The Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus is BACK!

Shop for groceries to earn a Holiday Savings Bonus*! The more you shop, the more you earn.

First, shop November 18 – December 1 at any Kroger Co. Family of Stores. Then, redeem your Holiday Savings Bonus from in December (will update dates as soon as I get them) to save BIG on Apparel & Home purchase including housewares, toys, decor and more! Your Savings Bonus will be automatically added to your Shopper’s Card.

As soon as I get the exact amounts you must spend to get the rebates, I will update this post and YOU.  But in the meantime, get happy for the Kroger Holiday Bonus being BACK!!

Maximum savings in store is $300!

*Spending excludes: Electronics, DVDs, gift cards, mobile phones, fuel, alcohol, tobacco products, Pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Fred Meyer Direct, services and items prohibited by law. Maximum savings is $300. Spending total is cumulative of all your purchases during this period.

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December 11, 202009:44 am

I had not heard about this, then saw it on the bottom of my receipt. Does the discount come off automatically or is there something the shopper has to load the discount? Also, does this apply to groceries?


December 11, 202009:53 am

Hi Regina, we have a full explanation in this post:

Breanna Bauman

December 8, 202011:03 am

Can the discount be on your whole purchase, like food products??


December 11, 202009:53 am

Breanna, no it doesn't count towards groceries. See the full explanation in this post:

T Yarrow

December 7, 202011:32 pm

Hello, Can the discount be used multiple times during the 3 day period? Does it apply to greeting cards, hygiene products, and/or floral? No one at my local store knows what this promotion is. Thank you, Tonya


December 11, 202009:55 am

T Yarrow, can only use it once so make sure your total is where you want it in ONE transaction. Hygiene products - no. Greeting cards and floral...I'm not sure, but please comment in this post and hopefully someone else has tried it:

Trisha Wittke

December 6, 202004:06 pm

When is the holiday bonus savings weekend????


November 29, 202011:16 pm

Did the deal start on Nov 18


November 29, 202011:15 pm

Did the deal start on Nov 18?


November 30, 202004:28 pm

Ella, yes it did.


November 18, 202010:16 am

Any updates on this?


November 30, 202004:29 pm

Yep, right here: