 29, 201408:18 pm

The other day my Huggies diaper catalina didn't print (because the printer ran out of paper) and the cashier sent me to customer service when I mentioned it. They gave me $5 cash back.


March 27, 201409:50 am

Go to the top of the page on this web site and click on couponing for beginners. Click on number 9, catalina questions, there you will find a form to submit if you didn't get your catalina. They will email you back in a couple of days.


March 26, 201406:47 pm

I just went and my total cost before coupons was $132.15. I used my e coupons and my paper coupons and it said my total coupon savings was $99.15 but, I got charged $71.12. I'm don't understand why I got charged so much!


March 26, 201406:59 pm

It includes the sale prices and mega event savings in the total coupon savings, so usually your total savings is more than what you actually bring in coupons.


March 26, 201406:04 pm

There is a closeout on the pledge multi surface. Pay $2.14 wyb 2 get 2 CATs $1 OYNO. These items had a reg price tag, just make sure to do a price check.


March 26, 201404:53 pm

What do NLA mean


March 26, 201407:00 pm

No longer available.


March 26, 201401:53 pm

Can't seem to find the horizon mac & cheese at my krogers anymore. They have the annies but perhaps they stopped carrying the horizon brand?


March 26, 201401:52 pm

Can't read date on Bic $3. Do you know source and date of it?


March 26, 201407:00 pm

From ss 3/09, the expiration I think is April 6


March 26, 201401:31 pm

OYNO means On your next order


March 26, 201401:20 pm

OYNO...On Your Next Order. Always good to use if you have to do multiple transactions. My store allows 5 like coupons per transaction. So I use the OYNO Catalina on the next order/transaction.


March 26, 201401:14 pm

Dang smartphones what does OYNO mean


March 26, 201401:26 pm

On Your Next Order. It means a coupon will print after you pay for a certain amount off your next order. Just make sure the cashier doesn't forget to give it to you!


March 26, 201401:23 pm

It means On Your Next Order. It's a catalina coupon. You purchase something and get a printed coupon with your receipt for $ off your next order. Look under the Kroger Catalinas tab for more info on catalinas.

Lindsay McCain

March 26, 201401:20 pm

On your next order. You get a coupon printed out at the register that can be used at Kroger's for the money amount off of your groceries.


March 26, 201401:12 pm

What does onto mean


March 26, 201412:53 pm

I was able to get just about all of these when I went yesterday.. 15 shampoos and 5 body washes for $7.50! Scored almost $200 worth of stuff for $46 plus got the $2 Kotex catalina. Thank you for all your help Katie!

Julie W

March 26, 201412:42 pm

Yay! Thanks Katie!! :-)