How Do I Get Started With Couponing?

How Do I Get Started With Couponing?

READ READ READ!! Check out my series of “Getting Started” posts HERE and then let me know if you have any specific questions.

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New Video!! Top 10 Ways To Save At Kroger

New Kroger shoppers or those of you who just enjoy friendly reminders…here are your TOP 10 ways to save at Kroger!!

  1. Get a Kroger Plus Loyalty Card
    (sign up at customer service desk or on
  2. Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards Visa Card
    Learn more about this Visa
    Please note that the 1-2-3 Rewards Visa no longer offers the $25 sign up bonus.
  3. Shop the Mega Events
    How to Shop at Kroger Mega Event
  4. Closeouts
    View the latest Kroger Closeouts
  5. Manager’s Specials
    Learn more about Manager’s Specials
  6. Coupons (duh!)
    New to coupons? Check out my Couponing for Beginner’s Series
  7. Kroger Digital Coupons
    Digital Coupon guidelines
  8. Fuel Rewards
    Learn more about Fuel Rewards
  9. Catalinas
    Master list of current Kroger Catalinas
    Kroger Catalinas FAQ’s
  10. Follow my blog!! :)

What other ways do YOU save at Kroger?

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2 New Savings Tools! 52 Week Challenge & Savings Tracker!

Welp! It’s the last day of the year and that means tomorrow marks a fresh start for SAVINGS! Here are 2 great tools to help you reach your savings goals in 2014!

First up I have this nice little 52 Week Savings Challenge chart that will aid you in saving over $1300 in 2014! Print it out and hang it on the fridge!

Additionally, here is a fantastic tool to help you track your savings throughout the year! View the 2014 Savings Summary spreadsheet HERE.

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Couponing For Beginners | Get To Know Your Coupons


So you want to be a Couponer?

First things first. Let’s talk about coupons since they will be the most important part of your new adventure. I can not stress enough how important it is for you to READ READ READ as much as you can about couponing before you start using them. Nobody can do it for you. You have to educate yourself. And trust me…you’ll be glad you did. :)

The casual couponer will buy one paper on Sunday, clip only a fraction of the coupons inside and use them at their local stores to get maybe $0.50 or $1.00 off something that they might not normally buy…but do just because they have a coupon. Or even if you do normally buy the product, you are just getting one of them at a good price with your coupon. You are here because you want to take it to the next level and learn how to maximize every coupon to get max savings!!

The first installment of my Couponing For Beginners series will teach you everything you need to know about the coupons themselves.

What is a coupon?

Coupons are basically free money that manufacturers send out to entice people to buy their products.

Every coupon should have the following attributes:

:: Type of Coupon

Manufacturer or Store (stated at the top of the coupon).

:: Value

How much money will be deducted from your purchase, plus how many items you must purchase in order to use the coupon.

:: Terms

If the coupon says “save $1 on ANY Charmin product” then it can truly be used on any Charmin product, including the smallest size of toilet paper…or even Charmin flushable wipes since that is a Charmin product. If the coupon says “save $1 on Charmin Ultra Soft 6 Mega Rolls” then that is the EXACT product the coupon should be used for. If you use it for the 4 pack single rolls, that would be fraudulent use of the coupon and the store will NOT be reimbursed by the manufacturer.

:: Expiration Date

MOST coupons have an expiration date. If the expiration date is 6/30/13, you have until 11:59 pm on 6/30/13 to redeem your coupon.

Snip20130615_153 Snip20130615_152

:: Image

Manufacturers generally put the newest or most expensive product in the picture for advertising purposes, hoping you will buy that product. Although the picture can be useful if you have never heard of the product, it does NOT dictate what you must purchase. The TEXT on the coupon is what you need to follow.

Example: Since the coupon above states “Save $2 on ANY two Kashi Cereals” you can use it on the single cups! :)


:: Barcode

Every coupon needs a barcode. That’s what holds the information the cash register needs! If a printable coupon prints without a barcode – something went wrong. Try to print it again. If you are clipping coupons from an insert, be careful not to cut any of the barcode off because you need that! :)

Insert coupons (from the newspaper) will all have the same barcode. Printable coupons should all print with a unique code found in the upper right hand corner. This proves that each of your coupons was printed legitimately (not copied).

Some manufacturers choose to release PDF coupons. These make me very nervous because we are all printing the exact same barcode and prints are virtually unlimited. Balance is needed when choosing how many coupons you will print.

:: Fine Print

Every coupon should show some type of instructions for retailers including a redemption address. There is also information intended for the consumer. Some of the most common clauses I have explained below.

Purchase Vs. Transaction Vs. Household Vs. Shopping Trip

This is VERY important! You might look at your coupons and think, “How do these people save so much money?” All the coupons I get say I can only use one! Well, in some ways that’s true but mostly it is just worded in a confusing way. It is important to educate yourself on coupon terminology so you can intelligently defend your case when redeeming coupons.


Almost all coupons will say, “Limit One Coupon Per Purchase.” All this means is that if your coupon says “Save $0.50 on One (1) box of Cheerios” then you CAN’T use TWO coupons on that ONE box to get $1.00 off.

One coupon per purchase means = one coupon per ITEM(s) purchased.

  • If you buy one box of Cheerios you can only use ONE coupon, if you buy TWO boxes of Cheerios then you are allowed to use TWO coupons.
  • If your coupon says “Save $0.50 on Two (2) boxes of Cheerios” then you have to buy TWO boxes in order to use ONE of your coupons.

Confused yet? ; ) You’ll get it down. Don’t worry…we all started out just as confused as you.


You might even find a coupon that will limit you to how many you can use in a “Transaction”. This is one of those tricky words that people often mix up with “Purchase”. Let me explain the difference the best I can. When you go to the store, gather the items you want to buy and then take your cart to the checkout – EACH item that you place on the belt is a PURCHASE.  Now the cashier is done scanning all your items and coupons and you pay (hopefully not too much!). Each time you pay, that was a TRANSACTION. You could have just purchased 100 items in that one transaction.



It gets even trickier! Some coupons, mostly P&G (Proctor & Gamble) will say something like “Limit One Coupon Per Purchase. Limit Of 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day.” Here’s where things get interesting. When using coupons like this it means exactly what it says. If you alone and go to the store and want to use your P&G coupons, you are only allowed to use FOUR of each kind (“like” coupons). You yourself are NOT allowed to use any more than FOUR of each one in a single day. If you decide to bring your neighbor Betty Sue and you’d like to give her some coupons to use she will be allowed to use her own sets of four “like” coupons.

“Four Like Coupons…” means Four of the exact same coupons.

And a “Household” is defined as all individuals who live in the same dwelling. So out of everyone that lives in your home you are only allowed to use 4 of the same coupon, per day on these types of coupons. Even if cashier “lets it slide”, the manufacturer technically does NOT have to reimburse the store because they allowed more than the coupon limits. We don’t want that to happen.



A shopping trip can be defined as each trip you make into the store with an empty cart.

So lets say you have a coupon that says “Save $1.00 When you Buy One (1) bottle of Welch’s Juice” and the fine print says “4 Like Coupons Per Shopping Trip” but you wanted to buy 7 bottles of juice. In order to comply with the wording on the coupon AND get all the bottles you planned on buying you would need to get 4 bottles of juice, checkout and pay, take those items out to your vehicle and then go BACK in the store with an empty cart and go get your other 3 bottles of juice. Then you have completed TWO shopping trips and didn’t use more than 4 like coupons in either shopping trip. Be sure you are also complying with store policy regarding multiple transactions as well. Some do not allow it. Some let you go nuts! :)


:: Do Not Double

Some coupons will state DO NOT DOUBLE. However, if the coupon bar code starts with a 5, and your store’s policy is to double…it will automatically double. This is because the STORE is offering the discount on the doubled portion, so it’s at their discretion whether or not to allow the doubling.

If the barcode starts with a 9, the coupon will not double automatically.

If the coupon has the new databar barcode, you won’t know until you scan it if it will in fact double according to the store’s policy.

Why do brands choose to put a “do not double” clause on coupons if it’s the STORE who is paying for the doubled amount? The manufacturers put the DND clause on the coupon simply to reiterate that they are responsible ONLY for the face value of the coupon. I contacted a few companies who often place this stipulation their coupons to get a better understanding of why they do this and here is one reply I received (from Pom Wonderful):

“…As you know, some stores will double the value of coupons and give the consumer twice the value of the coupon off their purchase. Our “do not double” clause is just informing stores that if they do decide to double, POM will only reimburse them for the face value of the coupon. Merchants can still choose to double the value of the coupon if they want, that is their choice…”

Now that you have all of coupon lingo down, tomorrow we will talk about where to get all of those coupons!

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Couponing For Beginners | Matching Coupons With Sales & Stockpiling


Ok, so now you’ve cut out some coupons, you understand coupon lingo, and can’t wait to go use them. My advice to you: WAIT! You don’t want to fall into the trap of buying something JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A COUPON!

You want to learn to get the most bang for your buck and to do that you want to get those weekly sales circulars out and match-up items that are on sale WITH coupons that you have. This way you will be getting MAX savings!

:: How To Get Max Savings

Above is a picture of the ad from my local store with a GREAT example of how to get the most bang for your coupon buck!

You can get the weekly store ad either AT your store, you may get one in your mailbox every week, there may be one in the “Sunday Bag” you get on your mailbox on Sunday, or you can get one in your Sunday paper. You can also sign up online and Kroger will email you the ad the day the sale starts.

What you could do: Look over the ad, search Kroger Krazy’s online coupon database to find current coupons and figure out your final cost. Or, you can simply head over to the Kroger Grocery Ad Matchup category where all the work has been done for you! :) Scroll through the list and compare it to your Kroger weekly sales ad. Print and gather all of your coupons, use the printable list feature to print your list and off you go!

Before you run up to checkout with a hand full of coupons it would be wise to double check your coupons against the products you’re getting to make sure that all sizes and specifications are met.  Also check to see if your coupon has a limit written on it and follow those guidelines. It’s important to always practice good, ethical couponing.

So, say you DON’T have my match-ups available to you OR your ad shows something additional that was not in my ad. I will walk you through this next.

In the ad shown above Totino’s pizzas are on sale 3/$4.00 and there is a coupon to save $1.00 when you buy 3 pizzas. When I use the coupon with the pizza purchase, I will be getting all three (3) pizzas for $3.00 or just $1.00 for each pizza!

Buy (3) Totino’s Pizzas – $1.33 each
Use $1/3 Totino’s Pizzas printable coupon
Final cost is $3.00 or $1.00 each!!

*Please note that this is NOT a current sale, but is being used as an example only.


Next, is another good deal but instead of using a printable coupon, an example will be given of using a “Tearpad” coupon (read about tearpad coupons HERE).  Gatorade 32 oz bottles are on sale for $0.88 each but with the tearpad coupon you will save $0.50 on every two (2) bottles. If your store does NOT double coupons each bottle will cost you $0.63. If your store WILL double the coupon it will make each bottle only $0.38 each!

Buy (2) Gatorade (32 oz) – $0.88 each
Use $0.50/2 Gatorade Tearpad coupon
Final cost is $0.63 each
{or $0.38 each if coupon is doubled}

So, that is the jist of how you match sale items with a coupon.

Why is it important to match coupons with sales? This brings us to the next topic – stockpiling.



STOCKPILING basically means getting your groceries at the very lowest prices, and then purchasing enough to last you until you can get to the next great sale. This way, you never pay full price for any groceries at all. Organize a space to store all of these items and before you go to the grocery store, check your stockpile first. Make sure you don’t purchase too much of anything with a short shelf life, and of course, always use the items that are due to expire first. The whole point is to get your weekly grocery bill down as far as possible, so set a personal goal for yourself.

In order to get enough of one great sale item to last until the next sale, you’ll need more than just one coupon for each item. That may mean purchasing multiple copies of the Sunday paper. For internet printables (IP), each computer is able to print two (2) copies from every computer/device in the house unless the limit is restricted by the site. If something is a super price (maybe even free) with a coupon, you’re not just picking up ONE item with your ONE coupon – you’re picking up as many as you can! This amount should last until the next sale. I have a small family…just my husband, my daughter and I – so I make sure I have at least 6 inserts each week. If there is an amazing sale on something that I know we’ll use a lot of (like flushable wipes or dishwasher detergent) then I’ll order more coupons from a clipping service and buy enough to last me until the next sale. That way I never run out and have to pay full price for something.

By way of review:

  • Don’t just purchase an item because you have a coupon. Wait until it goes on sale so you can purchase it at it’s rock bottom price.
  • DO buy more than just one copy of the Sunday paper so that when an item goes on sale, you can get several to last you until the next sale.

Be sure to check out my other beginners posts: 

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Getting To Know Kroger Manager’s Specials

The following is a guest post courtesy of My Kansas Life. Heather is a lawyer-turned-housewife who blogs about frugal, simple living and small town life at My Kansas Life. 

What do stores do when they have too much of a product on hand? Clearance it, of course! At Kroger stores, clearance items are called Manager’s Specials, and they can be an excellent way to maximize your savings.

Products may go on Manager’s Special for several reasons, depending on the product and the store. For example, dairy products and bakery items on Manager’s Special are typically discounted because they are close to their expiration date. Other products might be discounted because the package is damaged. In smaller stores, items might go on Manager’s Special because the store doesn’t have room to store their overstock or because the items simply aren’t selling fast enough. Recently, my store placed several dozen bags of Nestle white chocolate chips on Manager’s Special because they simply hadn’t sold as expected during the season and the store doesn’t have enough space to store them.

For couponers, Manager’s Specials can mean huge savings — yes, you can use coupons on Manager’s Special items! I do it all the time and I’ve never had trouble using a coupon on a Manager’s Special item. Usually, coupons don’t even beep for these items since the bar codes on the Manager’s Special stickers still allow the product to ring up as the correct item for the coupon. Occasionally, the coupon will beep and the cashier has to approve it.

You can even use coupon apps like Ibotta on Manager’s Special items. For example, if you find a box of Cheerios on Manager’s Special for $1.49, you can use a $.50/1 coupon for the Cheerios, which will make the box only $.49 if your store doubles coupons. If you have an Ibotta offer for $.50 off a box of Cheerios, you can use that, too, making the Cheerios free. However, you’ll probably need to scan the product’s normal bar code for your Ibotta offer instead of the yellow and orange Manager’s Special sticker.

Digital coupons may or may not work on a Manager’s Special item, depending on how the Manager’s Special sticker is coded. When I have a digital coupon that may work for a Manager’s Special item, I decide before I even get to the register whether I still want that product if the digital coupon doesn’t work. If I want it either way, I just let the cashier scan it and check the receipt later to see if the digital coupon came off. But, if I only want the item if the digital coupon comes off, I have the cashier scan it before he scans any of my other groceries so I can see instantly whether the coupon will come off. If it doesn’t, it’s a simple matter for the cashier to reverse the purchase.

Manager’s Special items also count toward your item total during a mega event! Mega events, like those that deduct $5.00 when you buy 10 participating items, include dozens of products around the store, and they include Manager’s Special items when that product would have counted toward your mega event total if it was priced normally. For example, Fiber Choice brownies were included in the most recent mega event, but I found a box of them on Manager’s Special for $1.49. I bought nine other participating items so my store deducted $.50 per item ($5.00 total), which brought the price of the brownies to $.99. I also had a $.40/1 coupon that doubled to $.80 off. With the Manager’s Special price, mega event discount and coupon, the box of brownies only cost me $.19!

Since Manager’s Specials are based primarily on expiration dates, damaged packaging or overstocks, selection varies widely between stores. That’s why you won’t see Manager’s Specials in most coupon matchups like those here at Kroger Krazy. However, Kroger stores also put things on closeout, and Kroger closeouts tend to be nationwide — at least for the stores who carry that item — though the prices may vary. A product is usually placed on closeout when Kroger decides to discontinue it, such as a particular flavor of cookie or a certain scent of shampoo. Closeout items do not relocate to another area of the store. Instead, they are marked on the shelf with a large white and red sign. Closeout items literally change the price in the store’s computer so you should have no trouble using paper coupons and digital coupons on these products or including them in your mega event totals.

Manager’s Special items may be located in an out-of-the way place like a shelf near the stock room or a bottom row of a freezer case, but they’re worth hunting for! Dairy and produce Manager’s Specials may be located in the same place as the non-discounted items or they may be in a corner of the dairy case or produce section. I recommend making it a habit to locate your store’s Manager’s Special areas and shop there first before grabbing your other groceries. In the last few months, I’ve found awesome Manager’s Special deals at my store on eggs, carrots, salad, milk, sour cream, meats, cereal, baby formula, bread and yogurt. You never know what kinds of great deals you can find!

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How To Print Zip Code Specific Coupons on

As many of you know, with the new redesign you can no longer change your zip code. Before, you could go to the local coupons tab and change the zip, then go back to coupons and access them. While it appears that you are changing your zip code, it DOES NOT STICK – so you are not looking at anything different. If you want to change your zip code, you must do that in your account settings. That is a big pain in the you know what, so I’ve made it a whole lot easier for you to change your zip by setting up a brand new page here on where you can change your zip code with just one click!

Here are the zip codes I check every day: 03103, 12345, 22222, 23240, 30330, 43420, 51501, 60611, 62946, 77477, 84123, 90210, 93907, 99218.

The page is located HERE if you’d like to bookmark it. I’ve also set up a button on my sidebar (shown above) where you can easily access it. Printable Coupon

Once you get on the page, you’ll see the zip code box located at the top of the page. Simply change your zip and click the arrow or hit enter. You can also sort by Categories or Brands at the top.

If you have been directed to my page with a direct link to the coupon and it is not showing up, try changing your zip code to the suggested zip and either reclick the link or refresh the coupons page and it should be linked. If it is not, it has likely reached it’s print limit.

I hope this tutorial helps you and thanks for supporting! :)

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How to Shop a Kroger Mega Event

What is a Mega Event?

A mega event is a promotion that Kroger does several times a year. Unlike typical 10 for $10 sales, you MUST purchase the quantity of items specified in that particular promo in order to receive the mega sale discount. For example, “Buy 10 participating items, Get $5 off instantly”. You must purchase in increments of 10 in order to receive the additional $0.50 off per item. You can mix and match these items and receive the discount as long as you purchase in multiples of 10 in the same transaction.

Here’s what the ad will look like. When you see this, start to get really excited because you’re about to save a LOT of money! :) The ad will outline the price BEFORE mega sale discount, and also after. I always just pay attention to the bottom number.

Here is an example of a mega event sale tag. Notice there is a “sale price” of $1.49, and then a 2nd price of $0.99  if you purchase 10 participating items.

The mega discount will come off immediately at checkout when the item is scanned. Typically you will see a participating item marked on the receipt with a < + symbol.

Not all participating mega sale items will be advertised in the sale ad. There are almost always tons more items that will just be identified by in-store signage, so be on the lookout for those mega sale tags!

Tips on Keeping Track of Items While Shopping

Since it’s very important to keep track of how many mega items you are purchasing so that you don’t miss out on the extra discount, you’ll need a system. There are many ways to keep track of your mega items, but I’ll give you a few tips. What the picture above shows is my current method. As soon as I walk in the store, I take a few of my reusable shopping bags, open them up and place them inside my cart. I then place all my mega sale items in the bags as I shop.

Once your bag contains 10 items, you close it up! No more hiding in the last aisle at Kroger counting 50 items!

If I don’t plan on getting too crazy, I will reserve one bag for non-mega sale items. Or you can throw non-megas in the bottom of your cart. (great idea Carrie!)

Or, if you’re really diligent about keeping track of items that enter your cart, you can do the old fashioned tally system on your shopping list. Do what works for you…just make sure you keep track! You do NOT want to get through checkout just to realize you counted wrong. If this DOES happen, you have a couple of options.

Scenario #1: You’re counting mega sale items as you put them on the belt at checkout and only count 48 items. If you know what other 2 items you want to grab, just have the cashier ring up 2 extra of that item and go get them off the shelf AFTER you checkout.

Scenario #2: You don’t catch the mistake until after you checkout, maybe even after you get home. Just go pick up any extra mega sale items that you need and take them along with your receipt to the customer service desk and they will make it right.

Reward Limits

Sometimes there are limits to how many mega items you can purchase in the same transaction, sometimes not. If no limit is advertised in the ad or on the sale tags, you may want to ask before you start shopping. If the limit is 5 rewards, that means you can purchase 50 items (if it’s a buy 10, save $5 sale). If you want to purchase more than that, you’ll need to separate your transactions (if permitted) or just come back another day.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions on how a mega sale works at Kroger. Feel free to leave a comment if there’s something I didn’t think of or if you have additional questions! 

Oh, and one more thing…

Here’s what your face is going to look like as you marvel at your receipt when you get into your car! :)


2014 UPDATE: Check out my new video that walks you through the process!

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HELP! My Coupon Printed With Another Store’s Logo! Can I Still Use it at Kroger?


You may have noticed more and more coupons printing with other store logos on them and many have asked “Can I still use it at Kroger?”.  My stance on this issue is that no matter what the coupon states (with the exception of the word “ONLY”), if your coupon prints as a regular manufacturer’s coupon, you can use it at any store. When a coupon states “redeemable at such and such store”, I view that as merely a suggestion and just another way for stores to advertise. The store advertising on the coupon does NOT change the fact that:

  1. the coupon says “manufacturer’s coupon” at the top
  2. the coupon WILL SCAN at any store that accepts coupons
  3. the coupon offers a remittance address that does not state any store exclusions

Unless a store’s policy specifically outlines something contrary to what I have here, these are the guidelines I use. themselves back up my take on this. Here is the comment I received from my contact in an email dated March 14, 2014:

“Hi Katie,

Here’s how our Walmart offers can be clarified:

-”Redeemable at Walmart” means the offer can be redeemed at Walmart. It can also be redeemed at other participating stores.
-”Only at Walmart” means the offer can only be redeemed at Walmart.”

Cashiers will sometimes see the words “Redeemable at Walmart” and wrongly advise the customer that the coupon can only be redeemed at Walmart, ignoring the words “Manufacturer Coupon” printed at the top of the coupon offer.

Below I have shared a few examples of different coupons and a brief explanation of where and how you can use them.

This coupon states “Redeemable at Walmart” AND prints with a Walmart Logo. It is just a regular manufacturer’s coupon, however – and can be redeemed at any store. You may also see this worded as “Redeem at Walmart”. Again, just a suggestion.

This coupon shows a Walmart logo and states “Available at Walmart”, but the logo does not print. It is just a regular manufacturer coupon that can be redeemed at any store. The words “available at” just tell you where you might find this item. I say thanks for the heads up, but I’ll use my coupon where it’s on sale! :)

This coupon states “Redeemable ONLY at Walmart”. It is a regular manufacturer’s coupon, but since it uses the word “ONLY” I feel like that one should only be used at Walmart. It just comes across as a command to me. In this case, this product is only sold at Walmart anyway – so you wouldn’t have a choice. This terminology is quite rare to see on a manufacturer coupon.

This coupon states “Redeem ONLY at Target” and prints as a Target Store Coupon. This coupon can ONLY be redeemed at Target.

The Kroger coupon policy varies by region, and I have never seen this addressed within. All it states is that “competitor coupons” are not accepted. With that being said, I can sit here and type all day long about MY opinions on the matter, but if your cashier/store manager feels differently…there’s not much you can do other than show them this post and the comment from Until we get a clear policy on this, it’s all up for debate. Hopefully these guidelines will give you something to work with when making your stand.

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Kroger Catalinas: Questions Answered

What is a Catalina?

  • A Catalina (Cat) is a reward you receive for purchasing participating items. It will print in the form of a coupon at checkout and you can use it like cash for your next shopping trip. For example, Buy (3) boxes of cereal to receive a $1 coupon good on your next order (OYNO).
  • Some Catalinas are just coupons that print based on customer behavior.
  • Some are advertisements for current or upcoming promotions.

Here are some examples:

On Your Next Order (OYNO) – printed because I purchased qualifying items. Store Coupon that can be used on ANY subsequent order, just like cash. Once in a while you will see one that can only be redeemed for specific items, but most of the time they are good on any order.

Manufacturer’s Coupon I received based on my shopping behavior. Many times these print when you purchase the competitors brand, sometimes these will be for a product you frequently purchase. Other times it’s just random.

Advertisement for a current or upcoming Catalina – This will give you all the information you need to know in order to receive your Catalina Reward including dates, participating items/sizes and how much you have to buy. If you get one of these, let us know and it will help keep my list current. :)

By Invitation ONLY – Some offers are designed to only be distributed to specific targeted customers based on your shopping behavior. This is also an advertisement of sorts, but is meant for YOU only. You must scan YOUR shopper’s card in order to receive the reward.  I try not to include these in my Catalinas Master List because so few will receive them.

How can I find out what Catalinas are printing at Kroger?

  • You will typically find hanging tags under the participating item stating the requirements for generating a Catalina
  • Or you’ll receive an advertisement for them in the form of a Catalina (shown above)
  • The Coupon Network lists many, but not ALL of the “Your Bucks” offers (same as Catalina) for your area.
  • Just sign up or sign in
  • Go to “my account” at the top
  • Enter your zip code
  • Add as many stores as you like by clicking the blue icon of any available store. The store added to your list will be marked by green icon. Clicking the green icon below the map will make this your favorite store.
  • Check back often for newly added Catalinas. You don’t HAVE to print them to receive the Catalina, but you’ll want to print to see all the restrictions/qualifying items/dates/etc.
  • Some Catalinas are not advertised ANYWHERE and are a surprise at checkout! If you receive an actual “On Your Next Order” Catalina that I don’t have in my list, please share!

How many Catalina deals can I do in one transaction?

You can do multiple Catalina deals in the same transaction as long as they are DIFFERENT offers. If you want to do multiples of the SAME Catalina offer you MUST separate your transactions because only 1 “like” Catalina will print per order.

The exception to this is if it is a STORE promo (the Catalina will print as “STORE” rather than “Manufacturer” coupon), in which case there is typically no set limit.

Is there an overall limit to how many “Like” Catalina deals I can do?

No, there is typically no limit to how many “like” Catalina offers you can take advantage of. Again, just be sure to separate your transactions.

Do Kroger Catalinas “Roll”?

Another way to ask this question is: Can I take a Catalina that I just EARNED and turn around and use it to pay for a duplicate order and still receive another Catalina? This is called “rolling” and the answer is YES, you CAN! :) Just be sure to separate your transactions!

What do I do if I was expecting a Catalina to print and it didn’t?

Catalinas are not affiliated with Kroger stores…they are a separate company. If you do NOT receive a Catalina, here are a couple contact options:

Fill out the contact form found HERE or call 888-826-8766 within 14 days of your transaction

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