Have you found Sir Kensington's condiments at your local Kroger yet? They're easy to spot with their cute little logo (the make-believe spice explorer Sir Kensington himself?)…so whimsical, I love it! At my Kroger Marketplace, they are integrated with the regular condiments, but if you have an older setup then you'll be finding these in the Natural Foods section at your Kroger. Trust me, they're worth the search!

What sets Sir Kensington's apart? Glad you asked!!

These condiments are non-GMO verified and free of the top 7 allergens including dairy, soy, and gluten. They're proud to use REAL FOOD ingredients that you can buy in the grocery store so you get that homemade-style recipe…except they've done all the work for you! And just check out the ingredients list on each of their products. So CLEAN! You'll appreciate that when packing school lunches for your littles!

Try their ketchup…it's free of high fructose corn syrup and has a really fresh tomato taste. It's delicious on fries, burgers, or meatloaf!

The mayo has a delicious homemade flavor is made with sunflower oil (less saturated fat) and humane certified, free range eggs. It makes great sandwiches or can be used on top of grilled chicken, in deviled eggs, or to make a homemade Caesar dressing.

And not to be outdone, their mustard (yellow or spicy brown) has a super short, clean ingredient list and is low in fat and calories. They like to say “they're the best for your wurst” because they're great on a hot dog or brat! Get it!? 🙂 Pick these up for your Labor Day festivities!

Sir Kensington's is so generously offering 5 condiment samplers (approx $25 value) to 5 lucky winners. Each of the winners will receive the 5 products carried at Kroger – Classic Ketchup, Yellow Mustard, Spicy Brown Mustard, Classic Mayonnaise, and Chipotle Mayonnaise. To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It's super easy, so don't let it intimidate you! All options are just that – options (no mandatory entries other than leaving a comment). That means you can pick and choose the entry methods you like and skip those you don't.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be drawn at random on September 5th and announced in THIS post. I will also email winners (check your spam too!) directly. Winners have 48 hours to respond or will forfeit to runner up.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions remain my own. Prizes and prize fulfillment provided by Sir Kensington's.


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Rachael Miller

September 6, 201709:23 pm

Does anyone know where 2 find the winners list plz? If I won, I wouldn't even know it. I've been excited about this giveaway so I'm curious who won. I've had my fingers crossed lol. I've looked everywhere tho & cant find out who won. Thanks

Jennifer Miller

September 5, 201711:42 pm

Ketchup, cuz i put ketchup on everything!!!!!!!!

Angel Alba

September 5, 201711:34 pm

Would taste good on a burger I bet!


September 5, 201711:32 pm

Would love to try the Chipotle Mayo.


September 5, 201710:43 pm

Would love to try.


September 5, 201710:30 pm



September 5, 201710:26 pm

I'm excited to try the ketchup. My toddler daughter's dip of choice for her nuggets or sandwiches! It's great there is none of the yucky ingredients in Sir Kensington's ketchup! Makes me feel so much better about giving it to my little one.

Rebekah Lane

September 5, 201710:23 pm

I want to try their special sauce!

Brenda Forker

September 5, 201710:14 pm


Mary Ann Rimmet

September 5, 201709:24 pm

Would like to try chipotle Mayo

Heather Irene

September 5, 201708:22 pm

Would love to try the chipole mayo!


September 5, 201706:13 pm

Any and all. Please. I ❤️ Giveaways. And mayonnaise. And spicy mustard.

pat alford

September 5, 201705:48 pm

would love to try the mustard

Kavita Surelia

September 5, 201705:20 pm

I would love to try ketchup!

Rachel B

September 5, 201705:14 pm

I want to try the mustard my kuds all live ketchup, 1 of my son's put ketchup on pancakes.

Christina lakes

September 5, 201704:06 pm

We love mustard-can't wait to try it!

Vickie Ross

September 5, 201704:55 pm

Looking forward to the Mayonnaise

Amy C

September 5, 201703:16 pm

I would love to try the Chipotle mayo.

Kristen Eby

September 5, 201702:32 pm

The mustard


September 5, 201702:26 pm

Looks good!!!

Faith Y

September 5, 201702:24 pm

The mustard looks amazing!


September 5, 201702:13 pm

I would like to try the 2 mayonnaises the most! :)


September 5, 201702:11 pm

I can't wait to try the spicy brown mustard and mayo! They all look fantastic though

Robin Mace

September 5, 201701:49 pm

I love spicy mustards!

Jamie brooks

September 5, 201701:44 pm

I love trying different mustards!

Courtney Retherford

September 5, 201701:41 pm

I can't wait to try the spicy mustard!

Spring Burnash

September 5, 201701:30 pm

Both Mayo's. Love trying new products.

Emily Simmons

September 5, 201701:26 pm

I love trying new things! Thanks for the chance!!

Amanda J

September 5, 201701:18 pm

The spicy brown mustard! I use that a lot in sauces and on sandwiches.

Candie Johnston

September 5, 201701:15 pm

The mayo - definitely.

Valina Higgins

September 5, 201701:03 pm

I'd love to try them. I've seen them but have yet to take them home. The Chipotle Mayo looks like a winner.


September 5, 201701:03 pm

The mayo please.

jackie e hucks

September 5, 201701:02 pm

would love to try all of them

Jody Davenport

September 5, 201712:54 pm

Looks yummy

Danielle Atkinson

September 5, 201712:36 pm

I would be excited to try any of them. My family goes through ketchup like crazy!

Carina Powell

September 5, 201712:36 pm

The chipotle mayonnaise!

Jamie W.

September 5, 201712:35 pm

I'd love to try the ketchup. It's always a hunt for a clean one. Thanks so much.

Michelle Howes

September 5, 201712:35 pm

Chipotle mayo sounds delicious! Thanks for the chance!!

April loera

September 5, 201712:32 pm

Perfect party pack !! Mmmm ketchup!

Brandy Tanks

September 5, 201712:31 pm

Sounds good! I would like to try.

Lesa Lung

September 5, 201712:31 pm

I'm looking forward to the regular mayo but my son will like the chipotle version

Ryan N

September 5, 201712:31 pm

Chipotle Mayo

Melissa Gladney

September 5, 201712:30 pm

Would love to win!

Amy K

September 5, 201712:29 pm

Can't wait to try ketchup & mayo...main 2 condiments in our house!

Robyn F.

September 5, 201712:29 pm

The spicy brown mustard sounds delish!

mary d

September 5, 201712:28 pm

Chipotle mayo.... yumm...


September 5, 201712:27 pm

I love that these products have no HFCS! Can not wait to try them all!


September 5, 201712:26 pm


Nicole K.

September 5, 201712:25 pm

I would love to try them all!


September 5, 201712:24 pm

would love to try the spicy mustard!!!!


September 5, 201712:23 pm

One can never have enough ketchup!


August 30, 201703:46 pm

I would love to try the mayo!


August 30, 201702:58 pm

Would love to try them all!!!!

Jessica Gipson

August 27, 201704:29 pm

I'm excited about the mayo, Sir Kensignton's product.

Shawne Mazzei

August 27, 201703:02 pm

I am excited to try the chipotle mayo! Thank you!

M Fox

August 26, 201706:31 pm

I'm excited about the Mustard. I did the ketchup while on the Ketogenic Diet!!

Nicole Simmons-Berrien

August 25, 201711:23 pm

I would love to try the whole sampler to see if it's worth the $2 mark up over Woodstock. The ketchup wouldn't be awesome since my house goes through the most with the kiddos

Kelly M.

August 25, 201709:16 pm

The ketchup!

Gayle Wood

August 25, 201707:45 pm

Chipolte Mayo sounds amazing.

Ashley G

August 25, 201707:42 am

Would love to try!


August 24, 201705:39 pm

I'm excited about trying the Sir Kensignton's mayo! :)


August 24, 201712:33 pm

the mayo looks really good! yum.


August 24, 201712:30 pm

brown mustard


August 24, 201712:13 pm

Haven't tried any of them yet but excited to try!

Melissa Williams

August 24, 201710:25 am

I'm most excited to try the ketchup. I love trying new brands of ketchup because it's my favorite condiment!

Amanda Hartwick

August 24, 201707:06 am

Can't wait to try!

Victor Williams

August 23, 201709:12 pm

I would be interested in trying the Sir Kensington's Yellow Mustard on my delicious sandwich.

Shannon Palmer

August 23, 201707:50 pm

I would like to try the Ketchup

Deborah Middleton

August 23, 201707:35 pm

Love ketchup and mayo

Steve Weber

August 23, 201706:28 pm

The chipotle mayo sounds amazing.


August 23, 201702:22 pm

I'm excited to try the spicy brown mustard!


August 23, 201712:13 pm

Ooo... All of these sound really good. Can't wait to try them out.


August 23, 201711:51 am

Chipotle Mayonnaise looks good for my spicy tongue.

Andrea Nuss

August 23, 201711:33 am

The chipotle mayo!


August 23, 201710:49 am

I'm going to look for these on my next trip to the store.


August 23, 201710:20 am

Can't wait to try the Ketchup

Tiffanie h

August 23, 201710:13 am

Spicy mustard

Shayna Vader

August 23, 201710:08 am

Chipotle mayo sounds delicious!

erica hall

August 23, 201709:29 am

Chipolte mayo.

Rachael Miller

August 23, 201708:30 am

I'm most excited to try the ketchup! I've never tried this product before so I'd love 2 win! Good luck everyone!


August 23, 201707:37 am

My husband loves flavored mayo and mustard.

S Murchison

August 23, 201707:33 am

Chipotle mayo sounds delicious.


August 23, 201701:45 am

Would love to try the honey mustard, they all sound great

Jessica Pieper

August 23, 201701:39 am

Always love trying new brands and products... Most want to try the ketchup and classic mayonnaise.

Jeri Martin

August 23, 201701:26 am

I would love to try that chipotle mayonnaise. Sounds interesting and yummy!


August 23, 201701:24 am

Hope I win, would luv to try the Ketchup


August 22, 201711:40 pm

Ketchup for sure, I've heard great things about it.

Calshondra Williams

August 22, 201711:38 pm

I'm most excited about trying the Sir Kensington's Spicy Brown Mustard.


August 22, 201711:28 pm

I am most excited to try the spicy brown mustard.


August 22, 201710:58 pm

Spicy brown mustard, no doubt.


August 22, 201710:52 pm

I want to try the mayo since we are type II diabetic we have to look for products with no sugar added.

Mary c

August 22, 201710:43 pm

I want to try the ketchup

Cherie Risner

August 22, 201710:33 pm

I would love to try the classic mayonnaise first then the rest.


August 22, 201709:32 pm

I want to try the Spicy Brown Mustard, sounds good!


August 22, 201709:21 pm

I would like to try the chipotle mayo.


August 22, 201709:21 pm

I've never tried this brand. Would love to win!


August 22, 201709:14 pm

I would love to try Them!

Brian Berger

August 22, 201708:05 pm

I am hoping to try the Mayo at my local Smith's store

Brian Berger

August 22, 201708:03 pm

I am hoping this is available at Smith's

Mr G

August 22, 201707:19 pm

I would love to try the mustard on a really tasty hot dog.

Debbi Wallace

August 22, 201707:13 pm

I've tasted the mayos before and they are fabulous! I can't wait to try the other items, especially the ketchup!


August 22, 201707:05 pm

The mayo!!!


August 22, 201707:01 pm

Would love to try the ketchup


August 22, 201707:00 pm

I'm most excited to try the chipotle mayonnaise. It would be a great addition to my sandwich!


August 22, 201706:45 pm

I'm excited to try the chipotle mayo.


August 22, 201706:45 pm

ketchup! most def! :)

Amy Mathis

August 22, 201706:44 pm

This would really step up a "regular" sandwich!

Kay doan

August 22, 201706:36 pm

Would love to try the ketchup!


August 22, 201706:17 pm

chipotle mayonnaise sounds exciting to try on sandwiches

Diane G

August 22, 201706:15 pm

My family would like to try the mustard and ketchup

Will G

August 22, 201706:10 pm

The mustard!

KASEY Winegar

August 22, 201706:02 pm

LOOKS yummy love mustard!

Danielle Cochran

August 22, 201706:01 pm

I can't wait to try the chipotle mayo!


August 22, 201705:58 pm

The mustard...I love a good mustard.

Brenda White

August 22, 201705:50 pm

Looking forward to trying the spicy brown mustard.

Lisa Wilson

August 22, 201705:49 pm

I would love to try the Chipolte Mayo.


August 22, 201705:28 pm

I would like to try the classic mayo the most! Thanks for the video Katie!

Pat Darpel

August 22, 201705:14 pm

I would love to try all of the products

Anne Haun

August 22, 201705:03 pm

I would love the ketchup.

Jenny Ham

August 22, 201704:58 pm

The Mayo


August 22, 201704:39 pm

Sounds good!!!!!! :) :)


August 22, 201704:23 pm

Never had but would love to try!


August 22, 201704:19 pm

Oh I love classic mayo


August 22, 201703:58 pm

Spicy mustard!!

Peggy Gorhum

August 22, 201703:45 pm

I'm most excited to try the ketchup!


August 22, 201703:43 pm



August 22, 201703:22 pm


Orenetta Mabry

August 22, 201703:22 pm

This sounds like an interesting and tasty new brand and I'd like to try it.


August 22, 201703:22 pm

My family would love to try any of these products. Thank you!

Kenny and Nicki Beck

August 22, 201703:14 pm

We try to buy GMO when we can, they all look great but the Ketchup is what I'm most interested in trying. Especially on my fries and meats.


August 22, 201703:11 pm

My family would love to try any of these products. Thank you!


August 22, 201703:09 pm

Excited to try the mayo!


August 22, 201703:06 pm

I'm excited to try the spicy brown mustard!


August 22, 201703:05 pm

Thank you for doing a giveaway.

Nicholas Harris

August 22, 201703:02 pm

I am most excited about the chipotle mayo.


August 22, 201702:55 pm

I have been eyeballing this brand! Would love to try before I buy!


August 22, 201702:54 pm

Chipotle mayo yum!!!


August 22, 201702:53 pm

Would love to try. Thanks for the chance.

Tammy J Meek

August 22, 201702:43 pm

I would love to win thanks!!


August 22, 201702:43 pm

My kids love mayonnaise!!


August 22, 201702:41 pm

I want to try the Chipotle Mayo...sounds like something I would like to go with my turkey....YUMMY!!!!!!


August 22, 201702:39 pm

Woooo ! Looks yum

Kayla Wheeler

August 22, 201702:39 pm

The ketchup is top of my list!


August 22, 201702:39 pm

There is a coupon on Hopster for Sir Kensington fabanaise.

Amy Stotts

August 22, 201702:35 pm

I really want to try that mustard!

Pamela Williams

August 22, 201702:33 pm

Can't wait to try the mayo!


August 22, 201702:18 pm

Super excited to try the mayo!

carla hall

August 22, 201702:12 pm

Love to try this!!!! shake some taste buds up

Marie Beauregard

August 22, 201702:10 pm

I am most excited about trying the spice brown mustard on my husband's famous brats!


August 22, 201702:09 pm

I've been interested in trying this brand.


August 22, 201702:06 pm

I'm really interested in the chipotle mayo. Would spice up fries!


August 22, 201702:05 pm

I love different mustards, so would really like to try the mustard.


August 22, 201702:04 pm

I super excited to try these products.


August 22, 201701:59 pm

Cant wait to try the Ketchup! We use a lot of it at our house!


August 22, 201701:57 pm

Excited to try the Chipotle mayo!


August 22, 201701:56 pm

I'm most excited to try the chipotle mayonnaise!


August 22, 201701:56 pm

I would love to try them. Not in my store yet. Awesome deal.

Misty Dooley

August 22, 201701:55 pm

I want to try ketchup or mayo

Sarah Popkhadze

August 22, 201701:54 pm

I think they all sound amazing!

Beverly Forreser

August 22, 201701:53 pm

I want to try them all! They all sound great.


August 22, 201701:53 pm

Awesome! Would love the chipotle mayo.


August 22, 201701:53 pm



August 22, 201701:51 pm

Haven't found them in local stores yet.


August 22, 201701:49 pm

Ah these look adorable and excellent. Lvoe the short ingredient lists! #cleaneating

Susan Schaub

August 22, 201701:48 pm

chipotle mayo sounds amazing. Spicy Brown mustard also looks great.


August 22, 201701:46 pm

Spicy Brown mustard is the one for me! Thanks for the give-away!

Crystal Pool

August 22, 201701:44 pm

I want to try the mustard!


August 22, 201701:41 pm

This is awesome


August 22, 201701:41 pm

That Chipotle Mayo sounds divine!


August 22, 201701:41 pm

Excited about the chipotle mayo

Justin Franz

August 22, 201701:41 pm

Like new tastes so it would be interested in trying all and seeing what they bring to the food

Virginia Franz

August 22, 201701:39 pm

I think Mayo would be what I am interested in trying


August 22, 201701:38 pm

I hope I win so I can try them all!

Wendy Forbes

August 22, 201701:36 pm

I am most excited to try the classic mayonnaise.

Nenette Mougeot

August 22, 201701:34 pm

Really excited about trying the ketchup!!!

Kim powers

August 22, 201701:31 pm

I love their ketchup. It is the best


August 22, 201701:29 pm

I'm most excited about trying the Spicy Brown Mustard!

Cathy French

August 22, 201701:26 pm

I'm most excited about trying the mustard. Like trying different brands for different taste varieties.


August 22, 201701:23 pm

The Mayonnaise.

Rachel Lynch

August 22, 201701:22 pm

I'm definitely most excited to try the chipotle mayonnaise :)


August 22, 201701:21 pm

The yellow mustard. Thank you for the giveaway and all you do.


August 22, 201701:20 pm

I'd love to try the spicy brown, yum!


August 22, 201701:19 pm

We want to try the chipotle mayo!


August 22, 201701:16 pm

Yummy! Looks delicioius


August 22, 201701:14 pm

I'm most excited to try the ketchup. My kids pretty much live on ketchup...everything gets dipped in it.

Pam Jackson

August 22, 201701:13 pm

I would love to try any of the Sir kensignton's products. The Spicy Brown looks like it would be really good.

Tricia Bird

August 22, 201701:13 pm

They sound like they're worth a try!

Carol Gamill

August 22, 201701:12 pm

Looks delicious

Jessica P.

August 22, 201701:12 pm

I haven't seen it yet in my Kroger affiliate, yet that Chipotle mayo sounds amazing!!


August 22, 201701:11 pm

Definitely the Chipotle mayo on a pulled pork sandwich

Theresa Moeggenberg

August 22, 201701:10 pm

I want to try the ketchup and the Chipotle mayo!

Amy Schmelzer

August 22, 201701:09 pm

I'm interested in trying the mayo.


August 22, 201701:08 pm

My favorite Sir Kensignton's product is the mayo, it is super good

Lisa Naivar

August 22, 201701:05 pm

I'm excited about the chipotle mayo. I love that condiment on a turkey sandwich.